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Manager Gram Review

It’s not easy getting Instagram famous.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that allow influencers to be as successful as they are – and it wasn’t handed to them.

In fact, they would have done a lot of initial engagement with their community, back when they were still climbing the ladder.

The climate has changed, though, which means you can’t just sit around doing your engagement and expect the same results.

These days it all comes down to outsourcing. While there are many companies to choose from, some of them are average.

Let’s take a look at one and decide whether you should work with them or not.

What is Manager Gram?

Manager Gram Freatures

Manager Gram talks about how they can manage your account for you, and how this can ultimately lead you to success in the Instagram engagement realm of things.

They claim to be able to get your genuine engagement from followers who are actually interested in what you’re putting out.

While this may be the case, there’s a good chance that they’re using a bot to do so. We aren’t the biggest fan of bots, so let’s give them a review and decide if they are or not.

Manager Gram Instagram Followers

A Review of Manager Gram

First, We’ll Look at The Positives:

Secure Site

Like a lot of similar companies these days, ManagerGram has made sure that their site is https secure.

It’s an integral part of running a business online – it means that your clients’ information is safe and you have a better chance of ranking well on Google.

Visible Pricing

We are pleased to see that they’ve decided to include their price points, so you get a good idea of what they have on offer, and you won’t run into any hidden costs further down the track.

However, what we don’t like about this is that they’ve just put them on the homepage – they could have made a separate page for them.

FAQ and Help Page

Manager Gram does appear to have an FAQ page, which is great because this is your best bet at getting to know a company before you sign up for a service of theirs.

It also means that you can make sure you like what they offer before you commit to anything – there’s always the risk of signing up to something you don’t want after all.

Now for The Negatives:

24/7 Support

While Manager Gram has covered the basics with their FAQ page, they only have an email form for a higher level of support.

This is sufficient to a certain extent, but it isn’t around the clock customer service, which is what you need if you run a company with a service that can have technical issues.

Real Reviews

While Manager Gram is attempting to look great when it comes to aesthetics if you take a more in-depth look at their website you’ll see that they’ve missed out on yet another important feature – real reviews.

While this isn’t the most important feature to have, it definitely helps a company’s credibility and encourages others to try it out. Without these, we have no way of knowing whether they’re worth your time or not.

Email and Phone Form

It appears that Managergram doesn’t hold accountability too highly, because they haven’t included an email and phone form.

With this type of feature, they can keep you up to date on any changes that are happening with their services. Without it, they can’t.

Verified Payments

This is perhaps the most critical feature to have with a service like this, so it’s definitely a red flag. Without this, you shouldn’t be sharing credit card information with them.

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Is Manager Gram a Scam? Is Managergram Safe?

While ManagerGram has put up a good fight, we have to be honest and say that we don’t think they’re safe to use.

While they do look good at first appearance, after digging a little deeper we found that they were missing out on too many features that are important to have.

What’s more, they are also just another Instagram bot, which is something you can find anywhere. Try looking for your engagement elsewhere.

Manager Gram User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Manager Gram on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

Manager Gram Trustpilot

Review Summary

Manager Gram
Manager Gram 1

While Manager Gram has got some of their ducks in a row, they haven’t got enough for us to see them as a high quality, reputable Instagram growth service. Beneath their outward appearance, we think that they’re just your average Instagram bot that comes with basic features.

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User Reviews

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