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Ploxia Review

If you want your business to be successful, you need to be on Instagram.

Most successful companies are making the most of Instagram and using it to gain much greater exposure than through traditional methods.

Outsourcing your engagement is a surefire way to get yourself noticed, and save time on your end.

However, all is not well in the Instagram bot field.

What is Ploxia?

Ploxia sounds like every other Instagram bot out there – and also closely imitates certain other bots’ websites.

They boast their software being an application of the internet, which means that you can use it on your web browser, which is safer for you and your computer’s security.

They claim to be the safest Instagram bot available, which is a strong statement to make.

It also claims to randomize its engagement so that you aren’t at risk of violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

It says it is mobile friendly and easy to setup & get started – all things to try to convince you to get on board and use their services.

Let’s review Ploxia and determine whether it’s a good bot.

What’s the Big Deal with Instagram?

We think that despite the controversies that Facebook has found itself in over the last few years, Instagram is still going strong, and it is still a great source if you are a brand online trying to expand your marketing strategy.

The thing about Instagram is that you can easily connect with more of your target demographic, but you’ve got to know where to put your content, and who to make the effort with.

The good news is that there are plenty of companies out there these days that can help you bridge the gap, you’ve just got to know where to find them.

Otherwise, you definitely risk ruining your Instagram reputation.

Getting Started with Ploxia

To get started with Ploxia, you will need to visit their website through your web browser, and take a look at the features that they have on offer.

There will be a number of features for you to choose from, and you can do this based on your current budget, and what your personal preferences are when it comes to Instagram growth.

From here, they’re going to ask you for a little bit of information, and then you will pay for their features.

You can expect their features to come through within just a few hours after payment, and if there are any issues, you can contact their support team.

Ploxia Features

Ploxia Pricing

Ploxia definitely doesn’t try to be something it’s not, which means that it says that it is an Instagram bot, and can help you over on TikTok as well.

They say that they offer their clients an app for Android, which means that you won’t be able to use them if you are on iOS.

They say that they can help their clients promote their accounts in general, send out automated direct messages, and even schedule posts ahead of time.

You can watch a demo, and you can also try them for free for three days.

Ploxia Pricing

Ploxia Pricing

Ploxia is going to cost you $11.99 for 30 days if you want Instagram account promotion, and this is through the Android app.

If you want Instagram direct mailing, this is going to cost you $10, and again this is through the Android app, and lasts for 30 days.

Their Instagram automatic posting is through the Android app as well, and it is going to cost you $9.95 for 30 days.

When it comes to TikTok account promotion, they say that they are going to charge you $10 for 30 days.

What About Their Team?

Companies that have a good relationship with their clients are going to make sure that they have sufficient information on their website about their team, so that they can win them over with trust and accountability in the beginning.

We don’t think that Ploxia has enough of this on their website for us to believe that they are the kind of company that you can put your trust in, and feel a connection with from the beginning.

A Review of Ploxia

Let’s Being with The Positives, First

Free Trial

Ploxia does provide you with a free trial before you sign up, which is good if you’re wanting to experience their services without committing to anything.

Secure Site

Their site passes the test of being safe, which is a good start – you don’t want to commit to anything that doesn’t operate on a secure https site.

Visible Prices

Their prices are visible, meaning that you aren’t likely to get stung in the future by surprise increases.

Support Page

They do have a support page which comprises an email form that you can submit your query.

Now, the Negatives

24/7 Support

There is no apparent 24/7 support. This is a downside if their services break down on you out of hours and there’s nothing you can do to rectify it.

Real Reviews

While Ploxia does provide reviews on their website, it’s probably questionable whether they are real or not. By all appearances, they look to be generic and disingenuous.

Is Ploxia a Scam? Is Ploxia Safe?

While Ploxia seems to be a relatively sophisticated software that could be capable of doing an alright job with your engagement, it’s probably best to give it a miss. It’s a self-confessed Instagram bot, so safety is automatically minimal.

While they do have a secure site and support page, their support doesn’t go a long way.

Also, without real reviews, you’re left in the dark regarding how their services run long term and have to do your research around this. They also hide a lot of their information.

Probably best to give this one a miss.

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Review Summary


While Ploxia seems to be a relatively sophisticated software that could be capable of doing an alright job with your engagement, it’s probably best to give it a miss. It’s a self-confessed Instagram bot, so safety is automatically minimal.

Price: $ 11.99 / 30 days

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

Editor's Rating:

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