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Leogram Reviews 2024

Welcome to 2018 – the year of online brand marketing.

If you’re the proud owner of a brand and it isn’t online, it should be. Specifically speaking, it should be on Instagram. Instagram is a powerful tool for brand marketing that’s exploded in the last two years or so.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients scouring the online market these days looking for their perfect match in product or service. Outsourcing your marketing online makes things even easier – but you’ve got to be wary of less than ideal companies.

Let’s review one.

What is Leogram?

Leogram is a company that sells promotion and growth to your Instagram account. Because the service that they offer is automated, there’s a high chance that they are operating as an Instagram bot.

You should always approach these kinds of companies with caution – they can put your Instagram account at risk of being shut down. They merely describe themselves as being able to provide auto likes, followers, and comments.

They also claim to be 100 percent safe, which is a confident thing to say.

A Review of Leogram

First, we’ll go through the positives

  • Secure Site: Leogram does appear to have ticked an important box when it comes to running a trustworthy company online – a secure https site. This means that they care about your personal information and the fact that you’ll be sharing it on their domain.
  • Visible Prices: Leograms prices are clear to see – another good thing that makes them appear upfront and honest. Their lowest price point starts from $9 for two weeks and goes all the way up to $240 for a year’s subscription.
  • FAQ and Help Page: their help page is pretty minimal, but they do have a few FAQ’s that you can look at before you decide to use their services. While your question might still be left unanswered, it’s good to see they’ve got some available.

Now, we’ll go over the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: while Leogram has attempted to cover everything you would need to know before you sign up on their simplistic FAQ page, they lack in the customer service department. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence of 24/7 customer support, which could spell trouble if the service isn’t working too well for you and you need some assistance.
  • Real Reviews: if you scroll right down to the bottom – maybe they’re hoping you won’t – you’ll find what appears to be some reviews. However, upon closer inspection, we realized that they’re pretty generic, and only have first names associated with them.
  • Verified Payment Gateways: unfortunately, while Leogram has passed other basic safety standards, they’ve failed the authenticated gateways requirement. This means that your credit card information isn’t safe if you share it with them upon payment.

Is Leogram a Scam? Is Leogram Safe?

Leogram isn’t safe to use.

While it markets itself as a sophisticated marketing and promotion service, when you look into it you will realize that it’s just another Instagram bot that will automate your account.

This puts you and your brand at risk of being caught out by Instagram. It’s not worth ruining your online reputation by associating yourself with a malfunctioning bot.

Better to by-pass this one.

Leogram Alternatives & How it Compares

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2Kicksta Visit

Other Information

If you decide to go ahead and use Leogram, you could get stung further down the track when it’s shut down by Instagram for blatantly flouting copyright laws.

Other companies can’t legally use the term ‘gram’ in their name, so Leogram is taking a big risk by doing this.

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