Using promotional merchandise to attract new customers is an age-old trick of many successful businesses. When you want to stand out from all the other businesses you’re competing with, gifts can do wonders for your brand.

Without the right research, however, finding the right type of promotional gift to attract people to your company becomes more difficult. Once you’ve found the right gift, you’ll be ready to aggressively advertise your brand.

To help inspire you even more, here are five proven ways that promotional merchandise can expand your brand: 

1. They Get New Eyes On Your Brand

Visibility is everything when it comes to making your brand stand out amongst your competitors. Without an edge in this area, succeeding can become incredibly difficult.

Thankfully, with the proper promotional merchandise, you can slowly creep into the public eye for nearly no cost at all.

The small investment you’ll be making in producing wearable or publicly usable promotional merchandise will pay off greatly once you have mini billboards wandering around the public sphere.

Branded polo shirts are an especially solid choice, as they are stylish enough that your customers will actually wear them. 

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2. They Demonstrate Your Caring Nature

Businesses can often come off as cold and calculating, making it harder for them to establish personal relationships with their customers as a result.

By gifting your customers (and potential customers) with snazzy promotional merchandise, you’re demonstrating that you truly care about them. Water bottles, tote bags, and other highly useful merch that’s branded with your company’s logo can be especially fantastic for showcasing how much you value customers.

Determining what type of promotional merch will be best received by your target audience is key here, as it will help you maximize the effectiveness and emotional impact of your promotional merchandise marketing efforts. 

3. They Create Repeat Customers

As you show your customers how much you care, the likelihood that they’ll come back to your company when they need your specific products and services will skyrocket.

After all, people enjoy becoming patrons of businesses that they have a personal relationship with. The more appealing, comfortable, and/or useful you make the merchandise you’re gifting, the better.

The quality of your gift will directly correlate to both how often they use it in a public space, and how likely they are to become repeat customers.

Since customer retention is a crucial part of any successful business’s operations, it’s dire that you consider all the value you’ll receive by investing in promotional gifts. 

4. They Boost Employee Morale

Promotional gifts do not only have to be given away to customers. If you want to give your employees an extra morale boost, consider making some fun, branded merch that they can enjoy as well.

Office supplies, stress balls, water bottles, paperweights, company t-shirts, and more can all help you cure their Monday blues.

Demonstrating a willingness to listen to employees about the type of merch they desire is recommended, as this will help you nail your morale-boosting efforts.

With enough luck, you’ll fire up the employees’ working spirits, and unlock a level of productivity that you never imagined possible.

When you have lots of leftover promotional merchandise that you haven’t given away, you can give the extra merch out to employees, who can then gift them to friends and family instead. 

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5. They Are Perfect For Trade Show Events 

Trade shows are the absolute best place to make use of your promotional products. When potential new customers, business partners, and other trade show attendees are wandering past your booth, make sure they can see that you’re offering promotional merch.

The better the merch, the more likely you are to attract them to your booth. As you give them a gift, they will be willing to talk to you about your business.

If you impress them, they can then wear or use your gift throughout the trade show floor to help spread the word about your amazing business and its wonderful products and services. 

Expand Your Brand In A Cost-Effective Manner

With promotional merchandise giveaways, you can quickly expand your brand’s public visibility, and you can do so in a highly cost-effective manner.

The initial investment in getting the merchandise can be slightly costly, but if you buy in bulk, you’ll cut your costs down in a significant fashion.

However, once you have plenty of public advertisement pouring from the gifts you’ve given to customers, you’ll be glad you invested.