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Instagram, like many other social media platforms are there these days, is pretty challenging to navigate if you’re doing it by yourself.

You probably are doing it by yourself because you have been under the impression since the beginning that you were able to take care of everything manually.

However, as the years have gone on, and Instagram has constantly changed its algorithm.

There are a lot of people out there these days that have trouble managing their schedule with their Instagram growth and don’t really know how to navigate the new landscape.

This is why so many individuals choose to opt for third-party assistance. Let’s review one company and decide if they should be recruited by you or not.

Likezoid Review

Likezoid Review

Likezoid is a company that says they can help their clients not only with Instagram engagement but free Instagram engagement.

Likezoid says that this free engagement is going to come from people who are genuinely interested in your content, but we have a feeling that this isn’t true.

What is Likezoid?

Likezoid User Reviews

Like Zoid is the type of business that says that when it comes to their free Instagram engagement, it is completely free without any catches, and provides you with infinite growth.

They again promise that they can get real Instagram engagement from people who are going to be genuinely interested in your posts, and you don’t have to go through a survey or show your credit card details to receive your free engagement.

However, it hasn’t taken us long to discover how they can do this, and what the catch really is.

In order to receive your free engagement, you have to download their app, either onto Mac, or Windows, which means that there is a really good chance that they will have access to your personal information, and will make the most of this to pass it on to third-party hackers.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is certainly no such thing as a free social media marketing service that has your best interests at heart.

A Review of Likezoid

+ Positives:

Secure Site

Likezoid thought that they would cover the basics, which includes securing their website with HTTPS.

If you are relatively new to the social media marketing industry, you might see this as a plus, but we see it as a basic form of security that doesn’t really tell us whether they’re actually credible or not.

Yes, the majority of websites out there need to cover this these days, especially if they want their clients to hang around for a while but ultimately, we don’t think that this determines their legitimacy.

FAQ and Help Page

Likezoid has included an FAQ section on their website, but we don’t think that it is comprehensive enough for you to make an informed decision about whether to use them or not.

You might be able to find a few answers to some questions that you might have, but we definitely don’t think that you’ll be able to find answers to them all, and we think that you will probably be left with more questions than answers at the end of the day.

The fact that they can’t be bothered filling out a section of their website like this is clear as day to us that they don’t really care about their clients when it comes to accountability.

– Negatives:

Visible Pricing

Likezoid is evidently free, which means that they don’t technically have any price points to show you.

However, we don’t think that they’re showing enough about their free features for you to feel confident enough to sign up with them.

With a company like this that claims to not have any catches around their free engagement, they definitely need to go into a little bit of depth when it comes to their features, so it is worrying that they aren’t doing so.

Real Reviews

Likezoid has included quite a few reviews on their website, and we must say that they look pretty convincing.

They go into a lot of detail when it comes to the user experience, and they are even associated with a real photo and Instagram username comment and a link, so that you can go through to that Instagram profile.

However, we believe that these reviews have been made up, and they have either been made up by the company itself, or they have paid people to say good things about their company.

In all honesty, we think that it is the latter, because there is no way that there is this many people that have benefited from their features.

Accountability Form

Likezoid is carrying on with its trend of a complete lack of accountability because it hasn’t included an accountability form for you to fill out.

You might not be comfortable sharing personal details like your email address or phone number, but at the end of the day, companies that ask for this are only trying to keep an open line of communication with their clients, in a bid to make sure that they can get in touch with them whenever they need to about updates to features, or anything else.

The fact that the guys haven’t included this is troubling for sure.

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Is Likezoid Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Likezoid is the type of company that might have you convinced because they have really put a decent amount of effort into their website, but at the end of the day, we have to remind you that companies like this often come with a catch, and the catch is that they’re going to be infiltrating your personal computer and will most likely have access to personal information.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this industry, so if you are tempted to go for their free engagement, just know that you will be compromising your personal details.

Likezoid User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Likezoid on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

Likezoid Trustpilot

Review Summary

Like Zoid

Likezoid is a company that says they can help their clients not only with Instagram engagement, but free Instagram engagement. They say that this free engagement is going to come from people who are genuinely interested in your content, but we have a feeling that this isn’t true.

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