Thermostats have been there in our society for a long time now. The Programmable Thermostat which was used earlier was manually adjusted & at the same time, the smart room thermostat is controlled automatically. 

Although they both have the same function, i.e., to save energy and maintain the house’s heating and cooling system, they differ in how both are utilized and perform different functions.

Smart thermostats are more accurate and convenient to use; apart from that, the smart Thermostat can be controlled easily through a smartphone. Therefore, it saves more energy. 

What Exactly Is A Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are also known as room thermostats. They are very similar to traditional thermostats. But unlike the programable Thermostat, which was used manually to adjust the temperature. But when we talk about the smart Thermostat, they are connected to the WiFi to control and manage the temperature and air quality of the room. 

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How Does The Smart Thermostat Work?

The smart Thermostat is available in wired or wireless form. But the most commonly used is the wireless smart Thermostat. The smart room thermostat is linked with the HVAC system, as in the case of a standard thermostat, making it easier to install and maintain.

You can use the guide provided with the smart thermostat kit to install it in your room. The most important thing to connect the smart Thermostat is WIFI. When you are using the wireless smart

Thermostat, they are not linked with any cables on wires. The smart Thermostat is directly connected to the ether cable or the WIFI to manage and control the room’s temperature. Thus, you can easily track down energy consumption and minimize electricity use.

You can also schedule the time then the Thermostat will follow the schedule and maintain the temperature accordingly.

Features Of Utilizing The Smart Thermostat

Smart room thermostats are employed to reduce power consumption and save money on electricity bills making your life much more comfortable. The traditional programable Thermostat has been used for a very long time.

Still, the new smart Thermostat is the best because it utilizes smart technologies like geofencing and weather forecasting. Even though it is quite expensive. But there are some features which make it worth your money. So, let’s discuss the features that make it worth buying. 

1. Geofencing Feature

You must first install the Tado Home app to use the geofencing feature. The app is used to form a geofence. So, when you are not at home, it will turn off the heating or cooling system. But once you return, the app will inform the Thermostat and start preheating.

So, the room Thermostat maintains the temperature inside the room. This is good for people who used to go out on vacation and commute frequently.

2. Receive Alerts

When you are not at home, it will inform you about the things happening inside the house, like waterproofing or weather conditions. If any of the pipes or wires attached to the devices connected to the smart Thermostat gets damaged, it will generate an alert notification by the app installed on your smartphone. 

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3. Home Away Feature

It is very similar to geofencing. You can choose the automatic away temperature or set the temperature manually by installing the Tado° Smart Home app on your smartphone.

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4. Color Display And Touchscreen

One more feature of the room thermostat is that it aids in home automation. For this, your Thermostat should have a big screen with HD colours. With this, you can also integrate the touch screen facilities. 

5. Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor detects the person’s presence in the room where the Thermostat is. It is one of the most interesting features of a smart thermostat. In this feature, the Thermostat’s touch screen will dim when a person goes away from it, and when the person is very close to the smart Thermostat, the screen will brighten up.  

6. Room Sensors

The room sensor in the smart room thermostat is used to track the room’s temperature. Since if you place a standard thermostat, it will detect the air around, and the other part of the room may remain as such. Thus, to solve this issue, the smart Thermostat has room sensors. 

The function of the sensor is to send a signal to the Thermostat, which in turn maintains the room’s temperature if someone is inside the room. The Thermostat does not directly change the temperature; instead, it sends information to the HVAC system, which maintains the temperature.

The room sensor employed with the smart Thermostat is used to make the room cooling and heating more efficient.

7. Smart Scheduling Of The Temperature 

Another great feature offered by the Tado° Thermostat is smart scheduling. It allows you to set the temperature. In the default mode, you get two options Home and Home away.

If you want to schedule the timing, you can add your bedtime or workout time. Even if one person is in the whole house, the smart scheduling starts working automatically.

8. It Is Compatible With The Different HVAC Accessories

The smart room thermostat is used to maintain the house’s temperature and sends alerts if any damage occurs in the gadgets connected to the Thermostat.

So, when you buy a thermostat, look to whether it works remotely or with other HVAC accessories like the humidifier or the air cleaner. The Smart Thermostat can connect with the heating and cooling elements like the Air conditioner and boilers.

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Final Thoughts

Smart Thermostats are perhaps a way to reduce the amount of energy consumed and utilize the power safely and effectively. Although smart room thermostats are expensive, they are worth buying because of their features, such as geofencing, room sensors, proximity features and many more.

Your home’s environment greatly impacts how comfortable you are daily. It maintains the room temperature and consumes less energy, reducing the power bill. With the help of smart thermostats, you have a fantastic choice for effortlessly keeping a comfortable environment.