With the development of new technologies, new ways of outsourcing IT services have also been on the rise.

New trends (such as Web3) and consumers’ prioritization of data security have put companies into the position of needing a huge variety of novel, but extremely important IT services.

As it can take a lot of time and money to hire and train an in-house team (and these resources are becoming scarce with the rising inflation and the anticipation of the recession), outsourcing these IT services seems to be a more popular option amongst companies looking to reduce their costs.

Here’s an overview of the top 5 new ways to outsource IT services in 2022:

1. Remote Work and Cybersecurity

Remote work is here to stay, and companies outsourcing IT services know this.

After the COVID-19 pandemic has settled, 71% of IT workers have expressed expectations of being able to continue full-time work from the comfort of their homes.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as practice has shown that the remote model of work can lead to increased productivity and improved work-life balance.

On the other hand, it has also shown that companies need to take certain measures to ensure that remote work doesn’t pose a security threat to their key data.

As a result, cybersecurity service providers have been in high demand for the last two years.

You must know by now that data breaches pose a threat not only to your company’s valuable assets but also to clients’ personal information.

Having this data hacked can seriously damage your company’s reputation, which is why a significant increase in the outsourcing of cybersecurity teams is expected by the end of this year.

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2. Cloud Computing and Virtual Desktops

While we’re on the topic of working from anywhere, this change in the working model has introduced and supported the rise of some new and some already familiar technologies.

Namely, cloud applications are predicted to grow by 20.4% in 2022, as cloud environments are great alternatives to physical storage.

What we mean by that is that they allow access to all of the important business data from any place, at any time.

However, switching to cloud services can take time and cost money.

Because of that, many companies opt to hire some of the more popular managed service providers to handle their cloud environments and ensure safety from any cyber-attacks.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is another technology that enables remote workers to effectively manage their work-related day-to-day tasks.

Aside from that, VDI provides remote workers with increased flexibility, control, and support in their work.

3. Artificial Intelligence

We’re sure that by now you’ve noticed the staggering frequency of AI mentions when talking about businesses and innovation.

An overwhelming number of large companies have found AI technologies, such as AI chatbots, helpful in reducing operational costs and improving customer interactions.

This is supported by the fact that many of them have been making significant investments in AI start-ups so far in 2022.

However, understanding how AI works and introducing it to a company’s working model requires a lot of experience and expertise.

For this reason, many companies in 2022 are opting to outsource AI-related IT services over creating in-house teams focused on customized AI development.

4. Automation and the Use of Robotics

Many companies are opting to automate some of their business operations in order to improve the reliability and performance of their services.

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A great example of how machine learning and automation can be helpful is arguably most noticeable in the marketing industry.

These technologies have enabled faster analysis of large volumes of data, which has allowed a great number of companies to optimize their performance.

The same applies to the use of robotics. Robots have proven extremely useful tools in carrying out repetitive, time-consuming, and rather exhausting jobs such as packaging and transporting goods.

We think it’s safe to say that more and more IT outsourcing companies in 2022 can be seen offering services for creating customized automated machines, as well as other technologies helpful for the automation of business operations.

5. Blockchain and 5G

As the trends of Web3, NFTs, and cryptocurrency continue to rise, so do the Blockchain platform and related services-especially in the retail world!

Major retailers all across the globe are seen investing in blockchain IT services and grappling to outsource teams who’ve had prior experience with similar projects and technologies.

Why? Because their customers want to experience the benefits of decentralization and the ability to use virtual currencies as alternatives to real-world money.

And where consumers go, businesses must follow.

However, blockchain technology has been experiencing certain challenges along the way.

One of the most notable issues that it’s been dealing with is its scalability. Thankfully, the enablement of 5G through Blockchain has proven helpful in solving this particular issue.

For this reason, companies looking to expand their services into the virtual world and offer them at a low latency have been choosing to outsource IT companies that offer 5G technology.