If you want to improve your business marketing efforts, then you need to understand the most prominent social media platforms of today.

Let’s take at some relevant Pinterest statistics for business that you can apply to your social media marketing strategy in general.

Pinterest Statistics for Business

Pinterest has more than 450 million monthly users

Or 459 million to be exact. Pinterest has grown by more than 100 million users over the past year alone, which is pretty impressive. It now has more users than Snapchat and Twitter put together.

monthly users
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More than 80% of Pinterest users use it on mobile

85% of people using Pinterest right now access it through the mobile app. This means that you need to optimize your brand’s reach for mobile.

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Half of Pinterest users live beyond America

50% of people on Pinterest are actually located outside of the states, which means that you have a chance of reaching a more international audience with your Pinterest content, whether you are based in the states or not.

User have saved 240 billion pins

Pinterest has been in business for more than 11 years, and in these 11 years its users have saved more than 240 billion pins.


60% of people currently using Pinterest are women.

Women Usage
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Pinterest becoming more popular with the younger crowd

The number of Pinterest users that are Gen Z and Millennials increases 50% and 35% year after year, respectively.

Millennials in America love Pinterest

80% of Millennial women in America use Pinterest, which proves that they love the platform. Additionally, 40% of Millennial men are on Pinterest.

Majority of mums are on Pinterest

80% of mums in the U.S. are making the most of Pinterest, which shows that if your product relates to parents at all, you need to be creating a Pinterest marketing strategy ASAP.

Pinterest boards increased in popularity last year

An increase of 35% in Pinterest boards was seen in 2020, which is a 35% increase year after year.

Half of American Pinterest users use it to shop

50% of people in the U.S. on Pinterest use the platform to make buying decisions.

People shopping on Pinterest has increased

The number of Pinterest users using the platform to shop increased 50% in the first half of 2020. This is potentially thanks to COVID and the subsequent lockdowns.

The majority of Pinterest users are on it for buyer inspiration

89% of people using Pinterest are using it to get inspired when it comes to what they should purchase next.

People spend 25% of their time on Pinterest shopping

More than a quarter of Pinterest user’s time is spent on the app shopping or looking up products that they are interested in buying.

Pinterest shopping
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85% of Pinterest users have bought something based on pins they have seen

If you can get your product in front of a Pinterest user, then you are going to increase your product’s reach exponentially.

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Pinterest users spend 80% in retail than people not using Pinterest

This is why it’s important to pay attention to Pinterest’s demographics, so that you know what your target audience is interested in seeing from you.

Two thirds of Pinterest users say that they use Pinterest to find new products or ideas

More than 66% of users on Pinterest are actively using the platform to find a service or product they are interested in purchasing, based on what everyone else is saying.

98% of users on Pinterest have tried something they’ve seen on the app

The vast majority of Pinterest users have taken inspiration from the boards they have seen on the app and have tried to replicate it.

Most searches on Pinterest don’t relate to brands

98% of searches on Pinterest don’t actually relate to a specific brand.

Trends in terms of searches include ‘cottagecore fashion’ and ‘fun couple activities’

It’s always a wise move to keep up with what’s trending when it comes to Pinterest.

Pinterest made $1.4 billion in marketing in 2020

This was from brands marketing their product or service on the app.

Pinterest users are three times more likely to click onto a brand’s website through Pinterest than with another platform

This is why Pinterest is such an ideal platform to expand your brand’s reach, no matter what industry you’re in.

Pinterest ads are cheaper than other social platforms

Pinterest ads up to 2.3 times cheaper than other platforms out there.

Vast majority of people think Pinterest is a place that is positive

91% of people believe that Pinterest fosters a positive environment.

Conclusion on Pinterest Statistics

We think at this point it’s time to start investing in your Pinterest business strategy.

With Pinterest statistics like these, you can tweak your content and marketing strategies to fit in with your target audience, so that your brand can do really well online this year through platforms like Pinterest.

Good luck!