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Liked Lab Reviews 2024

The ripple effects of Instagram are unprecedented.

Who knew that a photo sharing website would slowly change the face of the internet, opening the way to online promotion and marketing and the rise of Instagram stars and influencers who can reach people from all over the world through their posts.

It’s not an easy game to play, however. It’s a hard world to get ahead in, so you need to know what you’re doing and be good at it. You can also recruit the help of third-party companies, too. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is Liked Lab?

Liked Lab has proven to be original and unique in their approach to Instagram marketing and engagement.

On their website, they claim to grow your account based on a psychological concept termed “reciprocity.” Despite this half-decent effort at creating an Instagram marketing business that stands out, unfortunately, we can see right through it and know that they’re just another Instagram bot.

You will know by now that while bots aren’t completely terrible, they’re also not the best, either – they’re on the lower end of the scale when it comes to good strategies to use with your Instagram account.

Let’s give Liked Lab a review.

A Review of Liked Lab

Let’s get this going with the positives first:

  • Secure Site: we’re pleased to announce that even though Liked Lab is masquerading as more than they actually are, they’re only happy to do it if their website is https secure. This is an important part of running a business online – if you can’t guarantee that your clients’ information is safe, you shouldn’t be asking for them to share it.
  • Visible Pricing: Liked Lab does have a separate web page dedicated to their three different price points. When a company shows their pricing before you commit, you know that there’s a high chance you won’t get stung with fees later on. However, we do need to say that Liked Lab’s prices are pretty high considering they’re just a bot.
  • FAQ and Help Page: amazingly, Liked Labs FAQ and help page might be one of the best we’ve seen in our reviews of marketing companies. They’ve dedicated an entire page for this, and they’ve been incredibly detailed about their questions and answers. You’d be hard pressed to still have a question after reading through this page.
  • 24/7 Support: Liked Lab does appear to have around the clock support for their clients in the form of a chat box located in the bottom left-hand corner of their website. There is space for your name, email address, and message. It could be a situation where they get back to you, but as far as we’re concerned, it looks like a pretty consistent way of contacting them.
  • Real Reviews: Liked Lab keeps ticking all the boxes with their appearance and website. They are also keeping with the theme of separate web pages for everything, including their reviews. Their reviews look genuine, with a star rating and Instagram name associated with each one. While these could be inactive accounts, generally speaking, this indicates that it’s a real review.
  • Email and Phone form Present: one of the most critical levels of accountability for Liked Lab to have is an email and phone form. You fill this out when you sign up with them, and it ensures that they have your details for when they need to keep their word about good communication.

Is Liked Lab a Scam? Is Liked Lab Safe?

To conclude our review of Liked Lab, we’ve determined that, unfortunately, they aren’t safe to use.

While they have a great website and good testimonials, sadly they are claiming to be something they aren’t. It’s vital that they remain honest from the beginning and advertise exactly what they are.

For this reason, we don’t feel that they can be trusted.

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