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There comes a time in your social media marketing career where you have to admit that you might need a little bit of outside help.

Whether you are trying to grow your Instagram, or other social network, at some point you are going to realize that there are hundreds of millions of other people trying to achieve the same things as you and if you aren’t being clever with your resources, you could end up falling behind the pack, and not getting the results you want.

If you feel like you are the only one who has been having issues growing your Instagram, then don’t worry – you aren’t.

In fact, there are a lot of people out there having this challenge who are deciding to outsource their Instagram growth to a company that can help them make the entire process easier.

Let’s review one company that fits into this category and determine whether they are trustworthy enough for you to use.

QubeViews Review


QubeViews is a company that can help you with your Instagram, as well as the rest of your social media.

They say they offer all social media marketing services in one place, and they also say that they focus on quality and quantity. We think that they are selling false engagement.

What is QubeViews?

QubeViews Pricing

QubeViews is a little bit confusing as a company, because they say that quality is important, but then they also say that quantity is as well.

We think that this is the kind of company that is trying to have its cake and eat it too and cover both aspects of your social media at the same time.

As we’ve mentioned, they can help you with all social platforms out there, but for the purposes of this review, we are going to focus on their Instagram services.

They can help you buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram story views.

They have a relatively good amount of information on their website and promise quick service delivery, as well as the ability to attract new audiences and increase your SEO ranking.

You might be starting to think that this is sounding like a good company, but as far as we can tell, all of the engagement they they’re trying to sell to their clients for Instagram and other networks is fake.

A Review of QubeViews

+ Positives:

Secure Site

QubeViews understands that they aren’t going to get very far if they don’t secure their website with HTTPS, which is why they have covered this basic security measure.

They know that if you visit their website for the first time, and see that they haven’t covered this, you will be less likely to trust them, and want to register for anything.

So, they have covered this aspect, but this certainly doesn’t mean that they have covered every other aspect of security on their website, and we don’t believe that they are putting in the time and effort needed to develop a good reputation among their clients.

Visible Pricing

QubeViews does have their pricing visible on their website, and we are pleased to say that they have put it on another web page, and not their home page, so you aren’t bombarded with it the first time you visit their website.

They said that 100 Instagram followers is going to set you back $2.99, which comes with a guarantee of good delivery time, you only have to share your username, and you receive around the clock support.

They say that 500 Instagram followers is going to cost you $7.99, all the way up to 50,000 Instagram followers, which is going to cost $249.99.

FAQ Page

QubeViews does have an FAQ page that is incorporated into their home page, so you don’t really have to scroll too far down too have a look at some of the questions that other people have asked.

The only thing that we have to say in regards to this is that it could be a lot more in-depth, and we don’t think that you are going to find all the answers you need before you officially register with them.

– Negatives:

Real Reviews

QubeViews has been so focused on other aspects of their website that they have neglected to put up real reviews from existing clients.

However, we have a sneaking suspicion that they would have trouble doing this anyway, because they probably don’t have any existing clients that would be prepared to say good things about their features.

If this was a new company, you could easily put this down to the fact that you are too new to have received any feedback, but ultimately, we think it is because they’re selling fake engagement.

Accountability Form:

QubeViews might claim to focus on quality and quantity, but they don’t focus enough on accountability.

Having information on your website is good, but receiving information from your clients is also important, because the more information you have on file about them, that easier it is going to be to communicate with them in the future.

Good communication between a service like this and their clients is essential, and we simply don’t think that you are going to get it with these guys.

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Is QubeViews Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

QubeViews, as far as we can tell, is not the kind of company that has your best interests at heart and is instead the kind of company that is probably going to take advantage of you and sell you fake engagement.

They are even charging quite a bit for their fake engagement, especially as the volume of the engagement increases.

We don’t suggest that you spend any money on fake engagement, so the fact that they have the audacity to sell their clients it at all, and at the rates they do, is super concerning.

These guys definitely aren’t on your side when it comes to preserving your Instagram reputation, or any other social network for that matter, so it is for this reason and others that we suggest that you avoid them if you can.

Review Summary


QubeViews is a company that can help you with your Instagram, as well as the rest of your social media. They say they offer all social media marketing services in one place, and they also say that they focus on quality and quantity. We think that they are selling false engagement.

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