3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Sales is not an easy career, and it has one of the highest burnout rates. This is because sales staff face constant rejection as they are told no over and over again. Sales staff are also under immense pressure as they have to struggle to hit targets or face being fired. 

So it is easy for sales staff to lose motivation and get discouraged when they miss targets and see their commissions shrink. To get your sales team back on track, check out our 3 simple yet effective strategies!

Increase Prospecting Efficiency

When it comes to prospecting, your sales team should take a quality over quantity approach. There is no point wasting hours researching low-quality prospects. Instead, you should be focusing on prospects who are not only high value but also have a high chance of becoming customers. 

Before you start prospecting, you need to identify the high-quality leads from time wasters. You are shooting yourself in the foot if your sales team is being hyper-productive, making hundreds of calls every day but to the wrong companies and people. 

Before your sales team starts calling every number they can get their hands on, make sure they spend that extra time researching the company and determining whether or not they could actually benefit from your business’ products. 

The goal for your sales team is to come up with a list of qualified leads that form your target market. It is better to come up with a specific profile of your dream buyer and focus on targeting them than using a spray and pray strategy. But how do you identify this ideal buyer?

You should use data to form your buyer persona. You can analyze your previous customers, your website visitors, and members of your email list. You can conduct surveys on these groups of people to get more in-depth information. These are key pieces of information you need to create a detailed buyer’s persona:

  • Company data – Niche, industry, products, location, size
  • Demographics – Age, education, expertise, experience
  • Psychographics – Problem being solved, concerns and objections,
team marketing

Once you have created an accurate and in-depth buyer’s persona, you can then start finding prospects that align with this persona. By targeting these companies, your sales teams’ productivity will shoot the roof, and everyone will be hitting their targets!

Divide up Time Between Calling, Emailing, and Admin Tasks

A common problem sales teams have is not making enough calls every day. This is because in sales it is easy to become distracted by emails or other admin tasks. 

There are a few golden hours in the day where you need to ensure your sales team is hitting the phones; these include from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm. If you can dedicate these crucial hours of the day to nothing but calling prospects, your sales team will have their best month ever!

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While calling prospects is a great way to drive sales, it is also crucial that your team is still sending emails. You should get your sales team to send emails from 9 to 10 and then from 4 to 5. During this time, your team can send out cold emails and respond to their inbox. 

When your sales team is not calling or emailing, you should have workers focusing on performing admin tasks such as one-on-one meetings and updating the CRM. To maximize compliance, you should teach your new sales staff during onboarding how to structure their day and then make sure they are adhering to the schedule during their first few weeks. You will be surprised by the overall boost in productivity, so expect your team to consistently set daily call and email records!

Use Sales Software

With the right sales software, you can generate and identify leads, simply prospecting and ensure you never miss a sales call again. In 2022, you can’t afford to do everything by pen and pencil! 

If you want to give your sales team the best opportunities to succeed, you need to provide them with a range of different software that can feed them high-quality leads to target and automate all of the non-important functions.

Sales software can be used in a variety of different ways, including the following:

Monitor your sales team’s performance

Do you want to instantly know how many deals were closed yesterday? Or maybe you want to know how many minutes your sales team spent on the phones? This data is easily recordable and accessible via a tool with built-in CRM

With this data, you can quickly identify which areas your sales team needs to improve and come up with effective solutions that address these issues.

sales chart

Automate your email marketing

Did you know with the right sales software, you can quickly build amazing email marketing campaigns and then blast them out to thousands of prospects at the click of a button? 

Your sales team doesn’t have to waste hours writing individualized emails when they can leverage the power of automation. And as email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing strategy, your sales team should experience a nice bump in revenue.

Automate your leads

Is your sales team tired of spending hours calling fake leads? Then it is time to use automated sales software, which will not only help you generate leads but organize them from the most important to least, and identify which are fake!

Sales automation software is the future! Any top-tier software with built-in CRM will help you to automate your sales process and boost your revenue in no time. If you are not using them yet, it is high time to start to optimize your employees’ performance and skyrocket your profits!


Don’t worry if your sales team is starting to struggle and they are missing targets. This is extremely common in sales. If you use our helpful tips, you will be able to steer your team back on track, and before you know it, every team member will constantly be ringing that sales bell!