At the turn of the century, it was Great Britain that led Europe through the industrial revolution. The modern age sees England, London to be exact, to be paving the way once again during the digital revolution.

A hotbed for innovation in various industries along with technology development, London is attracting investors, businesses and customers in Europe and throughout the world.

At first glance, you may attribute this to the strong base of highly skilled employees and stable economy.

However, when you take a step back, a really big step back, and take a look at London’s geographical location, you may notice that it is strategically located.

Seen by many in Europe and the Far East as a gateway to the West, and equally seen by North and South America as a gateway to Europe and the East, London enjoys a reputation as a launching point by countless companies, entrepreneurs, corporations and businesses worldwide.

It’s location and stability makes it an obvious hub for trade. If a top or large company has an HQ of some sort in Europe, chances are that it’s located in London.

With so many of the top companies in close quarters with each other, the density of key decision makers in such a small area is rather high. The result?

Unparalleled access to these businesses, individuals and top services has the potential to grow overseas business and relations exponentially.

As the real estate/property industry likes to hammer home, “It’s all about location, location, location”.

And, on an Atlantic centered map, there is no better location than the UK and since London is the main transportation hub of the UK, by default there is no better location than London.

With one of the busiest airports, train stations and ferry crossings in the world London is a logistical center for transportation as much as it is a hub of connectivity for the business world. Being in London means that you have access to people, technology and places.

For the technology sector, there is literally no richer location to find a harmonious blend of talent, workforce, infrastructure and customers.

For foreign investment in the UK, London has it all. And, it is therefore no wonder why flocks of start-ups and tech companies have landed on London’s shores ready and hungry to make a big stand in their respective industries.