McDonald’s – you’ve definitely heard of it, and you’ve more than probably eaten there. In fact, you probably eat there regularly. It is one of the most well-known fast-food companies in America, and it is the world’s leading foodservice retailer, with its headquarters located in the Chicago.

McDonald’s is known by people around the world in every country for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries.

However, it also has other products on offer, including salads, milkshakes, chicken burgers, and fish burgers. McDonald’s completely turned around the nature of the restaurant business when it pooped onto the scene.

Let’s do a deep dive into the company’s history and net worth.


McDonald History

McDonald’s first landed on the scene in San Bernardino, California, in 1940. Maurice and Richard McDonald founded a company, but it was nothing like the company that we all know and love today.

It was a simple hamburger stand in the beginning, and it has since been turned into a franchise.

Ray Kroc in 1955 decided to add a modern spin on it, and the McDonald brothers and Kroc fought over the trademarking of the business for quite a while.


McDonald’s serves an impressive 68 million customers every day and has over 37,000 restaurants in 120 countries.

Modernizing the company helped it do well on a global scale, and Kroc was the one that put these changes in place. He purchased equity from the McDonald brothers, and decided to take it to the rest of the world.

There were initially a lot of other companies that were owned by McDonalds, but in the 90s McDonald’s started to separate itself from these other restaruatns, so that it could focus on the brand at its core.

Fall of Sales

McDonald’s might still be the most popular restaurant out there, but back in 2012, it had a dip in sales. This was the first fall in revenue that it had experienced in nine years, and its sales continued to fall in 2014.

The next year, 184 restaurants around the states were closed, a net decrease of stores that hadn’t been seen since 1970.


McDonald Products

All kinds of products have been sold at McDonald’s as we mentioned briefly above. McDonalds has faced backlash for selling unhealthy food, and as a result they have added healthier choices to their menu over the years.

Customers can either dine in, or take away, and in 2015, CEO Steve Easterbrook decided to remove high-fructose corn syrup from hamburger buns.

He also got rid of artificial preservatives in chicken nuggets, with a goal of becoming healthier.

Different countries around the world have different variations of the traditional McDonalds menu. Some include soup, and in Germany you can buy a beer from McDonalds.

McDonald’s Net Worth

McDonald’s net worth is said to be at $170 billion for the beginning of 2021, and we only see it going up from here.

McDonald’s Net Worth: $170 billion

The land on which restaurants are located is estimated to be worth up to $18 billion. Rental payments are a big part of the company’s annual revenue.