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Manage Flitter Reviews 2023

It’s difficult not to be a fan of Twitter, because it is easily one of the OG’s of the social media marketing industry. In fact, if you had been using social media for a few years now, you almost certainly have a Twitter account, even if you’re just using it for personal reasons.

However, it’s 2021, and you might want to level-up your Twitter profile and make the most of it for your brand as well. Maybe you are just trying to maintain influencer status, but you are falling behind your peers.

Whatever you are using Twitter for, it is still relevant today, and there are a multitude of reasons to get an outside source to help you with your Twitter growth.

None of us really have the time these days to manage Twitter on our own, which is why there is an entire industry for you to explore.

However, the trouble with this industry is that there are lots of companies that just want to rip you off and steal your money and personal information.

Let’s review a company that falls into this industry and decide whether they’re worth your time or not.

Manage Flitter Review

Manage Flitter logo

Manage Flitter is a company that claims to help their clients work faster and smarter with Twitter, and they say that they can help you manage multiple accounts. We believe that they are just a bot and they’re trying to take advantage of you.

What is Manage Flitter?

Manage Flitter search

Manage Flitter is one of those companies that helps its clients with Twitter, and we imagine they could talk about their features all day.

They seem to be very proud of what they offer their clients, and they say that they can help you manage multiple accounts, and they also say that they would help you view and track analytics, so that you can understand the Twitter territory especially when it comes to your industry.

They also talk about how they can help you schedule tweets for later, so that you can benefit from optimal engagement.

We scrolled a little bit further down their homepage, and discovered that they also have a blog, where they talk about Twitter growth in general.

However, when it comes to talking about their actual features, they are pretty vague, so we have our suspicions about what these guys truly are.

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Let’s review them and see how they do.

A Review of Manage Flitter

+ Positives:

Secure Site

Manage Flitter has managed to cover one of the most basic levels of security when it comes to their website, and this is securing it with HTTPS.

All this really means is that if you choose to share any personal information on the site, it is going to be encrypted, and isn’t at risk of being hacked.

It also means that if you Google search this company you will be able to find them because they will rank higher than companies that haven’t secured their website with HTTPS.

Visible Pricing

Manage Flitter Pricing

Manage Flitter has remembered to share their price points, and they are even on a separate web page, which we find pretty impressive.

Their pro account is going to cost you $12 a month, and they say this is ideal for small companies and personal brands that are trying to manage more than one account at the same time.

From here, they have a business account which is going to cost you $49, and they say that paid accounts have no long-term contracts, which means that you can go month-to-month, and not have any long-term commitment.

– Negatives:

FAQ Page

Manage Flitter doesn’t really seem to have an FAQ section anywhere, which is a bit concerning.

Of course, if you’re someone who was about to part with your money for your Twitter growth, you will want to know as much as you can about the company that you’re working with.

If you can’t, then you are going into working with them blind, and this can be really risky. It could mean that things happen with their services further down the track that you didn’t expect.

Real Reviews

Manage Flitter have obviously been too busy with their blog to share any reviews about their features. Most companies that are legit and are more than happy to be upfront and honest with their clients will have a lot of reviews on their website, even if these are somewhat negative.

It just means that they are willing to be open and transparent about everything, and they don’t want to hide anything.

We couldn’t find any reviews on this website, which implies that they do have something to hide, and existing clients haven’t had a very good experience with them.

Customer Support

This company says that they can help you through an email address that you can use to contact them if you have any issues, but there is nothing to indicate that they have any kind of customer support that is available when you need it.

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The thing about customer support is that it should be available as often as possible, because if you come across a technical issue in the middle of the night, you need it to be sorted right there and then; you can’t wait for the morning.

Again, when it comes to the Twitter growth industry, the majority of companies that care about their clients are going to have a robust form of customer support, and we couldn’t find this here.

Accountability Form

Manage Flitter has appeared to leave another aspect of this service out, which is their accountability form.

An accountability form is a form that you will fill out in the beginning with your personal details, and while you might not like the idea of sharing personal details, it means that they can store them away safely on file and get in touch with you if they need to.

Manage Flitter User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Manage Flitter on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

Manage Flitter Trustpilot

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Is Manage Flitter Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Manage Flitter is a company that has put a bit of effort into some of the features on their website, and zero effort into others. They obviously think that their features are really good, but we don’t agree.

We think that they are just a generic Twitter bot that is going to send your account random features and engagement that doesn’t really fit in with your industry and niche.

We also don’t like that their pricing is so cheap, because most of the time, cheap equals low quality.

If you want to make sure that your Twitter profile does really well in the future, and you are able to connect it with more of the people who are going to interact with your tweets and enjoy reading them, then you need to be able to avoid companies like this.

They aren’t safe, and they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Review Summary

Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter is a company that claims to help their clients work faster and smarter with Twitter, and they say that they can help you manage multiple accounts. We believe that they are just a bot and they're trying to take advantage of you.

Price: Pro $12/month

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Twitter

Editor's Rating:

User Reviews

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