Are you choosing a courier for your business? It can be hard to know what to do, however asking these questions will help you go a long way.

Is Tracking Information Really Something You Need?

To be frank, if you’re following the tracking data on a package being taken from Guildford to London (a journey of less than two hours) multiple times, you can find better uses for your attention. What is more useful than online tracking is email delivery notification. This sends the most important details directly to you once the delivery is completed, letting you worry about more important matters after you’ve booked your courier and had your parcel picked up. You want a courier who’s reliable enough not to need constant oversight.

Does Bigger Equal Better?

You may feel that because your company is large and employs couriers frequently that you need to be working with a giant international delivery company. Think about it a little more carefully, though. Even if your courier budget for the year is £50,000, that’s not going to represent a significant amount of revenue to a giant carrier that does over £500 million a year. Will they really give your account the attentive service you deserve? Once the salesperson who signs up secures his or her commission, you’ll be nothing more than an anonymous account number in a huge corporate automaton. When you pick out the perfect courier service, strike a balance between sufficient size to provide a full range of services and small scale that drives the courier to treat each customer with care. Local depots where the owner is also the manager are likely to deliver the highest standards of service.

Am I Getting Good Price Options From My Courier?

When you last renewed your insurance, did your provider offer you alternatives that cost less? There’s no reason to expect courier companies to do the same, either. Every carrier inevitably has strengths and weaknesses, and they set their prices accordingly. When your courier needs to turn to third parties to complete your deliveries in a timely fashion, you want to make sure that they work with companies that deliver good value for your money. You definitely want to work with a courier that offers you multi-carrier solutions to best fit your needs.

Is The Lowest Price The Best Choice?

Here it’s important to distinguish between price and cost. Looking at two charges for overnight delivery and picking the one that’s priced more cheaply is easy. What sort of protections and services are you turning your back on when you pick the lowest number, though? You’ll rarely find stellar customer service from bargain-basement couriers, and they’re particularly unhelpful when you have to deal with problems. Respect the amount of care and effort that goes into handling your logistics without undue hassle. You should pick out a courier whose prices give them enough of a margin to deliver quality service in all situations.

What Separates Different Couriers Besides Pricing?

There are a wealth of qualities that vary between courier services. Examples include insurance, customer care, history, staff training, equipment quality, reputation, professionalism, and general helpfulness. As you can see, you have a lot to consider beyond plain pounds!

Does Paying For A Courier Actually Add Value To My Business?

We’re sorry to say that some couriers don’t give back enough to compensate for the prices they charge. This isn’t a universal truth, though! Some couriers can be powerful allies that dramatically extend your company’s capabilities. They deliver logistics solutions that you simply could not set up with your own resources and help represent your brand better to your customers. This is why your choice of courier makes a great deal of difference!