Kenji Review – Is Kenji Safe For Me to Use?

Kenji Review

2020 Update: Are Instagram bots dead? Some seem to think so - however, we say differently! They are not! There are just a lot fewer services to choose from now.

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When it comes to Instagram, there are a lot of options out there for your engagement. Gone are the days where you could just do it yourself – you haven’t got time for that.

It would take you all day to engage with your existing and potential community, and with the competition heating up this just isn’t a viable option.

That’s why there are a lot of companies out there right now that can handle your engagement for you, from scheduling and posting to interacting with your community on your behalf. While the thought of this is great, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some dodgy companies out there that you should navigate around and never use.

Let’s give one of them a review and decide whether you should go with them or not.

What is Kenji?

Kenji isn’t the type of company to mince their words – they get straight to the point on their website. A lot of companies these days will try and hide the fact that they’re a bot – but not Kenji.

In fact, it appears that they are proud to be powered by automation and want this to be their main selling point. While we aren’t necessarily against AI, we aren’t completely for it, either. It’s definitely not the only way to grow your Instagram and should be used in conjunction with other tools. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Kenji

We’ll begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: while we’re pleased to see that Kenji has secured their website with https, we aren’t necessarily surprised. This is because it’s commonplace these days to find that people have remembered to https secure their site. Back in the day, almost nobody would do so, meaning that it was really easy to point out sub-par companies. However, most businesses have cottoned onto the fact that you can’t get far online without this security feature.
  •  Visible Pricing: not only does Kenji feature their price points, but they’ve also made an entirely new page for them. This is definitely a step in the right direction and makes us feel like they’re prepared to be transparent with their customers from the beginning. They have two different price points which are monthly subscriptions. They are surprisingly affordable, which means there could be a catch.
    Now, let’s run through the negatives:
  •  FAQ and Help Page: Kenji do have a ‘how it works’ page, which is definitely helpful if you need to know more about the service itself. However, they don’t have an obvious FAQ page anywhere where you can see questions that others have asked before you. While this isn’t the end of the world, it definitely means that your knowledge of them before you commit to anything is going to be limited.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: it seems that Kenji isn’t too fussed when it comes to their level of customer support, which is disappointing. Not having an FAQ page or a customer support team who you can contact when you need to definitely brings them down a few notches. Without this type of contact and communication, you could end up getting really stuck if there’s a technical issue.
  • Real Reviews: we struggled to decide which category to put this feature in because it could go in two different directions. When it comes to their reviews, they’ve got real Instagram handles and people associated with them, which makes us think that they’re genuine. However they could also be fake accounts or people who have been paid to say nice things, so just to be safe we’re going to put it here. For a company as new as this, it’s unlikely that they’ve managed to attract any real reviews yet.
  • Verified Payment System: having an authenticated payment system where you can ensure that your customer’s details are going to be safe from hackers is crucial if you’re selling a service over the internet. Without this feature, you shouldn’t be asking people to share such personal information. We’re disappointed to see that Kenji doesn’t consider this feature to be an inherent part of running a business like this.

Is Kenji a Scam? Is Kenji Safe?

Ultimately, we don’t think that Kenji is safe to use. While they have made an effort with their website, making it aesthetically appealing, it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s actually missing a good number of features that are completely necessary.

When you’re looking for a company who can help you with your engagement, you need to be on the lookout for someone who can cover all the necessary features. If they’re willing to put some time and money into this, they’re going to feel the same way about you. What’s more, Kenji is just another Instagram bot. This means that sooner or later, they’re going to get shut down by Instagram. You don’t want to be affiliated with them then.

Kenji Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Kenji.

IngramerInstagram Bot5/5 Check Price
NitreoInstagram Bot5/5 Check Price
Stellation MediaGrowth Service5/5 Check Price
Hashtags For LikesTrending Hashtags5/5 Check Price
Social Clout ClubReal Followers5/5 Check Price
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