Irish content creator Jacksepticeye is famous not just in his country but all over the world. We will talk about Jacksepticeye net worth in this post.

It is hard to believe that a person can earn millions by gaming because we grew up thinking that entertainment is the enemy of success.

But now that the content creation industry is booming and we see many creators make more money than those who are stuck in the corporate world, we can’t help but ask, “How?”

Jacksepticeye is one of the content creators who are getting so much attention today, especially in the gaming world.

With 29 million YouTube subscribers and almost 3 million followers on Twitch, we are not surprised that you want to know how much he is earning.

Jacksepticeye net worth is $24 million, and his earnings come from six income streams.

Besides being a YouTube and Twitch creator, he also works with brands and manages his businesses.

Read on to learn more about his sources of income in more detail.

Jacksepticeye Net Worth 2024


Jacksepticeye is known to be an energetic content creator from Ireland. He is among the most subscribed Irish YouTube content creators in 2023.

He has been playing video games since 1997. He was seven years old when he started.

He created his YouTube channel in 2007, but he made it his full-time career only in 2014 when his popularity grew.

Jacksepticeye became popular when PewDiePie, another popular YouTube content creator, mentioned him in one of his videos in 2013.

Now, let us talk about how Jacksepticeye net worth reached $24 million.

1. YouTube


Many of today’s content creators have found success on YouTube, thanks to the YouTube Partner Program.

Jacksepticeye started posting content on his YouTube channel in 2007. At that time, it was just a hobby for him.

When he had many subscribers and viewers, he turned content creation into his full-time career.

He monetized his content, and then he eventually started a Twitch channel and built businesses.

Currently, Jacksepticeye has 29 million YouTube subscribers and the majority of his videos have over a million views.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel if you haven’t!

2. Twitch


Jacksepticeye is a Twitch streamer with 2.8 million followers on the platform.

According to his profile description, the game videos he posts on Twitch are Minecraft and Fall Guys. But sometimes, he goes live on Twitch to chat with his fans.

Jacksepticeye makes money on Twitch via Twitch ads, Twitch bits, and channel subscriptions.

Subscribing to Jacksepticeye’s Twitch channel costs $4.99 at Tier 1, $9.99 at Tier 2, and $24.99 at Tier 3 per month.

He has an estimated 9,000 Twitch subscribers.

Assuming all of them subscribed at Tier 1 and renew their subscription every month, he earns over $44,910 monthly on top of the Twitch bits he gets from viewers and his earnings from ads.

Check out his Twitch channel here.

3. TikTok


Jacksepticeye has a TikTok account with over 5 million followers and 65 million total likes. His TikTok videos get millions of views on average.

TikTok creators can earn money from the platform via the TikTok Creator Fund program, which Jacksepticeye is eligible for.

Tipping is also allowed on the platform, and Jacksepticeye may be receiving them from his fans as well.

4. Top of the Mornin’ Coffee

Top of the Mornin’ Coffee is a company founded by Jacksepticeye. He sells coffee and tea products in his shop, which you can find here.

Customers can subscribe to have particular products delivered to them daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever they want.

The number of customers, subscribed or not, of Top of the Mornin’ Coffee is not available, so it is difficult to estimate how much Jacksepticeye’s company earns.

Nevertheless, product prices range from $10 to $90. He also accepts international orders.


CLOAK is an apparel brand that was co-founded in 2018 by Jacksepticeye alongside Markiplier, who is another popular streamer and content creator.

You can find shirts, jackets, jogger pants, beanies, underwear, socks, and many more on their website. Prices start at $14.

6. Brand Deals

It is no wonder that many big brands would want to work with Jacksepticeye because of his influence and his huge following.

It was reported that Jacksepticeye has worked with brands such as Warner Brothers, Rockstar, Marvel, Ubisoft, Disney, Electronic Arts, and many more.

Jacksepticeye Personal Life


Jacksepticeye’s real name is Sean William McLoughlin. The nickname “Jacksepticeye” came about when he got into an accident while playing football and it affected his eye.

It happened in his childhood.

He was born in Ireland on February 7, 1990. He is now based in England, but he has many friends in the United States such as PewDiePie and Markiplier.

He is the youngest child among four siblings.

He graduated college with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management. However, he decided to pursue a career in content creation and build businesses.

In Conclusion

Jacksepticeye has been creating content even before the term “content creator”  became popular. This is one reason why Jacksepticeye net worth is $24 million today.

Many content creators who started over ten years ago have a huge fan base now, which allows them to pursue other ventures and make more money.

Currently, Jacksepticeye’s main source of income is his YouTube channel. That is also where most of his fans are.

Jacksepticeye’s other income streams are his Twitch channel, his TikTok account, his businesses, and his brand deals.