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Rantic Reviews 2024

Thousands of people scroll through social media platforms every day. While this might be for personal use and sharing their lives with their friends and family, they’re also great targets for marketing and promoting.

If they see something they like, they’ll check it out – but it’s got to be there. Passive marketing is important because that’s how most brands get their name out there these days. They place the ad and let the potential customer come to them.

Many outsourcing companies can help you with this kind of online marketing. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is Rantic?

Rantic is a company that works with the social media platform Instagram. They provide followers and likes for people with Instagram accounts. Allegedly, however, these followers and likes are fake. We also had quite a hard time reading their website properly. Their prices are visible, but they seem to be erroneous and challenging to make sense of. They also claim to be associated with big brands like Fortune 500 – which we highly doubt. Let’s give Rantic a review and determine whether you should associate yourself with them.

A Review of Rantic

First, we’ll outline the positives

  • Secure Site: while it might not all be genuine, the information on Rantic’s site is protected by https security. While this is an advantage to the customer – it protects any information you share – it’s also for their benefit too. It means that they are more likely to appear on Google and be found by you.
  • Visible Prices: like we said, Rantic has bothered to include their different price points on their website. However, they seem to be a little skewed, and in our opinion, hard to believe. Rather, it’s easier to consider being able to sign up for something as affordable as this if they’re fake like we suspect.
  • FAQ and Help Page: surprisingly, we did find an FAQ and help page on Rantics site, and even more astonishingly, it’s actually quite detailed and forthcoming. They attempt to answer a myriad of FAQ’s with as much thoroughness as possible, giving them a certain amount of credibility.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: it seems as if Rantic has covered all their bases when it comes to necessary site security, which means that they won’t get into trouble further down the track. Their payment methods are authenticated, which means you can share credit card information with ease.

Now, we’ll talk about the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: this is fairly typical of these types of companies. Most of them will bother to include an FAQ and help page, but not too many of them take this one step further by making sure to have a reliable customer support team to help you when the going gets tough. Definitely, a red flag where we’re concerned.
  • Real Reviews: couldn’t find anything that definitively associated a past client of theirs with their services and a positive experience. This is another fairly typical disadvantage that you’ll see amongst these types of companies – it goes hand in hand with their false claims of being associated with high-end brands.

Is Rantic a Scam? Is Rantic Safe?

We’re going to be frank here, and say that Rantic isn’t safe to use with your Instagram account. Apart from liberally making false claims on their website that are incredibly misleading, it’s clear to us that Rantic is, in fact, a blackhat website that sells fake followers and likes.

This means that their intention with this site is to take your account information and steal it so that they can sell it on to someone else. It’s been made abundantly clear that Rantic is a dodgy company and you should do everything to avoid working with them.

Rantic Alternatives & How it Compares

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