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Instagram paves the way for promoting and marketing online.

If you’re not using Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy, you are missing out of a huge audience with a wide range of locations, ages, and other relevant demographics.

It holds a lot more weight than you think – heck, even models these days have to have a good Instagram following to books jobs.

You may think that top models and celebrities automatically get a following just for the names, but that’s not how this platform works. It takes work and a marketing plan.

If you’ve got your brand on Instagram, you’ll be feeling the pressure of growing fast enough to keep afloat. Engagement isn’t the easiest thing in the world to achieve, but it can be done.

Especially with the help of third-party companies.

Third party outsourcing is an accepted and common practice among large companies, influencers, brands, and people supporting various causes.

This is a popular method of outsourcing because it saves time and helps you with the tedious tasks of engaging on Instagram, so you won’t feel like you’re chained to your computer doing it all yourself.

However, we advise caution when looking for one.

Just like every service-related business, there are the safe and reputable companies, some mediocre companies, and finally, some risky and scam companies.

We cannot stress how important it is to know the difference and how to spot an Instagram marketing and growth service that is credible and one that is risky.

Let’s give Mr Insta a review.

Why Use a Third Party for Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing involves strategic planning as well as the implementation of that plan.

You need to switch your Instagram account to a business Instagram account and connect it to your Facebook business page if you have one. If not, at least get that IG business account set up for your marketing. 

You need to know your target audience in order to create unique and interesting content for that audience. 

You need to create quality content that is smart and engaging. Your profile image and content images need to be clear and of high quality. Grammar and spelling matter.

You need to know the right times to post or share IG content, whether that be images or videos. For instance, what are the most common times that most of your target audience is on Instagram.

You need to engage with others in the form of following, liking, commenting, direct messaging, watching videos, interacting with users that share your interests, and other similar engagements that help get your content seen.

These are just some of the factors to consider for your Instagram strategic marketing plan. 

The thing that takes up the most time is the engagement part. It takes hours a day just to engage with others on Instagram much less TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts.

Just one social media platform can consume your day. If you work, go to school, have kids, or have other priorities to manage, you will have no time for fun or recreation.

What’s the Importance of Instagram Followers?

It’s well-known and quite obvious that followers drive your overall engagement, popularity, and success on Instagram. 

Your followers are a measurement of your popularity, but also a metric that is detected by Instagram’s algorithm that dictates your rank in content placement. 

The more relevant followers you have, the higher your rank in the algorithm, which results in getting your popular content in front of more relevant, potential followers.

It’s important to know, however, that your number of followers isn’t the only measurement that IG’s algorithm detects. 

It also detects how much engagement your content gets from your followers. So, that means that active followers are the primary driving force behind your Instagram credibility, reputation, popularity, and success. 

Fake followers cannot help you with activity because that is just related to the numbers. Numbers of followers can be beneficial or detrimental to your Instagram account. 

Fake followers also drop off your account over a short time, which is bad for your social media presence. 

This can also be detected by IG’s programming and can and often does get people suspended or banned. You don’t want to be those people.

Be aware of this and be sure to use the right third-party service to help you get real, active, long-term followers.

Now that you have some background about the importance of Instagram marketing and about choosing a reputable third-party service, let’s discuss where Mr. Insta compares among the rest.

What is Mr Insta?

Mr. Insta Pricing

Mr Insta is a marketing company that’s nothing more than an Instagram bot.

In case you are not aware, bot technology is unacceptable according to Instagram’s terms of service and use.

Bots are those pesky and risky AI programs that often spread spam and are commonly detected by IG’s algorithm. It’s not about “if” Instagram’s algorithm will find that bot, but “when” they find it and ban your account.

We don’t recommend or advise that you use any service that shows telltale signs or outright states it uses bots to engage on your IG account. Go seek out safer options.

Mr Insta also appears to offer fake followers as opposed to organic ones.

A few paragraphs ago, we discussed how fake followers do nothing for your Instagram growth or reputation. If anything, fakes will harm your credibility.

They claim to be able to give you free followers, and they also say that they’ve helped over 500,000 Instagram accounts, which is an incredibly bold statement.

It’s been our experience that when a company makes such lofty claims, they are up to no good. It raises red flags and makes us suspicious at the very least.

We always have to advise caution when affiliating yourself with an Instagram bot, because they’re not exactly in good favors with Instagram.

Your account risks being shut down or suspended. Let’s give Mr Insta a review and decide whether they’re worth the risk.

A Review of Mr Insta

We’ll Start Off with The Positives:

Secure Site

Mr Insta has either learned their lesson before or is starting off on a good foot – with an https secure site.

This is an essential level of accountability for them to have with themselves and the customer – it keeps all sensitive information safe on their website.

However, most websites are on board with this level of security since they get the added benefit of higher rankings in Google. So, it’s probably more for them than you, but you do get the perks from it.

You don’t want to share your personal info on any site that isn’t https secure.

Verified Payment Gateways

Mr Insta does appear to have verified payment gateways, which is also a good start.

The verified payment gateways are an impressive measure that will protect your payment information. While this doesn’t negate the risky issues, it’s at least something positive.

Again, you don’t want to be sharing private information like credit card details on a website where they don’t have this security in place.

FAQ and Help Page

While something like this does exist on Mr Insta’s website, it’s hard for us to call it an actual FAQ and help page – it’s more of an added afterthought underneath their complicated pricing.

While a FAQ page isn’t usually a deal breaker, we are more comfortable with IG marketing and growth services that give more information than Mr. Insta. In this case, it’s a deal breaker.

They also haven’t offered too much information forward – in fact, they have only answered three faqs.

Visible Pricing

As mentioned above, Mr Insta does appear to have different price points visible to help you get an idea of what they offer and how much it’ll set you back.

However, it’s confusing and convoluted. You have to go to a separate page every time you want to look at a price point, taking up more of your time than you probably have.

Now, We’ll Run Through the Negatives:

Real Reviews

Mr Insta has made somewhat of a sad attempt to provide you with genuine reviews on their website. For starters, they quite clearly aren’t real, and secondly, they haven’t put a lot of effort into the format.

It’s not hard for us to see that these are fake reviews, which takes their credit down a little.

Email and Phone Form

While Mr Insta has tried to cover their tracks in many other ways when it comes to security and accountability, unfortunately, they haven’t bothered to include an important aspect that will set you up as a customer.

An email and phone form ensures that they have your information on file should they need to communicate with you – not having one indicates they have poor communication.

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Is Mr Insta a Scam? Is Mr Insta Safe?

We’re going to go ahead and say that Mr Insta isn’t safe to use.

We are even going beyond that and recommending that you look elsewhere because this service is full of red flags and poses a dire risk to your Instagram account.

We advise caution when approaching this website because it claims to offer free followers. Instead, these are paid, fake followers who have provided counterfeit reviews and client metrics.

We advise against going for that free followers deal since the followers are fake and will not provide you with any value. 

They will likely drop off and/or get your account banned. We don’t want that to happen to you.

There are too many strikes against this company for us to condone them. Pass.

Review Summary

Mr Insta
Mr. Insta

We advise caution when approaching this Mr Insta website because it claims to offer free followers. Instead, these are paid, fake followers who have provided counterfeit reviews and client metrics.

Price: Various

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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