The Project Pioneer program gives you everything you need to get started on the dropshipping industry, and more. 

At least, that’s what Connor Shelefontiuk wants you to believe. 

Connor claims to have done the research, done the testing, and built one of the most comprehensive dropshipping courses today so that anyone else can learn how he built a $400,000/month dropshipping store.

But does he actually know what he is talking about? Let’s dig deeper to see if Project Pioneer can live up to its marketing hype.

Who Is the Creator of Project Pioneer?

Is Connor Shelefontiuk a scam? The answer is no. He is a young entrepreneur and ecommerce expert who has been running his own ecommerce business for some time and has recently made a name for himself as one of the leading dropshipping experts in the industry. 

He has an innate ability to sniff out profitable opportunities, and he has mastered what it takes to make money with dropshipping.

What Kind of Value Does Project Pioneer Offer?

The Project Pioneer program is a full-fledged video course that teaches you the ins and outs of dropshipping — how to find products, how to sell them on Amazon FBA, and how to make money with no upfront costs.

On the surface, this might sound like every other dropshipping course out there. But what sets Project Pioneer apart is its unique depth.

Instead of spending hours watching someone else’s store videos for inspiration, you’ll learn from Connor’s mistakes (and successes) directly. 

The program includes over 75 video tutorials that walk you through the entire dropshipping process in detail. You’ll learn everything you need to know about dropshipping; from finding profitable products to shipping your products to scaling up your business.

Project Pioneer Part 1 – The Foundation 

This is where you lay down the foundation for your dropshipping store.

This first part of the Project Pioneer course includes three modules. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Module 1: The Mindset  (Introduction to Dropshipping & Entrepreneurship)
  • Module 2: Everything you need to get started  (Finding Products to Sell)
  • Module 3: Identify & Take Action (Product Research on Facebook + FB Ads)

The first module will introduce you to the entrepreneur mindset and how it’s important to be a self-driven person. Focusing on your strengths and making yourself as productive as possible will help you to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Then, you’ll get a quick introduction to dropshipping and why it’s such a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses quickly.

In the next module, you’ll also learn how to find products that sell well following the Project Pioneer’s Protocol. This is the foundation of your business and if you work hard on it, it will pay off huge in the next few years.

The third module goes deeper into product research and gives you some insights on how to use FB Ads -you’ll learn more about that later on. 

Here, Project Pioneer also teaches you the easiest way to create a successful landing page. You’ll learn about the value proposition, about how persuasion works and about the essential elements of a good call-to-action. 

Project Pioneer Part 2 – Setting up your store

This section of the course is also divided in three modules:

  • Module 4: Test (FB Ad Testing)
  • Module 5: Optimize 
  • Module 6: Scale 

Module 4 is  about the actual testing part of the course. Connor talks about different ways of testing and he provides examples on how he does it. 

He also gives you tips on what you need to consider when starting a test and what results to expect from your test, and then you’ll learn all about how to optimize your campaigns throughout module 5. 

The last part of Project Pioneer’s Part 2 is module 6, where Connor takes his knowledge and experience and shares it with you. He’s teaching you about different ways of growing your business and expanding it into other niches.

Project Pioneer Part 3 – Grow your business

This third part of Project Pioneer is all about building the systems behind the scenes so you can scale your business. It includes three main modules:

  • Module 7: Maintain & Replicate 
  • Module 8: Email and SMS Marketing Strategies
  • Module 9: Bonus

You will first learn some techniques to maintain and replicate your success.

In module 8, Connor will teach you how to turn your traffic into leads with email marketing. 

You’ll learn how to leverage the AIDA formula to craft better subject lines, how to create irresistible landing pages, and which tools can help you send better emails. You’ll also get training on implementing an SMS strategy in your business. 

Then, in module 9, Connor will share his experience with a product launch. He will show you what the previous launch was like, what he did right and what he did wrong.

Wrap Up: Does the Project Pioneer course measure up? 

If you are interested in the eCommerce business, Project Pioneer is one of the best investments you can make. It definitely deserves all the hype it gets. 

I’ve never seen an opportunity like it, to be honest. If you are willing to put in the work and implement what Connor teaches, you will succeed. The final decision is up to you, though!