Guest blogging is growing as the days go by. If you are looking to be a guest blogger in 2018, then there are a few things you need to know. First, what do you benefit from this trend in 2018, and secondly, is the practice still worth your time and efforts?

You Enjoy More Visitors and Get Quality Web Traffic

This is the major advantage of guest blogging, and this is the biggest inspiration behind guest blogging.  Guest blogging triggers a flow of traffic to your blog without the need to pay money to anyone.

The way to get traffic to your site via guest blogging is by writing content that is relevant to your niche. Make sure you include a link to your blog so that visitors can get to you.

So, if you run a tech blog, then having a guest blog on the site helps bring in an audience that is related to the post in one way or another,

Improve Your Page Ranking

The role of guest blogging stills stands out in 2018 – you get backlinks, which is one of the ways to improve your page ranking. Search engines rank you highly if you have genuine backlinks that are relevant to your niche. The more the backlinks, the higher you rank thus more advertising revenue.

Featuring in the top 10 of search engine results pages makes you the first companies that a visitor checks when looking for a service or product. Talk to ICY Digital to know more about increasing your reach and the importance of ranking.

You Build Your Popularity

The power of guest blogging makes you a popular person in the blogging industry. Besides getting quality backlinks to your blog, visitors realize that you also have information that they are looking for and regard you as one of the top players in the niche. Visitors acknowledge you and then follow you. This helps you establish authority.

Improve Your Content

Writing for other blogs helps you to adopt a proper writing format that suits the blog you are posting your content on. The reader finds it easy to relate to the content you post because it is readable. This gradually improves your writing skills, so that at the end of the year, you deliver high-quality content that users can link to, and re-read.

Build an Active Mailing List

Apart from getting quality web traffic and backlinks, you also get to build a strong online profile and boost your visibility. If you get the popularity that comes with guest blogging the right way, you get to build a subscriber base that you can use to market products and services to.

Now that you know what you stand to gain as a guest blogger in 2018, it is time to understand whether the practice is still alive or on its deathbed. Let us look at the reasons why guest blogging is still as alive as ever.

The Increasing Need for High-Quality Content

Each year, Google’s algorithms get smarter and upgrade the rules of content delivery. The content that worked in 2017 won necessarily work in 2018. Low-quality content won’t work at all – and the search algorithms will make sure that it doesn’t. Your visitors, as well as search engines, expect more from you as a content marketer.

Writing high-quality content that educates the reader and keeps them hooked is what gets traffic to your blog.

So, just like the different years before, content is still king in 2018. And readers and search engines still expect you to deliver great content. You can get the content to your readers through guest blogging.

Quality Web Traffic is Still Relevant

Since the birth of the internet, web traffic runs so many things. For instance, you cannot make an income as a blogger without the right kind of traffic. As the years go by, it is not all about quantity anymore, but quality. It is better to have a small number of visitors that can convert, rather than have millions of visitors that are just passing through.

One of the ways to get the right kind of traffic for your blog is through guest blogging. Therefore, it still remains a way to get web traffic, which means it will still remain relevant in 2018. If you are too busy to do this on your own, you can use an award-winning guest blog posting service so that you can focus on other vital aspects of the blog.

Ranking is Still Key

Whatever you do and whichever way you do it, the importance of ranking highly won’t die off soon. You will still get ranked by search engines according to the value you offer your visitors. One of the aspects that these algorithms consider is how good your backlinks are. With guest blogging, you get credible backlinks that make you popular.

Since ranking is still the in-thing, guest blogging stays relevant.


Guest blogging is here to stay, not just for 2018 but way beyond. However, a few aspects will change because guest blogging involves so many features that are monitored by search engine companies and other corporations.