In a world where the cost of living is continually rising, securing a job with a six-figure salary has become a goal for many aspiring professionals.

The desire of seeking jobs that pay over $100k yearly, not only promises financial stability but also offers a sense of accomplishment and the means to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

However, landing such lucrative positions often requires a combination of education, skills, and experience.

31 Jobs That Pay Over $100k Per Year

Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the workforce or a seasoned professional contemplating a career change, this list provides insights into diverse fields and industries.

Let’s uncover the potential of these high-paying positions and what makes them stand out in the competitive job market.

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the magicians of the digital age, turning raw data into meaningful insights that drive business decisions.

With skills in statistics, programming, and machine learning, they uncover trends and patterns, helping organizations make informed strategies.

The growing importance of data in various industries has propelled this role into the spotlight, with an average earning potential of $115,240 per year.

2. Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controllers hold the immense responsibility of ensuring the safe and orderly movement of aircraft within the skies.

Their vigilant eyes and sharp decision-making skills are crucial in preventing mid-air collisions and guiding pilots during takeoff and landing.

The high-stress nature of this job is balanced by a rewarding average salary of $125,000, reaching up to $200,000 with experience.

3. Software Developer

In a world driven by technology, Software Developers are the architects of the digital landscape.

They design, build, and maintain software applications, shaping the way we interact with the world around us.

The creativity and technical prowess required for this role are rewarded with an average annual salary ranging from $105,000 to $160,000.

4. Actuary

Actuaries are the risk assessors of the financial world, using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events.

They play a pivotal role in insurance companies, consulting firms, and government agencies.

With a blend of analytical and business skills, actuaries enjoy an average annual salary ranging from $107,000 to $127,580.

5. Pharmacist


Pharmacists are the guardians of public health, dispensing medications, and offering advice on their safe use.

Beyond the pharmacy counter, they conduct health screenings, immunizations, and medication therapy management.

The role requires extensive knowledge of drugs and patient care, earning pharmacists an average annual salary of around $130,000.

6. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineers are the masterminds behind the design and development of aircraft and spacecraft.

They push the boundaries of technology and innovation to explore the possibilities of air and space travel.

The complexity and excitement of this field come with an average annual salary of approximately $117,000.

7. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who provide primary and specialty healthcare.

They diagnose and treat illnesses, prescribe medication, and promote health education.

With a focus on patient-centered care, nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary of $124,680, with a promising employment growth outlook.

8. Petroleum Engineer

Delving into the depths of the earth, Petroleum Engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas.

Their expertise is essential in fueling the world’s energy needs and comes with challenges and adventures.

The role offers an average annual salary ranging from $84,000 to $258,000, reflecting the significance and demand in the energy sector.

9. Attorney

Attorneys are the pillars of the legal system, representing clients, upholding justice, and navigating through complex legal terrains.

Whether in criminal, civil, or corporate law, they advocate, negotiate, and litigate to protect rights and interests.

The diverse and dynamic nature of law practice is compensated with an average annual salary ranging from $120,000 to $208,000.

10. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst

In an era of cyber threats and digital vulnerabilities, Information Security Analysts stand as the defenders of information systems.

They implement security measures, monitor networks, and respond to breaches to protect sensitive data.

The growing need for cybersecurity experts is met with an average annual salary of $119,860.

11. Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilots navigate the skies, flying aircraft for various purposes, including transporting passengers and cargo.

The thrill of flying, coupled with the responsibility for safety, makes this a challenging yet rewarding career, with an average annual salary ranging from $80,000 to $160,000.

12. Financial Manager

Financial Managers are the stewards of an organization’s financial health, overseeing financial reports, investment activities, and long-term strategies.

Their expertise in financial principles and management is crucial for organizational growth and stability.

They command an average annual salary ranging from $96,000 to $250,000.

13. Sales Manager

Sales Managers lead the charge in driving a company’s revenue, overseeing sales teams, setting goals, and developing strategies.

Their leadership, communication, and analytical skills are key to fostering business relationships and achieving sales targets.

The role offers an average annual salary between $60,000 and $208,000, depending on experience and performance.

14. Political Scientist

Political Scientists delve into the study of political systems, government policies, and political behavior.

They analyze the structure and functioning of political entities and conduct research on political theories and issues.

The exploration of political dynamics is rewarded with an average annual salary of approximately $125,000.

15. Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Ensuring the seamless functioning of software applications, Software Quality Assurance Analysts test and debug programs to meet quality standards.

Their attention to detail and technical skills are essential in delivering flawless software products.

The role is valued with an average annual salary of $105,750.

16. Veterinarian

Veterinarians are the healthcare providers for animals, diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries, and disorders.

They play a vital role in animal welfare, public health, and biomedical research.

Compassion, knowledge, and clinical skills earn veterinarians an average annual salary of $129,110.

17. Astronomer

Astronomers explore the mysteries of the universe, studying celestial bodies and phenomena beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Using telescopes and other equipment, they observe, analyze, and interpret findings to expand our understanding of the cosmos.

The quest for astronomical knowledge offers not only intellectual fulfillment but also an average annual salary of around $120,000.

Astronomers often work for research institutions, government agencies, and universities, contributing to scientific advancements.

18. Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Managers are the backbone of an organization, overseeing the recruitment, development, and well-being of employees.

They implement HR policies, resolve workplace issues, and foster a positive work environment.

Their role is pivotal in shaping organizational culture and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Balancing people skills with strategic thinking,

Human Resources Managers earn an average annual salary of approximately $121,220.

19. Mathematician

Mathematicians delve into the world of numbers, using advanced mathematical theories and computational techniques to solve real-world problems.

They contribute to various fields, including science, engineering, and finance, by developing algorithms and conducting research.

The analytical and problem-solving nature of this role is compensated with an average annual salary of around $110,860.

Mathematicians often work in academia, research institutions, and private sector companies.

20. Art Director

Art Director

Art Directors shape the visual aspects of media, including advertising, publications, and film.

They create design concepts, oversee artistic work, and ensure visual consistency across projects.

Their creative vision and leadership skills bring ideas to life, enhancing visual communication and storytelling.

In recognition of their artistic contributions, Art Directors earn an average annual salary of approximately $97,270, with potential for higher earnings in advertising and film industries.

21. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers use their knowledge of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems.

They work on projects related to pollution control, waste management, and sustainable development.

Their contributions are essential in protecting the environment and public health.

The growing emphasis on environmental sustainability offers Environmental Engineers an average annual salary of around $92,120.

22. Marine Engineer

Marine Engineers design, build, and maintain ships, submarines, and other marine vessels.

They work on the mechanical systems of these vessels, including propulsion and navigation systems.

The specialized and challenging nature of this field is reflected in an average annual salary of approximately $94,350.

Marine Engineers often work for shipbuilding companies, maritime organizations, and government agencies.

23. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineers combine principles of engineering with biological and medical sciences to develop technologies and devices that improve healthcare.

They work on medical equipment, artificial organs, and healthcare software, enhancing patient care and medical research.

The innovative and impactful work of Biomedical Engineers is rewarded with an average annual salary of around $92,620.

24. Geoscientist

Geoscientists study the Earth’s composition, structure, and processes to understand its past, present, and future.

They conduct field studies, analyze samples, and use sophisticated equipment to explore geological phenomena.

The exploration of Earth’s mysteries offers Geoscientists not only a sense of discovery but also an average annual salary of approximately $93,580.

25. Construction Manager

Construction Manager

Construction Managers oversee construction projects from inception to completion.

They plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction activities, ensuring projects meet quality, time, and budget constraints.

The multifaceted and dynamic nature of construction management is compensated with an average annual salary of around $97,180.

26. Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers apply principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics to solve problems related to the production and use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, and other products.

They design processes, equipment, and systems for manufacturing and ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

The diverse applications of chemical engineering offer professionals an average annual salary of approximately $108,770.

27. Airline Pilot

Airline Pilots navigate the skies, transporting passengers and cargo across countries and continents.

The role demands precision, responsibility, and extensive training, with Pilots adhering to strict safety protocols.

The thrill of flying and the opportunity to explore different destinations come with an average annual salary ranging from $121,430 to $208,000, depending on the airline and experience.

28. Industrial Psychologist

Industrial Psychologists apply principles of psychology to the workplace to improve productivity, work quality, and employee morale.

They conduct research, analyze data, and develop strategies to address organizational challenges.

The blend of psychology and business insights makes this a unique and rewarding field, with an average annual salary of around $96,270.

29. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers research, design, and develop computer systems and components.

They work on processors, memory, networks, and other hardware that form the backbone of computing.

The technological advancements and innovations driven by Computer Hardware Engineers are compensated with an average annual salary of approximately $119,560.

30. Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear Engineers research and develop processes, systems, and equipment related to nuclear energy and radiation.

They work on nuclear power production, radiation therapy, and nuclear safety, contributing to advancements in energy and medicine.

The specialized and impactful nature of nuclear engineering is reflected in an average annual salary of around $116,140.

31. Optometrist


Optometrists examine eyes for vision problems, diseases, and other abnormal conditions.

They prescribe corrective lenses, offer vision therapy, and provide other treatments to improve eye health.

The role combines healthcare with personalized patient interaction, offering Optometrists an average annual salary of approximately $115,250.


Exploring the diversity and richness of high-paying jobs across various sectors reveals a world of opportunities for those seeking both financial rewards and career fulfillment.

From the depths of the oceans to the vastness of space, from the intricacies of the human body to the complexities of technology, these 31 jobs that pay 100k yearly offer a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the professional world.

Whether you find your calling in science, engineering, healthcare, creative arts, or management, the journey to a six-figure salary is as diverse and exciting as the careers themselves.