New and innovative social media platforms have been cropping up all over for several years.

Mastodon is the latest one to make the news and get a place on the map.

So, how many people use Mastodon in 2024? Let’s discuss it.

What is Mastodon?

First, let’s describe Mastodon and find out more about it. 

Mastodon got its start through crowdfunding and a small financial grant from the European Commission, which isn’t a centralized entity.

Eugen Rochko is the founder of Mastodon, which was launched in 2016.

It has a similar look to Twitter and is also a microblogging platform. However, there is more to it than just that. 

Mastodon is part of a series of decentralized, free, and loosely organized servers they call the Fediverse, which is the short form for a federated universe.

According to one Mastodon user, DJM, it’s called the Fediverse since it’s composed of federated apps, protocols, tools, and instances that talk to each other. 

It’s also open-source, which means that anyone who joins can set up their own server and operate a community if they so choose.

Essentially, a person could have their own discussion board or forum on Mastodon. 

The platform describes itself as a “federated network which operates in a similar way to email.” 

Now that you have an idea of what Mastodon is, we will answer the question of how many people use it next. 

How Many People Use Mastodon in 2024? 


According to sources, Mastodon is home to at least 2.5 million active monthly users.

Some people claim that the change in ownership of Twitter sparked this growth, but are they underestimating the Mastodon platform itself? 

Still, Mastodon is a far cry from Twitter’s 238 million active daily users.

In October 2022, it was reported that 60 to 80 new user accounts were being registered every day.

It’s believed that the daily new account registration numbers will only rise in the coming weeks.

Maybe Twitter’s new ownership has people switching to Mastodon, but this platform is appealing with or without that factor.

It could be a coincidence that its growth has increased since new ownership by Elon Musk at Twitter took place. 

No matter where it’s coming from, Germany-based Mastodon is growing.

It’s always a big deal when a social media platform of this kind reaches its 1+ millionth active users. It’s a sign that the brand has arrived.

Let’s briefly discuss how it works and other interesting facts about it. 

How Does Mastodon Work?


We already know some things about it from the introduction discussing what it is, but how does it work?

It’s only similar to Twitter, not the same. Mastodon does offer microblogging capabilities, but it’s different.

Some people claim it’s like what you get if you combine Tumblr and Twitter. 

On Mastodon, you reblog or boost a post when you share it instead of the well-known phrase, tweet or retweet.

Instead of 280 characters and limits on hashtags, Mastodon allows for 5,000 words, a full hashtags list, and a way to add videos, images, and GIFs easily.

Some users say that there is a learning curve, but it’s worth it. They are enjoying playing around in the space.

What Are Some Protocols on Mastodon?

Your Mastodon handle consists of your full identity and your server name.

So, if you sign up for an account through its most popular server,, your account address will be @(yourusername) 

Regardless of which server you use to sign up on Mastodon, you can still communicate with other users across servers. It’s like how different email accounts can communicate with other email servers and users.

For instance, how you would send an email to a Live account from a Gmail account or vice versa. 

What about the Twitter check mark controversy? Mastodon allows you to verify who you are without paying for it.

You simply add your website link as your verification. Also, this platform allows you to edit your posts whenever you like at no cost to you. 

Each server has its own content moderation protocols in place.

People using it have found that it has hyper content moderation, which can be good for some, not so much for others. 

Mastodon itself doesn’t suspend accounts, but server moderation may suspend accounts since each host gets to set their own content moderation rules. 

All this means is that Mastodon servers aren’t run by any corporation, but are run by its users. 

How Do You Set up An Account on Mastodon?

We are going to get down to brass tacks about how to set up and account on this platform.

This will be brief, but easy enough to understand for getting started on the platform. 

1. Join a Mastodon Server

Navigate to Mastodon and join a server. Since not every server is accepting new sign-ups, you will need to find one that is taking on new users.

You can find out where any of your 

Twitter followers are on Mastodon using Debirdify or Fedifinder. Just remember to remove permissions once you are done.

2. Sign up Using Your Preferred Mastodon Server 

You will need to fill out a form for your handle/identity. You can reuse your Twitter handle to make it easy for your followers and friends to find you. 

You can also make a whole new username. Once you click “Sign Up”, you should get a confirmation email within a few minutes up to several hours.

When you get the confirmation email will be determined by any surges in new signups that are happening. Keep trying if you don’t get your email after 24 hours. 

Sign in using the instance you used. You cannot sign in on any different instance. Use your credentials as they are tied to the instance you used to sign up. 

3. Create Your Profile

When creating your profile, make it easy for users to find you. After you confirm your account, just click the “Edit Profile” button and add your details.

Fill your bio with information, add your avatar (image/picture), so others can identify you. 

Be sure to add your new Mastodon handle to your Twitter bio so that your followers and friends can easily find you on Mastodon. 

4. Engage and Follow 

Now it’s time to engage on your Mastodon server. Start by following people you know.

You can do this by using the search box to locate their account. If they are active on the server, you will find them.

5. Introduce Yourself

Share some information about you that you feel comfortable sharing and that tells people about your interests and hobbies.

Pin those details to your profile. This is how people find people with similar interests. 

6. Look for Your Friends

Here is where you can use Fedifinder or Debirdify tools to find people who have their Mastodon handle on their Twitter profile. 

If you want to filter your results, use hashtags like #TwitterMigration and then filter by “People you Follow”.

Alternatively, you can check lists people have made when migrating to Mastodon.

Should You Totally Ditch Twitter?


While you may feel compelled to totally leave Twitter and only use Mastodon, you should consider some things first.

People may be worried about the changes that Elon Musk is planning to make at Twitter. However, you can hang in there while you’re adjusting to Mastodon.

This is a better option than ditching Twitter without thinking about it first. Plus, your followers and friends may not be ready to make such a switch.

Mastodon doesn’t have the smoother sign-up process of Twitter and other social sites.

Also, the learning curve for adjusting to the more technical lingo, rules, and user interface takes time.

Not all of your Twitter friends and followers are ready to join Mastodon. Also, content moderation is strict and requires warnings for any political content. 

Mastodon is still on its growth path, so there may be longer than normal wait times for confirmation emails before you can set up your account.

On Mastodon, messages are not encrypted.

The server admins can see messages, so avoid sensitive or confidential messages. Be aware of the public vs. private messages on Mastodon because it’s easy to mix them up. 

Therefore, before you totally ditch Twitter, consider your friends, followers, and the content that you share.


Mastodon is growing quickly in popularity and is becoming the first alternative to Twitter among users.

Twitter isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, which you should consider before you decide to solely use Mastodon over Twitter. 

Outside trying to find Twitter alternatives, Mastodon is a worthwhile option to explore.

Forget that it’s a little bit like Twitter, and use it like it’s intended, which is a new and exciting social space. 

Whether you want to solely use Mastodon over Twitter or add it to your social channels is completely up to you.

Be sure to consider all the factors we mentioned in this article before you decide to completely leave Twitter. 

Plus, you never know if Twitter will improve and become better and better in the coming months or years. We will all know soon enough.

Now that you know how many people use Mastodon (2.5 million active users), you can make your own choice.