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Instagram is a great way to get the visuals of your brand out there. With a huge audience of potential clients, Instagram is your key to marketing and engagement success.

There are many companies that you can outsource your engagement to, saving you time.

Let’s give one of them a review and decide whether you should trust them or not.

What is Popamatic

Popamatic is an Instagram engagement company.

They work on the premise of helping you gain real followers by allegedly having real people working on your behalf to develop and grow more engagement for your account.

However, rumor has it that instead of employing real people to do this work, they’re using an automated system instead. This is often the case with this kind of engagement company.

While some are harder to expose than others, it’s good to know what you’re looking for.

A Review of Popamatic

First, we’ll run through the positives

  • Https Site: there’s a really important level of security when it comes to running a company out of a webpage, and that’s making sure your site is https secure. This will also make it easier for Google to find you online, which in turn will make it quicker for the customer to find you. Popamatic has thought of this aspect, thankfully.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Popamatic appears to have the customer in mind when running their services. They have remembered to include an FAQ and help page which can answer most of your burning questions before you’ve even committed to anything.
  • Email and Phone form: again, Popamatic seem to be continuing the trend of having the customer at the forefront of everything, which is a good sign. They’ve added an extra layer of accountability by including an email and phone form you fill out when you’re in the process of signing up with them.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: Popamatic seem to be trying to cover their tracks as much as they can. Having authenticated payment systems means that you’re safe to share credit card information etc. without the risk of it being stolen.

Now, we’ll talk about the negatives

  • Visible Prices: unfortunately, we couldn’t find Popamatic’s prices anywhere. It seems that you don’t get to know how much they charge for their different packages until you’ve committed to using their services. This isn’t a very good way to conduct your business.
  • 24/7 customer help: they don’t seem to have a team of customer representatives on standby to help you if it all goes wrong outside of their regular working hours. This is going to be frustrating if their services fail and you can’t fix them by yourself.
  • Real Reviews: getting genuine reviews of your company and services is harder than it looks, so it’s no surprise that they don’t have any on their website. While this is definitely a downside, at least they haven’t tried to falsify any reviews.

Is Popamatic a Scam? Is Popamatic Safe?

We think it’s best to avoid Popamatic and have determined that they aren’t safe to be using with your Instagram account.

While they have ticked certain security boxes and seemed to have their website in order, they have a couple of red flags that we just can’t get past.

These include not having any real reviews anywhere on their website, and claiming to use real people for their engagement when in fact it’s just another automated Instagram bot.

Try for something a little bit more honest and upfront.

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