Are you ready to invest in yourself by starting an online business? If so, you’ve probably seen advertisements that promise to help you get your startup off the ground in less than 24 hours. Don’t believe the hype.

Starting a company is hard work, and if you want to do it right, it’s important to spend at least a full week just laying the groundwork. After that, expect to devote plenty of time to the new entity before it becomes a profitable enterprise that delivers regular profits into your bank account.

But, is it really possible to start operations in a week? It sure it, especially if you follow best practices and choose a field of endeavor that has a proven history of success. The following pursuits offer the chance to build a regular stream of income by investing your time and capital wisely.

E-commerce Store

For entrepreneurs who prefer a quick launch, e-commerce stores offer one of the most efficient ways to enter the world of business ownership. Costs are very low, and you can select from thousands of products or services for reselling.

Unless you possess excellent tech skills, hire someone to create your website and design the shopping cart for ease of use. Spend time deciding what to sell, and base the decision on personal preferences and experience you might have in one or another consumer sector.

Day Trading Business

Day trading has been one of the more popular online jobs for hard working adults for more than 20 years. Fortunately, there have been lots of improvements in the field since the early days. New entrants don’t need huge account balances, expensive computer software, or high-level technical skills. Getting started is relatively simple.

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However, learning to become a day trader takes much longer than a week. Most who thrive in the industry spend about six months acquiring the essential skills. Most use simulator bots to trade in demo accounts for at least two months before going live with their own capital. It’s helpful to review a complete guide to day trading before getting started.

Craft Site

If you are a craft enthusiast, consider either selling your own creations or buying from a curated group of crafters and reselling their goods in a niche store. Handmade and homemade objects do a brisk business online, especially in the months leading up to holidays.

If you opt for this type of enterprise, take special care to include high-resolution images of all for-sale items and detailed descriptions of how the goods were made. People who buy crafts like to know the back story of what they’re getting.

Website Creation

The vast majority of those who need websites for business or personal reasons hire someone else to create them. If you have technical skills or aptitude, it’s possible to learn the art and science of website creation through an online course, webinar, or tutorial.

Put your skills to work by crafting your own site for the sole purpose of selling website design services. Start small and keep things simple by acquiring a few regular customers. Charge competitive rates and invest in advertising for long-term success. Students and full-time workers in all professions often choose this business model to earn an extra paycheck on the side.

Resume Services

Don’t be discouraged by the crowded market for resume writing. There are dozens of large companies that offer low prices and hundreds of template-based resumes on their slick, well-advertised websites. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that nearly all these large purveyors charge outlandish prices for custom products that are not created from ready-made templates.

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Most college seniors and mid-life career changers want personalized service and are willing to pay for it. As an independent resume writer, you can build a strong foundation for your business and deliver what they want at prices far below the major sellers.

First, acquire writing skills by taking one of the many online tutorials. Then, test for certification as a resume writer through one of the three international accreditation organizations. Set up a simple website and advertise on college and university social and official channels for clients.

Gourmet Food Sales

The specialty food and beverage space are enjoying rapid growth in 2022. Topping the list of the most successful indie businesses are sellers of homemade cookies, chocolate bars, and hard candies. You can make your own or buy from existing sellers and mark items up for resale.

Many people who work from small commercial kitchens only sell through other individuals and assiduously avoid major retailers. If you choose to become a gourmet food seller or reseller, research the market to see what the current trends are and where there are unfilled needs. Expect to do the majority of your business during the last four months of the year when holiday buyers comb online stores for unique gift items.