LinkedIn, like Instagram and Facebook, aims to create a secure platform for its users.

It integrates and executes a certain set of rules through its User Agreement to make sure each registered user behaves fairly.

You can think of LinkedIn as your office. In your office, you follow some rules and behave professionally with others.

Hence, while using LinkedIn, you mustn’t violate the platform rules.

This becomes more crucial because LinkedIn doesn’t tolerate violation of its rules and if an account does that, LinkedIn doesn’t hesitate to ban that account (aka LinkedIn Jail).

Getting banned while executing a strategy kills the efforts of anything you’re trying to achieve through the platform.

Now, the term “LinkedIn Jail” is popular among marketers and has got unnecessary hype around it.

So, what is LinkedIn Jail?

LinkedIn Jail is nothing but a fancy term for having a ban/restriction on one’s account.

While this term doesn’t hold importance, the restriction on the account does. And you can always expect the restriction to get lifted by LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ll discuss LinkedIn Jail and how you can stay out of it. 

How to Stay Out of LinkedIn Jail?


Let’s take a moment and think about the reasons LinkedIn restricts the account.

The reasons may include you misbehaving with other LinkedIn members or perhaps violating LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies.

Another reason which is pretty intensive is the committing of illegal activities on the platform.

Say, your account gets hacked, and the hacker uses it to spam other users. In such a case, LinkedIn quickly reacts to put a restriction on your account.

You also must make sure that your profile name doesn’t violate the User Agreement.

Look, there are no fixed set of violations because everything depends on the type of violation you are committing.

For instance, if you post inappropriate content, then LinkedIn will restrict your account or remove the content from the platform.

The Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn

What can you do to make sure your behavior doesn’t violate LinkedIn’s platform rules?

Let us discuss the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn.

The first rule to take care of is to provide accurate account information that LinkedIn asks.

If you’re a business trying to reach new prospects on LinkedIn, then you must provide correct business information like the business address, contact info, tax info, etc.

The second rule asks you to comply with laws like privacy laws, intellectual property laws, anti-spam laws, export control laws, tax laws, and more.

The third rule involves you using your real name on your profile. An excellent recommendation is to avoid using special characters. The fourth rule is to never create a false identity to fool people.

LinkedIn takes this seriously and bans accounts that indulge in such activities.

The fifth rule is to use LinkedIn as a platform to drive your business by executing fair strategies without using it as bait to collect private information about other users.

Remember, these are only a few rules among many. Hence, the best way to stay out of trouble is to observe what leaders in your niche are doing on the platform.

How to Get Out of LinkedIn Jail?


What if your account gets restricted or banned?

How can you get out of LinkedIn Jail?

The solution lies in the message that LinkedIn sends you.

For instance, if you encounter the message, “it appears you’re visiting a very high number of pages on LinkedIn with supernatural frequency” or “We’ve Restricted Your Account Temporarily”.

You mustn’t panic but read the message carefully to understand what really caused the ban.

One of the most common reasons users receive this message is because they use a third-party application.

This means if you stop using the application, LinkedIn will lift the restriction.

LinkedIn also informs that even if your account gets temporarily suspended due to excessive page requests, you needn’t worry because it will get restored at the time specified on the suspension notification.

But this doesn’t mean you can get away every time because if your account gets temporarily restricted constantly, then it may cause a permanent ban.

Another thing you can do is send a personalized connection request to people you want to connect with.

This is because sometimes LinkedIn restricts accounts when many people choose “I don’t know this person” after ignoring your invitation.

Finally, the best solution to get out of the LinkedIn Jail is a message and ask to look into your case. They do their analysis and most of the time accounts get restored in no time.


There you have it. Now, you know all about LinkedIn Jail and some of the common reasons that put restrictions on accounts. You also know that even if your account gets restricted, you can appeal to LinkedIn to look into the matter.

While you can get out of the LinkedIn Jail, the best policy is to make sure your actions don’t violate LinkedIn’s Platform policies.