One of the most beneficial elements of the internet is its ability to bring the world together.

The plethora of communication platforms, businesses, and various social mediums allowed people to share thoughts and ideas from all over the world with each other.

In this resource, I’m going to dive into the open social platform that’s known as Medium. prides itself on creating a space that allows people to safely express themselves and find other communities with similar interests and values. 

Let’s check out the top Medium statistics in 2024.

Key Medium Statistics

  • Medium has 100 million monthly visitors
  • Medium’s growth has increased 140%
  • Medium published 7.5 million posts in 2016
  • Readers spend 4.5 million hours on the website every month
  • Medium is currently valued at $600 million

Top Statistics in 2024

1. Medium was founded in 2012

Medium has been around for a hot minute according to this statistic, and was actually founded by Evan Willians in San Francisco in 2012.

2. Medium has an audience of 100 million people

How many users does Medium have?

Every month, 100 million people filter through the Medium website and read their article.

And, Medium users are still growing month-to-month.

This is impressive for a website that has only been around for a decade.

3. Medium’s growth has increased 140% year on year

This means that Medium’s growth trajectory is set to continue to climb, and while no company is immune to bumps in the road, we can’t imagine their growth slowing down anytime soon.

4. 7.5 million Medium posts were published in 2016

This includes user-generated content, but still, it is an impressive statistic.

5. 1.9 million Medium posts were published in 2015

This statistic is a good indicator of the type of growth that Medium has experienced over the years.

6. Medium readers spend 4.5 million hours every month on the website

Medium readers spend an impressive 4.5 million hours reading articles on the website per month, which again is a difficult number to achieve by even some of the more well-known companies out there.

7. The total hours that readers spent reading posts on Medium in 2016 topped 30 million

31.5 million hours, to be exact, were spent reading articles posted to the Medium website in 2016.

8. Back in 2016, Medium had 85 employees

This stat means that they are being smart about their overheads as they attempt to reach profit status quicker than some other companies out there.

9. Medium received $132 million in funding

This stat shows how popular the site is. Everyone has trouble raising funds for a company to begin with, but as you can see there are a lot of people out there that have a great deal of trust in the concept of Medium.

10. Medium is estimated to be valued at $600 million

This is another impressive stat, and shows that the media titan is bringing in some remarkable numbers.

11. There are 2 billion written words on Medium

It’s hard to grasp the concept of a number this big, but when you compare it to some other sites out there, it easily knocks them out of the park, and the stats don’t lie.

12. 140,000 stories written every week in 2016

In 2016, Medium was getting 140,000 stories written every week for the platform.

This stat shows that they are prepared to work hard for what they’ve got, and it shows in their numbers.

The stats don’t lie – people want to read most about politics on the Medium website.

14. Medium’s domain authority is 95

It might feel like having 95 other websites in front of you isn’t that great of an achievement, but it is when you compare this to how many actual websites are out there online.

When you see it like that, you will realise that having a domain authority of 95 is incredibly impressive.

15. Medium’s Alexa rank is 88

Again, being 88th might not strike you as particularly impressive, but compare this to the sheer number of websites that are behind it versus how many are in front.

Not that many.

16. Medium has between 200,000 and 400,000 paying subscribers

This stat is remarkable – to think that a site that has only been growing for a few years at this point now has more than 200K people subscribed monthly to its content is amazing.

That’s the kind of growth that most websites out there wish they could attain at some point – but hardly any of them ever get there.

17. Medium’s mobile traffic accounts for 68% of its overall traffic

This statistic indicates that a lot of people are using their smartphones these days to access websites like Medium and get their article fill.

18. 49.56% of Medium’s traffic comes from search results

This stat shows that a lot of Medium’s traffic is sourced from people searching for it through Google, using a keyword that relates to the website giant.

What Is Medium?

This platform goes deeper than just a simple forum; they’re taking a new approach to digital publishing as a whole.

They’ve made a space that focuses on authentic topics and conversation and allows similar minds to form connections on a global scale.

Furthermore, is open to everyone, whether you’re an independent journalist or a well-renowned author.

Since the companies founding in 2012, the company has amassed over one hundred million readers and counting. 

This platform is also a perfect space for novice writers to test the waters and receive feedback from a particular community interested in their niche.

Information and education will always be extremely valuable.

The platform has created a spectacular space for writers to come together and connect with their specific audience and other professionals in their field. 

Although other platforms like Medium exist, none of them compare in regard to the company’s reach and influence on this market space.

People spend hours upon hours on the platform writing stories and informational pieces for millions of readers to absorb.

Moreover, the platform wants to be a hub for the world to share knowledge and information with each other and continue to spread that influence as time goes on. 

image 3

Community & Sharing

More than ever, humans on a global scale are realizing how important it is to work together.

Whether in relation to our planet, economics, politics, or public health, you can discuss all of these hot topics in an open and safe manner on

One of the biggest issues amongst open forum platforms is they generally have poor moderation, and they could end up attracting some unsavory crowds. 

The team at ensures that your stories, knowledge, and information are welcome.

Of course, like any online platform, they have their own terms of service and rules of operation, so make sure to review those before you get to writing.

Nevertheless, the moment you sign up, your writing has the potential to be shown to millions of people.

The platform understands to build a community; you also need to have understanding. is an excellent place for people to share ideas, cultures, beliefs, and more.

All of which promote unity and understanding amongst each other and will grow a stronger community by default.

A Leader In Their Own Right

When you look at other similar platforms online, statistically, is clearly the leader in their space.

Currently, it’s estimated that the company has between 200,000 and 400,000 paying subscribers and has raised $132 million across three different funding rounds.

Another significant advantage is that the platform also has a fluid mobile app available, making easy access a non-issue.

The company also boasts that 68% of its traffic comes from mobile devices, which shows people utilize the platform anywhere they can.

Moreover, the company may have nearly 400,000 paying subscribers, but they have over fifty million registered users in total.

In August 2021 alone, over 160 million people visited the website.

It’s evident that the company has been on an upward trajectory for years and has no intention of slowing down.

Aside from building a community of shared knowledge and information, the platform has a way for writers to get paid as well.

Many writers agree that is one of the most accessible platforms to start writing and earning without too much hassle.

With the platforms Medium Partner Program, writers can sign up to have the ability to put their articles behind a paywall.

Based on factors in the algorithm, writers get a portion of a reader’s subscription fee when they interact with their article.

Not only is a place for knowledge, community, and a melting pot of cultures, it’s also a platform that has created additional income for some and full-time jobs for others. 

image 4

A Social Space For All To Enjoy

The internet can be a ruthless place, even with some level of moderation.

Many of the most popular online social platforms are rampant with distasteful content and entirely harmful communities that don’t add any benefit to others.

Unfortunately, this is the case with most of the internet, and Medium has worked hard to ensure they aren’t grouped in with the rest.

For years they’ve kept their platform curated and healthy for all types of readers to enjoy. 

The company aims to bring everyone together and allow others to find like-minds in the world, and so far, they’ve done an excellent job at this.

Furthermore, you can create an account for free, and there’s plenty of content you can access this way, but if you want unlimited access and the whole experience that Medium provides, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.

Making it simple, the company asks for only $5 per month or $50 per year to subscribe and get full access. 

Of course, with hundreds of thousands of paying subscribers, $5 per person definitely adds up, but considering how low their subscription fee is, the amount of value you receive is beyond worth it.

They’ve created an ecosystem that essentially runs itself.

Writers provide fresh and informative content to the platform on a daily basis, and their subscribers enjoy it every day.

Writers get their paid share, and subscribers are more than happy with their low subscription fee. 

Medium truly has an exceptional business model, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The company also has a dedicated team that genuinely cares about sharing accurate and informational content while providing opportunities for writers to find their audience and potentially a new source of income. 

What Can You Find On Medium?

I’ve covered plenty about how the platform operates and how writers and readers alike can get involved, but what exactly can be found on the platform?

First and foremost, it can seem boundless, but they’ve curated them so that it makes it easy to find your preferred niche, such as searching by a specific tag and looking at how many followers it has.

Nevertheless, below you’ll find a brief list containing some of the platform’s most popular categories. 

Popular Categories on Medium

  • Health (374k)
  • Blockchain (473k)
  • Life (520k)
  • Technology (334k)
  • Politics (396k)

Furthermore, you’ll also find a substantial interest in finance, news, programming, video games, and more on the platform.

In addition, Medium has its platform set up in a way that helps writers decide on what to write about, helping to minimize any writer’s block to some degree.

How Much Can Writers Earn?

As previously stated, writers that wish to make money by posting their work on Medium need to join the Medium Partner Program.

It’s completely free to join and allows member authors to earn money in a couple of ways through member reading time and the Referred Membership program.

With member reading time, you get paid based on the amount of time someone spends reading your article, and this payment comes from a portion of the reader’s subscription.

Regarding the referred membership program, writers can earn fifty percent of any fees paid by readers who join to become Medium members via their referral page.

Previously, it was easy to get a general estimate of a writer’s earning potential on the platform.

Years ago, Medium used to provide statistics on a regular basis that indicated how much money notable authors on the site were making, including the proportion of writers earning one hundred dollars or more each month.

A report Medium released in 2020 states writers have been paid a total of $28 million since the inception of their Partner Program.

In more recent years, Medium has been a little more cautious about disclosing such information. However, it’s still easy to get a sense of the possibilities of generating money writing on the platform. 


Whether you’re a casual or dedicated writer, or an avid reader of many topics, has more than enough content for you to absorb, along with endless stories to pique your interest along the way.

Moreover, Medium statistics show that it has made it easier than ever to sign up and get to writing while providing a plethora of content to free users and paid subscribers.

Even with the changes the Medium platform has gone through since its inception, its worldwide community gets stronger by the day.


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