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Path Social Reviews 2024

People publish nearly 100 million posts per day on Instagram. So, you can see why yours might get caught up in the feed without being seen. 

Social media in general moves fast and has a lot of competition to contend with, especially for newbies.

Therefore, everyone needs a bit of help with their Instagram growth from time to time. If you’ve been struggling with your content strategy for Instagram for a while now, then you might be wondering what else is out there.

Luckily, there is now an entire industry that is centered around social media marketing, and Instagram is at the foreground of this.

The current marketplace is loaded with literally thousands of automated services claiming to help you grow your IG account with followers and engagement.

This means that there are plenty of companies out there that you can trust to help you with your Instagram growth, who can make a real difference to who sees your content, and how successful it as.

However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes it can be a complete disaster.

You risk it being a disaster if you choose a company that isn’t legit and isn’t committed to providing its clients with a premium service.

There were also those out there that are just scams, who are hoping to take advantage of their clients, and steal their money and personal information.

With this thought in mind, let’s review one company in particular, Path Social, and decide which side of the fence they sit on.


Path Social is the kind of company that says they can help their clients grow their Instagram organically.

In fact, the website claims the service delivers real, organic Instagram followers with no bots and no fake profiles.

They say that they are trusted by more than 24,000 individuals and brands, but we think that they’re just another generic bot to avoid.

What is Path Social?

Real Path Social Reviews? Hmm.

Path Social, as far as we can tell, has put a bit of time and effort into their website.

Don’t let an amazing website fool you into thinking the services they provide are legit. It’s just another way to draw people into their lair.

One of the first things you will see will be a disclaimer that says they can help you grow your Instagram organically, and they have a tab that is titled ‘how it works’, as well as one that’s called ‘get started’.

They say that their clients can get started with them in just three simple steps, and they also claim to offer them targeted growth that’s really going to make a difference.

This is all well and good, except for the fact that there are plenty of companies in the industry like this who at the end of the day are just an automated bot that is going to put your account at risk of being suspended or banned.

Let’s review them.

Path Social Pricing

A Full Path Social Review


Secure Site

This is a basic level of security that the majority of websites out there have these days. Path Social has remembered to spend a little bit of money initially in protecting their site with HTTPS, which means that it is encrypted.

This means that if you visit their website, and choose to sign up with them, any information that you share with them will be safe from hackers.

It also means that they get a better rank on Google, so that it is easier for new clients to find them.

Visible Pricing

Path Social, as far as we can tell, is upfront and honest about their pricing, and they have divided their packages into two different categories.

Their first package is going to cost you $69 a month, and their second package is going to cost you $49.00 a month.

With their first package, you can get up to 3000 followers a month, and with their second package, you can get $1500 a month.

FAQ and Help Page

We are a bit disappointed that they have fitted their FAQ in below their pricing, but it’s still a good thing that they have them.

It would be nice if they made a new page for them, but something is better than nothing.

Another thing to note about this list is that it’s not particularly detailed, which means that you might not find all the answers that you are looking for.

Real Path Social Reviews

What’s interesting about Path Social is that not only do they have Path Social reviews on their website, but they appear to be real – or a lot of effort has gone into making them look that way.

They have first and last names associated with them, and they go into a lot of detail, which is what we like to see.

However, there is a chance that they pay for these reviews, so things aren’t always as they seem.


Around-the-Clock Support

There wasn’t any evidence that we could see on Path Social’s website that told us that they offer their clients around-the-clock customer support.

Of course, this is an important aspect of running an online service, so if you can’t get in touch with them quickly, you’re going to end up being really frustrated.

Phone and Email Form

While you might not be used to sharing personal details with companies that you are brand new to, with companies like this, it’s really important that they are able to take down things like your phone and email.

This actually shows that they have a high level of accountability with their clients and means that they can get in touch with them whenever they need to.

If there is an upcoming change to one of their features, or they have updates, they can get in touch with you quickly. Path Social doesn’t have this.

Secure Payments

Path Social has set up a pretty basic payment system, which we don’t think is the safest around.

They definitely could put more time and effort into this part of their website, which is why that we have put this on the negative list.

Top Path Social Alternatives 2024

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Is Path Social Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

Ultimately, we don’t think that Path Social is safe for you to use. Yes, they’ve put a relatively big amount of effort into their website, and as far as we can tell, it is user-friendly.

However, website aesthetic isn’t everything, and for us to give a company like this our tick of approval, they’ve got to have good quality features, at a good level of accountability with their clients.

Also, while the site seems to share a lot of information about the features, pricing, and a few FAQs, there isn’t much about ‘how’ they engage.

We think that their features are executed by just another generic Instagram bot, that is going to put your account at risk of being suspended or banned.

There are also reports that the ‘support’ they claim to provide isn’t responsive, and there is no live support.

Furthermore, we don’t think that they are prepared to be as accountable to their clients as they claim.

For these reasons and more, we suggest that you look elsewhere for your Instagram growth, and avoid a company like this completely.

Path Social Review Verdict

We’re sorry to report that this is everything you need to know about Path Social. This service is not safe.

To the contrary, it’s a scam that delivers fake engagement to unwitting clients.

This is not an organic growth service.

Not only do we not recommend it, we advise you walk away and look for a better and reputable service.

Likewise, we recommend that you do your own research to discover what you need to know about any service that claims to deliver followers, likes, views, comments, etc.

That draws this Path Social review to a close. Don’t get your Instagram account banned. Protect your account and your reputation at all costs.

What Should You Expect from an  Instagram Growth Service?

A reputable and reliable Instagram growth service is almost an oxymoron, with a few exceptions.

You do want to make sure the company has a good reputation amongst its clients.

Also, contact them to find out how they engage. If they are vague, or won’t give you any viable answers, you should not buy services from them.

There are telltale signs of services that are not good for your Instagram account. 

Some services admittedly use bots. While being that straightforward about that fact, it’s still not a service you want to partake in, especially now.

There was a time, just a few months ago, when bots, automation, and fake engagement could sometimes get around the algorithms. 

However, since Instagram has updated their algorithms, more and more of these already long-prohibited methods of engagement are now failing.

These services that once offered at least some level of growth and engagement are now getting negative reviews on third-party user review sites because they stopped working.

They aren’t keeping up with the algorithm updates, so they have become ineffective. Some have even become spammy.

One of the most spammy things these bots do, whether they are still working or not, is claim to create customized and realistic comments and direct messages

However, as many Instagram users who get these comments and messages will tell you, these engagements are not fake. People know nowadays. They aren’t naive. 

You shouldn’t expect being scammed or engaging in fake interactions, but it does happen, even to the best of us. 

Our goal is to protect our readers from getting scammed by companies that partake in risky methods of engagement.

So, what you should expect from online Instagram promotional services is functional features, ease of use, real people, real engagement and followers, superior and fast customer service, and engagement that is safe and secure.

Tips for Boosting Your Own Instagram Engagement

You now know enough about Path Social to determine if it’s a service you want to use or not. 

You also now know what to expect and what not to expect from these kinds of services.

Next, we’ll discuss what you can do yourself to boost your engagement alongside of reputable outsourced engagement, or even without it.

Hashtag Usage

Your hashtag strategy should target your audience as well as be relevant to your message and your brand. 

When you use the hashtag symbol with your relevant keywords, Instagram will offer suggestions. You can use those, or do some hashtag research to optimize your Hashtags.

Post Relevant and Meaningful Content

Your goal is to encourage engagement with your posts. You do that with niche-relevant, unique, and meaningful content. 

This is not only about catchy captions or amazing images. It’s about the value of your content. For instance, does it solve a problem for your reader?

Pay Attention to Posting Times

One of the most misunderstood aspects of posting on Instagram is timing. For instance, when most of your followers are on the platform.

You can gauge this by monitoring your engagement and notating when you get the most. That is your timing. You may have to experiment a little, but you will get there.

Engage with Your Followers

One of the most effective methods for Instagram growth is to engage with your followers. Liking and commenting on your followers’ posts, even if it’s not yours, goes a long way to building a good online relationship. 

It makes your followers or fans feel special. Therefore, they are more likely to be loyal to you and engage with you more.

You may also consider engaging with similar accounts in your niche to garner interest from their followers.  

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are powerful. This feature is so popular that more than 300 million people use it per day.

It’s an effective way to engage with your followers. Be sure to do some research to create trending and interesting IG Stories.

Be Careful About Follower Fatigue

Instagram isn’t like Twitter, where constant engagements are necessary. Too much content sharing on Instagram will result in ‘follower fatigue’ where they grow weary of so much content.

Instead, consider limiting your posts to one to three per day. You don’t want to risk hurting your engagement metrics by over posting.

These are just a few things you can do to boost your Instagram engagement and grow, even if you’re using a service to engage in some ways. Just be careful not to go over your allotted limits on the platform.

Path Social Review Summary

Path Social
Path Social

Is Path Social legit? Is it a scam? Let’s find our in our comprehensive Path Social review.

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