As businesses grow, it can become harder and harder to keep track of all that is happening across the different departments.

When the business started out, spreadsheets may have been fine, but after growth, they won’t cut it anymore.

Managing departments and data effectively, and integrating processes, leads to leaner and more efficient work practices.

In these current times, all businesses need to be lean and run more effectively.

Without visibility across all departments, it is impossible to run a business to its potential, therefore some system needs to be put in place to assist with this area.

For many, that system is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Some would have you believe Oracle NetSuite is the best choice.

Here are five reasons why that may be so. 

What is an ERP?


Enterprise resource planning solutions, or ERPs, have become highly popular over the last twenty years or so.

According to studies done by Allied Market Research, the ERP software market was valued at over $39 billion in 2019.

This figure is predicted to increase rapidly to over $86 billion by 2027. This indicates a CAGR of nearly 10% between 2020 and 2027.

Clearly, many businesses see the potential of integrating an ERP system into their company. So, what is with Oracle NetSuite? 

Why Purchase Oracle NetSuite for your ERP?

When viewing any list of top enterprise software solutions, Oracle appears not just once, but often twice due to their other well-known package; ERP Cloud.

NetSuite however, appears to be judged by many as the industry leader. With dozens of other ERPs on the market, why choose NetSuite.

For some perhaps it is the brand name associated with it. After all, familiarity is comforting, but perhaps there are other reasons. 

What Sets it Apart?

Here are five reasons why Oracle NetSuite may be the ERP for your business. 

You Can Hire a Netsuite Consultant

This might not sound that big a deal, but choosing an ERP and integrating can be a complex process.

A NetSuite consultant can guide a business through implementation, integration, and assist later on too.

NetSuite consultants are certified and can provide training and support. This support can be provided to existing customers also, not just new ones. 

NetSuite is Customizable

Unlike some ERP solutions, you don’t have to buy a one-size-fits-all type of package. NetSuite allows the personalization and customization of many of its features and apps.

Certified consultants can also assist with customizing Netsuite ERP before it is integrated into a business.

This customization is desirable as it allows new functions to be built, and integrated with third-party software

Netsuite is Mobile

One of the questions you may have been asking yourself is; what is mobile ERP, and should you consider it?

Well, it is simply an ERP solution that can be accessed through mobile devices.

This allows your staff to record data and access reports anywhere. Highly useful for employees working off-site at depots or visiting clients. 

Real-Time Data and Reporting

Remember those spreadsheets mentioned before? They had their uses, but in modern business, a spreadsheet just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Today, it is vital for any business to be able to access real-time, and accurate data.

Being able to have a clear insight into every aspect of a business in real-time allows swift decisions to be made with real impact.

One of the ideas behind enterprise software is that the user can see what is happening in any department, be that sales, finance, operations, or marketing.

NetSuite’s customizable dashboard allows this simply and easily. 

You Can Run Netsuite Along with Your Existing CRM


If you have already integrated a CRM, then good for you. The biggest brands in the world have understood the need to find a way to manage customer relations.

Put simply, customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, which leads to long-term relations and more sales.

Any company that is involved in marketing some type of product or service should have a CRM.

When it is time to install an ERP, you may come across an issue; what happens when your costly CRM won’t work alongside or integrate with the ERP you purchased?

These types of solutions can be costly and take time to implement. Finding ones that will integrate is essential.

NetSuite fortunately, is one ERP that can integrate with existing CRMs. 


While NetSuite has more benefits to its use than those above, these are a pointer towards why it is seen as the industry leader.

However, employing an ERP consultant is always vital.

Not every ERP works with every business. An ERP consultant independent of any vendor can help guide a business toward the right solution.

One of the causes of NetSuite’s popularity is that it is customizable. This enables it to be more compatible with more businesses than some other ERP solutions.