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While you might have been able to grow your Instagram account manually up until now, you might also have noticed that recently it’s been slowing down a little bit. This will most likely be because there are now millions of people using the gram, and while not all of them are trying to grow their profiles exponentially, enough of them are to make it hard for you.

This is why outsourcing can be a good idea – but you never know who to trust. The social media marketing industry is also mostly unregulated, which means that it’s almost impossible to know which brands are worth checking out and which aren’t.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at one in particular and decide if they’re worth your money and time or not.

Odysius Review

Odysius is an Instagram growth service that claims to offer its clients organic marketing. It also claims to be able to share its features without needing your password, which in turn guarantees that there is little risk. Just like with similar companies out there, there is a risk that Odysius is a bot. 

What is Odysius?

Odysius - logo

What’s actually interesting about Odysius is that they appear to have a few ways of helping grow their client’s Instagram accounts – but one of the features that they push the most if helping their clients get verified. Getting verified on Instagram means getting that blue check that lots of celebrities and influencers have – but you can only get it if you are considered big enough to copy.

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Odysius claims to be able to help you bypass all the typical protocol that Instagram has around getting verified so that no matter what your account looks like or where your followers are at, you can get it. Obviously, we find this highly suspicious and think that they are risking a lot by offering this.

They claim that their features can help you get your portfolio ready to present to Instagram when asking for a checkmark, but honestly, we think that it’s nothing more than a scam. They offer automated growth as well, which is a monthly package and doesn’t require your password.

A Review of Odysius


  • Https site: to their credit, Odysius has remembered to secure their website with https. This means that they can protect your information when you share it with them, even though you probably won’t as they don’t need your password. It also means that you can find them a lot easier through Google.
  • Visible pricing: if you visit another page on their website, you’ll find their pricing. Like we mentioned, these are divided into two categories – their Instagram automation and their features that can help you get verified. Both are overpriced, in our opinion, with their verified features costing as much as $499, and their automation also costing as much as $499 a month.
  • FAQ page: we do see an FAQ section on their website, but we’re a little disappointed to note that this is just on their homepage – they haven’t bothered to put it elsewhere. Usually, it’s better if they can find another place for it on the site, so that it looks a little bit more put together, and intentional.


  • Real reviews: there was nowhere that we could see that implied Odysius has real reviews to share with its potential clients. Not only does this mean that they probably don’t have good reviews anywhere, but it also means that you have to go and try to find them elsewhere, which takes up more of your time. This isn’t ideal, and a bit of a red flag.
  • Customer support: while Odysius seem to talk themselves up quite a bit, we don’t think that they have very good customer support. They do feature a chatbox on their homepage, but we don’t think that this is available to their clients around the clock. If you have technical issues outside of business hours, you could end up having to wait a while before they get back to you.
  • Email and phone form: an essential form of accountability, we can’t say that Odysius has included it for their customers to fill out.
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Odysius Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Odysius.

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Is Odysius a Scam? Is It Safe to Use?

So, ultimately, we don’t think that Odysius is safe to use – and that some of their features are downright dodgy. They have put a lot of effort into their website we will admit, however they have still managed to miss things out.

We also don’t like that they claim to be able to get their clients Instagram verified. This is a very dangerous thing to claim because there’s only one way to get verified, and that’s through the gram itself. Otherwise, it’s a scam, and the checkmark isn’t going to mean anything. Better to go with a company that can help you safely and organically.

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