Darrenn Watkins Jr., better known by his stage name “IShowSpeed,” is now one of the most passionate, amusing, and well-known Internet personalities.

He has had a channel on the video-sharing site since 2016 but seldom updates it since he’s been too busy with high school and playing football.

Despite his best efforts, his Fortnite and NBA 2016 live streams were inactive. Damien, bored due to the epidemic, tried YouTube streaming again.

This time, however, he attracted a massive following with his 2020 and 2021 streams, which resulted in an increase of one million members by 2021.

Let’s check out his early life and iShowSpeed net worth.

Early Life

Speed was born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and during the bulk of his life, he resided in the city where he was born. His younger brother and sister are also part of his family.

As a kid and teen, he was constantly captivated by the online video-sharing platform YouTube and enjoyed playing digital games. Darren is a sophomore in high school right now.

Before becoming a member of the online network, Darren delivered meals to the aging in a nursing home. IShowSpeed will focus only on his YouTube profession and will not continue his education.

Although in the past he has contemplated quitting grade 10, his family strongly encourages him to complete his education.

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024 And Career


A mutual buddy encouraged Darren to launch a YouTube channel.

The tragedy is that although his companion gave up, he persevered and accomplished considerable achievements.

Since he was stuck inside during the lockdown, he established a YouTube channel to pass the time.

His initial video was posted on April 21, 2020, and he hasn’t stopped making them since.

The fact that he was one of the minority streamers providing high-quality content regarding NBA 2020 and NBA 2021 set him out.

It helped him quickly develop a large following across several platforms.

Darren offered some advice for aspiring content makers, stressing the relevance of embracing uniqueness while capitalizing on one’s strengths.

IshowSpeed net worth is currently estimated to be 12 to 15 million dollars.

IShowSpeed Assets

Home:  Ohio is home to IshowSpeed, an American superstar. He is a minor (17 years old), so he cannot legally purchase a home.

He has no immediate intentions to leave the comfort of his parent’s home and become a homeowner.

Car collection: IshowSpeed has an extensive automotive collection.

But he can’t legally use them since he lacks a valid driver’s license. Even so, he has a fleet of expensive exotic automobiles and travels in style.

Among his many automobiles are a Chevrolet, Ford Mustang, and a Mercedes. You Should Look into Brandy’s Wealth.


IShowSpeed completed his primary and secondary education in Michigan, where he spent most of his formative years.

He dropped out of school later on when he launched his YouTube channel.

IShowSpeed is currently putting in time on his channel and has little interest in schoolwork.

IshowSpeed’s Controversial Behavior

As noted before, Ishowspeed’s problematic actions result from his unusual attitude. IShowSpeed was featured on Adin Ross’s Twitch dating program in December 2021.

Ash Kaash, a well-followed social media user, was the one he inquired if they could have sex if they were the only humans on Earth. 

After Kaash’s refusal and emphatic denial of this request, Speed’s hostile behavior became more obvious. The host, Adin Ross, had to persuade him to calm down when he rushed off the broadcast.

When he returned to the stream, he insulted Kaash with offensive comments and eventually had to be dragged away from the stream. 

The event was captured on video and published online, where it soon went viral and earned Speed a great deal of criticism.

His Twitch account was permanently blocked the next day.

Final Thoughts

IShowSpeed is an up-and-coming American star who has already impressed audiences worldwide with his YouTube videos.

He lacked just the means to disseminate his abilities to the masses.

IShowSpeed’s popularity skyrocketed in 2021 and the subsequent years.

He has amassed an enormous following of YouTube viewers. Similarly, he amassed over a million Instagram followers.

IShowSpeed is a hit with its audience because of its entertaining material.