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Krootez Reviews 2024

Whether you are doing really well with your Instagram profile right now, or not so great, you will know that there are times in your life where you could do with a little bit of help from an outside source. Perhaps you are sick and tired of having to reply to each and every comment you get on your content, or you just don’t have the time to respond to every single direct message you get.

Luckily, there is a solution for this. The social media marketing industry has been booming, especially in the last few years, and these days there are plenty of people that use Instagram that outsource either a component or the entirety of their engagement strategy.

The good news is that there are lots of companies out there willing and ready to help you, but the bad news is that there are also scams. Let’s review one business in particular, and determine whether they are a scam, or legit.

Krootez Review

Krootez is the kind of company that believes they can help their clients conquer social media. They think that they offer their clients exclusive assistance, and provide their clients with intelligent solutions for natural, fast improvement. We think that they are a scam.

What is Krootez?

Krootez Pricing

Krootez seems to be pretty proud of what they’re offering their clients, and have divided up their features into various categories, depending on what you might need help with. Through these guys, you can buy Instagram followers, Instagram views, and Instagram likes, and they say that their features are the essence of quality.

They also say that they provide their clients with a fair refill period, which means that if any of their engagement falls off within one month, they will refill it for free. While this might sound like great news to you, it actually reflects the fact that they are expecting their engagement to fall off again, because it isn’t authentic.

Companies that are organic and are providing their clients with real engagement from real profiles, don’t need to have this kind of clause in place. Nevertheless, let’s give them a review, and determine once and for all which side of the fence they fall on.

A Review of Krootez


  • Secure Site: Of course, Krootez has secured their website with HTTPS, and we say of course because this is a relatively common security measure these days. Back in the day, it would have been quite a struggle to find more than five websites that had done this, because not only is it an initial expense, but it is a sign of legitimacy. However, these days, the majority of websites have done this, purely so that they can get a better ranking on Google, so it definitely doesn’t reflect whether these guys are authentic or not.
  • Visible Pricing: Yes, Krootez has remembered to include information on their website about their pricing, so that you don’t have to worry about being stung with hidden fees further down the road. All you need to do is click on a tab on their homepage, and be directed to another web page where you will see their various price points. They say that 20 Instagram followers is going to cost you $3.99, which is actually not as cheap as we predicted. However, we still think that this engagement is fake, and doesn’t provide its clients with 100% satisfaction like it claims.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Underneath all the different price points, you will see an FAQ section, so that you can school yourself on what these guys are doing, and how they are doing it. While we do appreciate that they are forthcoming with various queries that you might have before you have to register for anything, we don’t appreciate the fact that it is very evident at this point they are selling fake engagement to their clients, and we don’t think their level of information makes up for this. Yes, it is nice that you get to know them a bit better before you have to sign the dotted line, but it is better to go for a company that won’t provide any information, but real engagement.


  • Real Reviews: Krootez has reviews on their website, but they are definitely not authentic or genuine. It is easy to tell this because they only have a first name associated with each review, and the review itself is super generic. It doesn’t go into any specific detail about the services, and it is what you would expect from a company who is trying to make up a positive review. When researching companies like this, it is important to be wary of what a fake review looks like, and how to spot it, so that you don’t get roped into believing something that’s not true.
  • Secure Payment Gateways: Krootez does have some security measurements in place on their website, including of course that HTTPS lock, but ultimately, we can’t see enough information about their payment gateways to tell you that they are definitely safe for you to be using. There are a lot of companies out there in the social media marketing industry that don’t really bother to invest in security gateways for their payment methods, which could land you in a world of trouble if you are naive enough to share your credit card information.

Krootez Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Krootez.

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Is Krootez Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

Krootez at the end of the day is not a company we would consider safety to use, and we don’t recommend that you use them for Instagram growth.

The trouble with these guys is that they are ultimately just selling their clients fake engagement, that comes from fake or ghost accounts, meaning that it’s just going to sit on your profile, and not actually interact with your content.

Yes, this is going to make your profile look great overnight, but as time goes on, you’ll soon realize that people will start to get suspicious, and your reputation could even be on the line. Avoid at all costs!

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