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Magic Social Shutdown?

Magic Social closed its doors in 2019 to new signups. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are shutdown – but I can see they are not accepting new clients.

If you’re looking for a service, we recommend one of the alternatives above.

Growing Your IG is Hard

You can’t get too far these days without having your business on Instagram.

It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and gain useful insights into your target audience and how you can be advancing with them.

However, all of this takes time, which can be limited when you run a business. Luckily, there are a number of companies out there that you can outsource your engagement to. Not all of them are worth using, however.

Let’s give one a review.

What is Magic Social?

Magic Social is a third party company that helps you to manage your Instagram engagement.

Specifically, they help to grow your follow count with real, targeted followers – none of those fake ones that you often see spamming people’s accounts. Magic Social says that they can provide you with a case manager who you can work one on one with you so that your account gets the very best growth and customer service.

Speaking of fake followers, it’s worth doing your research with companies like Magic Social because, while they may look okay, their services could be sub par.

Let’s give Magic Social a review.

A Review of Magic Social

We’ll begin with the positives, first:

  • Secure Https Site: this is one of the first and most essential features that we look for when reviewing companies like this. In fact, every company that is online should https secure their website. A secure https website keeps your client information protected and also means that you’ll rank higher with Google. We’re glad to see that Magic Social has secured their site.
  • Visible Pricing: we also appreciate it when companies like this make a separate page for their pricing instead of sticking it right on the homepage. This tells us that they care about their customers and want them to find out as much as they can before they commit. Magic Social’s pricing is transparent and easy to read and understand.
  • Email and Phone Form: Magic Social continue to be thorough and upfront with their information by asking customers to fill out an email and phone form when they sign up for a service. This is a good level of accountability on their part that ensures the customer they’ll be in touch if need be.
  • Real Reviews: there aren’t many companies like this who have a done enough good to warrant real, genuine reviews on their site. It takes excellent customer service and great features to get people to write good things about you, and we’re pleased to say that we can see this on Magic Social’s website.
  • Authenticated Payment Gateway: all companies online that care about the privacy of their customer’s information should have protected payment gateways to ward off hackers. Thankfully, Magic Social has this.

Now, for the negatives:

  • FAQ and Help Page: while Magic Social has a detailed outline of their services and how they work on their website, they don’t have a page dedicated to FAQs that you can look at before you sign up for anything. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s nice to have this for the potential customer so that they can see what others have asked about the company.

Magic Social Background

Magic Social is an entirely managed Instagram marketing service. This means that you don’t have to do anything on your end apart from monitor how many new followers you’re getting and upload new content. Magic Social targets other Instagram users who they think will be interested in your account, to help you grow a large following. There are many other Instagram growth companies out there that make outlandish claims about how much they can grow your Instagram engagement for you.

However, it’s important to be vigilant when coming across other companies. A lot of companies will say they can promise a very specific number of followers and likes every month, and if they’re saying this, then there’s a good chance that they are selling you fake engagement. It’s well known that there’s no way you can predict how many followers you get, especially if you’re using an organic service.

Instagram and Facebook Advertisements

Ultimately, what you need to know about Facebook and Instagram advertisements is that they’re a waste of money. They’re going to completely suck your budget dry while you continuously try to optimize your ad content. While they do reach a lot of people and can be helpful at times, they’re certainly not an efficient way to go about things.

The most significant issues with ads like this are the money and time you need in order to target your ideal audience. You could end up spending as much as $300 every week just trying to do this. They also have an incredibly bad click-through rating. On average, if one hundred people see your ad, only one person out of those one hundred people is going to click on it.

So, if this is click-through rate, what does conversion rate then look like? Well, in order to gain 40 subscribers, your ad needs to be seen at least 100,000 times and be clicked at least 3,500 times. You can easily see through this why Instagram and Facebook ads are a waste of money.

With Magic Social, it’s a lot more affordable to gain followers. On average, you’re going to spend roughly $26 gaining 1000 followers – although remember this can vary from person to person. The point is that this is much cheaper than the minimum of $5 you have to spend every day on Facebook ads.

Instagram Marketing

From big businesses to small, there are many companies out there who are using Instagram to market themselves. They use Instagram both to build awareness of their brand, as well as try to promote their products with native advertisements. What’s more, you can also pay influencers to promote your products to their platform.

So, how do you think brands and businesses pick out their influencers to promote their products? There are four significant factors that they consider when trying to decide which influencer to work with:

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Location
  • Content

Out of these, what do you think is the most important? If you guessed conversions, then you’re right. While they’re all incredibly important, conversions have their own category of value. Conversions can also come in all kinds of different forms, including sales, visits to your website, and even newsletters. At the end of the day, brands want sales.

So, what do you need to be considered for a brand deal? You need to be making amazing content, your engagement rates need to be excellent, and you have to have a large existing number of followers.

Should You Buy Your Followers and Likes?

If you want to get ahead, is it a good idea to buy your likes and followers? The answer lies in what you’re actually wanting to achieve with your Instagram. If you’re thinking about the future long term and wanting to build up a solid Instagram that has loyal customers, then we don’t recommend buying your engagement. However, if you are just seeking simple, quick validation for your Instagram, then buying likes and followers is the path to take.

So, in light of this, what is organic growth, then? Organic growth is thinking ahead and having long-term goals. Ultimately, you want to build a solid community around a brand and a product that they love. Your loyal community will help spread the word about your brand because they feel just as passionate about it as you do.

Now, it takes a long time to organically grow an Instagram account. There’s no such thing as an overnight success when you take this route. If you want overnight success on Instagram, then you should be looking at buying your engagement.

Why Should You Use a Social Media Manager?

The first thing you need to know about a social media manager is that they’re going to need your login details. This is because they’re going to be managing your account for you. To do this, they need to have access to your account. What’s more, if they’re just selling your fake engagement for overnight success, they’re not going to need this kind of information from you.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you may want to go with a social media manager instead:

  • Affordable Labor: what’s great about Magic Social is that they’re affordable. In fact, you’re not going to pay more than $1.27 a day for them to manage your Instagram. What’s more, you get to sit back and relax and just worry about things like replying to direct messages, replying to comments people have left, and creating excellent content.
  • Experience: Magic Social know the ins and outs of growing people’s Instagram accounts. In fact, their customer reviews on their website speak for themselves.
  • Prioritize Your Time: when you use a social media manager, you’re able to prioritize your time a lot better. Engagement is an extremely time-consuming task, and a lot of the time it doesn’t leave you any space to work on other aspects of your business. Because a company like Magic Social does this part for you, your schedule is suddenly wide open for other priorities.

Influencer Focus Plans

Instagram is a social media giant that is the go-to for anyone who is looking to be an influencer. Why is this? Facebook is losing users as we speak, Twitter is full of automated bots and trolls, and YouTube takes a lot of hard work to make decent content. With YouTube, you have to take videos and then spend hours editing them. With Instagram, you can quickly take a photo, do a little bit of editing, and then post it.

If you’re someone who has big dreams about being an influencer, we recommend that you try using a social media manager. With Magic Social, you get fast growth without it being too spammy, and you don’t waste any money, in the beginning, trying to find the perfect audience for your content. If you want quick results that are long-lasting, then a company like Magic Social is definitely worth checking out.

It’s important to remember that results will vary based on individual accounts. Some of their clients start out with just 1000 followers, while others already have 10,000. How quick you want to grow all depends on the quality of your content. If you have good quality content, then you’re much more likely to grow quickly and become a successful influencer.

Magic Social works by targeting people they know will be interested in your content and niche. They’ll do this by looking for users who are posting similar hashtags to you, as well as check out certain locations and of course the followers who follow your competition. This is a much cheaper way to do things than spend all your money on Instagram ads that people aren’t even going to respond to.

Magic Social engages with real, interested users every time, so your money isn’t being wasted on the same users over and over again. Instagram and Facebook have a bad habit of showing the same users the same ads, which means that marketing like this really is a waste of money.

Why Use Magic Social?

You can think of Magic Social as your personal Instagram assistant. This is because they do all the boring stuff for you while you focus on the much more exciting aspects of your brand. Because they’re busy targeting followers that fall within your niche, you can focus on making amazing content. Just remember, though, that there are still some things you’ll need to do yourself, like reply to comments and messages.

So, what exactly does Magic Social do then? They work hard to target real followers who may be interested in your account. Let’s take a look at how they do this:

  • By using smart filters
  • By targeting specific usernames, hashtags, and locations
  • By customizing their targeting, so they’re aiming at the right people
  • By executing the right growth strategy for your account

Because everything is done through their own sophisticated system, Magic Social don’t sell fake followers or likes.

How to Get Started

Because Magic Social is a completely managed service, they use their own software to implement your engagement. This means that they are completely automated. Here’s how to get started with Magic Social:

  • Fill out their quick question form
  • Tell them what you want to target
  • Magic Social implements your specific strategy
  • You will begin to see results within a few hours of signing up

Remember, Magic Social will need to be given access to your login details. They need this because they’re going to be engaging with your potential audience for you. They can’t do this without being able to log in to your account.

Magic Social Results

We used our test account to test out Magic Social and the potential results we could gain from it. Before we gave an informed opinion on their services, we wanted to test it for ourselves. We used our test account to do this in order to ensure safety.

We gave them a list of hashtags, locations, and names that we wanted them to target. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of engagement we got as a result – over 180 followers over four days. We also didn’t come across any issues with our actions being blocked, which means we think that Magic Social is safe to use.

Real Client Reviews

So, all in all, should you use a company like Magic Social? Definitely, if you want your Instagram to get a really good headstart. Because you don’t have to spend weeks figuring out the perfect hashtags and usernames to target, it can end up saving you a lot of money and time. This is because Magic Social can quickly tell you whether the hashtags and usernames you’ve given them are going to work or not.

What’s more, Magic Social also has a number of client testimonials on their website that link to real Instagram accounts, which definitely adds to their credibility.

Magic Social Pricing

So, what is Magic Social charging? They have a wide range of different price points, which are set at weekly, monthly and even yearly payments. If you want them to manage your account for a year, it will cost you $420. If you’re going to sign up to a monthly plan, these start at $38, and a weekly plan is as little as $15.

Magic Social FAQ’s

Will My Account Get Banned?

There is always a risk when you’re using an automated system that Instagram could ban you. However, if you’re using a company like Magic Social that staggers the engagement, then the chances of being banned are pretty low.

Can I Get Shadow Banned?

You can not usually get shadow banned for just using an automated system. You can get shadow banned for using more than thirty hashtags or using hashtags that don’t have anything to do with your content.

Is Magic Social Going to Steal My Login Information?

No, Magic Social isn’t going to do this, because there’s no point. They can easily just create a new Instagram account themselves and then use their own service to grow it. Their goal is to provide you and your friends a legitimate service that they can make money from.

Is My Login Information Safe?

Yes, and if you’re not sure about it, you can always change your password.

Is Magic Social Safe to Use?

Yes, while we tested it out, we didn’t come across any issues that made it appear unsafe to use.

Is Magic Social a Scam? Is Magic Social Safe?

All in all, we believe that Magic Social is safe to use.

They have real reviews on their website, they are honest, and upfront about their prices and features, and they guarantee that they’ll have dedicated team members to help you every step of the way to help grow your Instagram account.

While there are a lot of companies out there that you should avoid at all costs, this isn’t one of them.

Magic Social is legit.

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