When you start a business and begin looking for equipment, going cheap isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

What do we mean? Consider this: you are a photographer and know that buying a new camera is critical to your business, but perhaps the lighting could be a little cheaper.

So, if you choose to purchase basic-affordable lighting, is it okay or not?

When it comes to postproduction, the more inexpensive lighting means you have to spend 2 to 3 additional hours editing your stuff.

You will now need to do this every time you do a project. The issue is that choosing cheap, over a value money product generally sees you facing more work than you realized. 

Other Examples

Another example is the fitness equipment you buy for your PT Gym. Going cheap often feels cheap, and the product reflects the result.

So you are better off investing in equipment that is value for money but does not feel cheap. The finishes will be higher quality, the way it wears will be better, and the result is better equipment that looks new for longer. 

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Why Is Quality Important? 

Firstly, if it looks better and more premium, this reflects on your brand and gives the perception of a better quality service or that the client is getting more value for their money and access to better equipment. 

Secondly, if the equipment wears poorly, you must replace it sooner than anticipated, which means spending more money sooner.

A little extra spend upfront can save you money in the long run. It is like investing in a good can opener versus buying four cheap ones. Get the equipment you need to do the job. 

Why Does False Economy Matter?

It matters because you must repeat the order and order process sooner if you buy cheap. Doing so means more admin costs, with order management and additional delivery costs.

You will also need to put the equipment together, which can take you away from PT earnings if it takes 5-6 hours; that looks like £45ph x 5 = £225  plus delivery and admin time.

So, perhaps you can afford to spend a little more on better finishes and equipment in the first place.

It does not mean you do not need to be savvy; looking at all the options is best before making an informed purchase. 

What Five Things Can You Do To Change This?

Here are five examples of how to avoid a false economy and what you can do to help yourself. 

One – Choose a good supplier well-known in the industry for the type of equipment you are looking for. An example of this might be Mirafit, a commercial gym equipment supplier.

Two – Purchase equipment that is fit for purpose. Don’t get something based solely on price. Get it because it is suitable for the job. Using a knife when you need a fork is never the right approach. 

Three – Consider Packages. A great way to save money is to get a package, as long as it contains the necessary equipment. A deal is only a deal if it is what you want. 

Four – Credit: Only recommended if you will make enough money to repay the loan. But sometimes, using credit to give yourself the best opportunity is the right decision. So consider your situation and then what is right for you. 

Five – Finishes to finish. The quality of the finish will help the longevity of the product. Having a good finish is especially important in high-contact areas such as seating, grips and areas that receive abrasion from plates and other components. Fixing, changing and maintaining can quickly become a bother if you run a busy studio.  

What Equipment Do You Need To Be A PT?

In the UK, you can choose whatever equipment you need once you have the appropriate qualifications as a PT.

Some will choose to work out on location with their clients in their homes. Others will set up studios for private sessions. 

Common PT Studio Equipment

  • Free Weights (Dumbbells, Kettlebells) 
  • Weight Rack and Attachments
  • Barbells and weight plates
  • Rubber Mats
  • Weighted bags
  • Benches for weights. 
  • Ropes and rollers
  • Cable Machines

You can see that the setup can be costly, so shopping shrewdly and considering credit can help significantly. Always go for the best product you can for the money to get the best value for your outlay. 

Common PT Studio Equipment

Hidden Costs

It is essential to remember the value of your time and the amount of admin it could cost for repairs and replacement.

If you are a PT and your equipment requires repair, you are down part of your offering. If this happens too much, clients who might not be as convinced will migrate faster. 

It is often easier to keep a customer than find a new one, and it costs less money and time. If you consider credit to help you get the right equipment sooner, ensure that you know your numbers, what is required to get a solid return on your investment, and at what stage.

You must buy the right product for the right price and be selective. Again, companies like Mirafit allow commercial customers to visit their showrooms by appointment.

If you want to check out the products in person, you can do so. Knowing how much space a rack might take up and what attachments are available is a good idea. An hour in the car might save 5+ down the road. 


As a PT, it is essential to consider all the primary requirements and choose a company that will support you with access to the right equipment at the right price.

We have provided several reasons why it is crucial to avoid buying cheap and how to navigate practical purchases and consideration of suppliers.

Ultimately, it is critical to consider discussing your goals with suppliers and seeing how they can help you. Remember that you have value as an ongoing customer.