If you are into gaming and frequently stream your favorite shows or movies, then you may have asked yourself this question about internet speed.

Sometimes, people have to constantly restart the game or give up in frustration due to disruptions. 

In case you have ever experienced lagging and buffering in anything you do online you would know how frustrating and annoying it can be.

Everything feels so slow, and the number of times you may have to restart the app might be quite high.

In the end, you could simply want to give up on the gaming experience and throw your router out the window. 

The minor inconvenience of a simple lag in online gaming can make you miss a whole lot of action and cause you to fall behind if you’re playing with a team.

So, to ask the real question, is 200 Mbps good for gaming or streaming sessions? Let’s explore the details of this and help you understand the answer in the best way possible.

Once you are clear on it, it might be easier to decide if the problem is with your internet service provider or transmission. 

What Is Mbps?

Mbps is the abbreviation that is used for megabits per second. To put it into perspective, it is the speed of your internet and decided according to the plan and provider.

It will also translate to higher connectivity if you have more Mbps.

A high number also makes it easier for your device to download content from various channels at a faster pace. You should know that 1Mbps is equal to 1000 Kbps.

The relativity between more Mbps and having a better internet connection is very prominent and should help you achieve a better result in obtaining a quick search and download speed. 

A very important part of the network connection in gaming is the ping rate or latency. This is the amount of time it takes your connection to process a request.

To put it into perspective you should know that a low ping rate will result in your server taking a long time to load or process gaming requests.

This will result in your gaming experience being slower and will make you a lot slower than other players.

This entire experience is known as lag or buffering and will always put you behind your competition. 

How Does Mbps Impact A Gaming Session? 


The two most important factors in gaming are the ping rates and the frame rate (FPS).

Both of these are linked to the network connection and contribute to a better gaming experience, or much rather a detrimental one. 

As the name might suggest the FPS are the frames per second. The frames are the pictures that are shown in motion while gaming. The higher the FPS, the better the screening services will be.

This is not dependent on what your service provider gives but is more of a hardware situation. FPS is dependent on what your computer or phone internally has, for example, a higher FPS (60 or 120 FPS) will show an excellent quality screen time.

Whereas, a lower FOS (30 or less) will result in a blurry outcome.  

Latency or ping time is the time it takes your server to process your request. The time intervals between each request determine how good the ping time is.

For example, from the time you move your controls and the time it takes for the character to respond is latency.

So, it is only obvious that a lower ping rate will contribute to a better gaming experience. 

Simply put, 200 Mbps are not at all bad to produce a good gaming experience. In fact, if your computer has good FPS it might even produce an excellent gaming experience.

However, if your data plan is connected to multiple servers and a good amount of people are using the same service it will cause your pings to increase by a lot.

You will experience multiple lags and it will affect your downloading speed. 

Is 200 Mbps Good For Gaming?  


Is 200 mbps fast enough for gaming?

You will be glad to hear that the answer to this is, yes, it is good.

200 Mbps are more than enough for someone who is playing online.

You’ll also be happy to hear that a normal online game will require a bare minimum of 3 Mbps for a single player to execute the whole gameplay.

For much more fast-paced online gaming editions you would require a bandwidth that ranges between 20 to 30 Mbps. 

This also includes servers that have family members using their devices while the person in question plays online.

To further add to the answer 200 Mbps are more than enough for someone who is gaming and requires a quick reaction time, the experience will only get better if there are fewer people gaming at that moment. 

Games such as league of legends are pretty easy to play even on bandwidths of 30-60 Mbps since they do not produce a lot of traffic.

They are also pretty easy to play on data plans which include family and friends. So, for someone who has an internet service provider of 200 Mbps, it would be an ample amount to have a smooth gaming session. 

However, on the contrary, some games require multiple map downloads and need a very fast connection to generate a good gaming session.

They need stable connections and minimum ping time to provide an acceptable gaming experience. So, 200 Mbps for such games will be the bare minimum to even get them started. 

These games will need a lot more than just 200 Mbps. They would also require minimum devices to be connected to the internet while the game is being played.

In such cases, you should look into higher internet connections to eliminate the factor of lag and buffering. 

If you are already using anything below 200 Mbps, and want to play in the higher league of online games you should consider changing your service plan as soon as possible.

You should also limit this internet provision to yourself or your device, this way you’ll have the whole connection to yourself making it even more stable. 

Is 200 Mbps Good For Streaming? 

Most streaming services much as twitch do not require a lot of Mbps for streaming and do not need a lot of things for a smooth stream watch.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money either. Twitch is a simple service that recommends the person to have a 4-6 Mbps internet connection to watch a good live stream

Whereas you do require a little more bandwidth to upload and stream on twitch. It is suggested that you go for a higher bandwidth such as 3-6 Mbps per minute and need an extra stable connection to give your viewers a good live stream

You won’t want them to miss out on small details which you work so hard to earn and present to your viewers. 

However, in both of these cases, a stable connection of 200 Mbps is good enough. What are the things required for a good stream?

For watching a stream you don’t need much besides a good computer and a stable connection. You would also require an account on the streaming service to get access to the site and the content creators that are available there. 

For uploading and streaming, you may require a little bit more than just a computer and an account.

You again would require an extremely dependable connection service that does not drop in the middle of a stream.

You then would require streaming software downloaded to your computer to enable access to the streaming. You could also use a gaming console to stream. 

You should also have access to a webcam and microphone so your viewers can know what you say and comment while playing.

A lot of people also find reactions very appealing and enjoy the spontaneous reactions most players give.

It makes the audience feel as if they’re a part of the experience and makes it a lot more fun for them to enjoy. 

How To Perform An Internet Speed Test

There are certain websites that exist on the internet which allow you to check if your service provider is giving you the amount that they have promised.

There are easily accessible websites which can be used to give you the details that you require.

Gamers can also check if they will be able to play their favorite online games with the help of speed testing pages since they help identify the right speed for gaming as well. 

It doesn’t matter which device you choose to use to check the internet connection, as these websites are conveniently used on many other apps as well. Devices and apps such as Chrome, Apple TV, Android, etc., all support the site. 

These platforms have also been endorsed by credible sources with details given on how to navigate through this process.

This not only makes such web pages legitimate but make it easier for the user to check their internet speed. It is a good way of seeing if things are actually right or you are being charged highly for slow internet.  

For further analysis, you can also obtain a detailed description from the websites. This will lead you to a report that shows how well your country’s internet connection rates are on the global internet rating.

Ultimately, it could help you a deeper insight and expand your knowledge on the question of, ‘is 200 Mbps good for gaming?’. This is helpful for both people who like playing games and normal consumers. 

How Do I Get Faster Internet Speed?


Slow internet speed is not always your fault, neither is it your family’s fault for having too many connections on one internet provider.

After you’ve thoroughly checked the internet speed through the link that is provided, and found nothing wrong you’ll only ponder over what measures you can take to improve your internet connection or speed and make things easier for yourself.

To reduce the number of lags you experience while gaming you can follow a few techniques that will help you obtain a better result, and help you achieve a better gaming experience. 

Switch from Mbps Wi-Fi to Ethernet Connectivity

Just like the older times, when mobiles and Wi-Fi devices did not exist, people connected their computers directly to the internet with Ethernet wires. In those days, it was quite a hassle to keep the computers and router connected via the cable. 

However, things are different now and have changed for the better. The Internet has advanced and so have the Ethernet connections.

You will be able to connect your PC or your Laptop directly to the internet and will eliminate anything that stands in between.

Not only are you eliminating physical obstacles such as walls and material objects, but you’re also disconcerting any other devices which may be connected. 

The Ethernet will help you concentrate the internet connection and limit it to your device and give you some of the best gaming experiences.

Not only will you be able to cut down on the time it takes your device to download material, but it will also make it easier for the ping time to reduce. 

Switch To A Faster Router

As time progresses, things keep on evolving and improving. This is also a factor that is easily found in internet providers.

You should know that having an old router will result in your internet connection having multiple problems. People can experience lags and different problems even when the internet speed is pretty great. 

To solve this problem, you would need to change your router.

It is not a good idea to stick with the old routers or modems that do not support many of the features which are available with broadband presently. Try to look for the latest router and replace your previous one with it. 

You should also be aware that higher Mbps speeds require a better router which gives the user a better provision of services.

200 Mbps will be of no use if you do not have a gigabit router. So to solve the lag problem which can be a huge hassle, you should go back to the source and get a different router.

For the best options, you should consult your service provider and ask them, what would be the best one for you. Searching around yourself is a great option too. 

Reduce Latency by Modifying DNS


If your computer has a far off gaming server then you should know that the culprit behind the lags and the increased ping time is this.

A far off gaming server means that your requests are travelling a much longer distance than normal and thus increasing the amount of time it takes your computer to respond to your request. 

To reduce your ping time by a significant amount you should consider changing your PC DNS settings and setting them closer to your gaming region.

This way your request will reach a certain domain much more quickly and will help you achieve a quicker reaction time.

At the end, your ping time could reduce significantly. It is also known to improve the quality of your streaming services and help in high definition streaming.  

Buy A Game Accelerator

A game accelerator acts as a middle man, but instead of slowing things down, it makes them quicker.

The gaming accelerator help connect your gaming PC with a gaming server that is closest to you. This will not only help you get by any jammed servers but will also get you to play on a stable connection with reduced ping time.

This way you’ll be able to play much more efficiently. Better connectivity helps in making things a lot easier and a lot less frustrating. 

Use Satellite Internet

If nothing seems to work, look at the clouds for solutions. This translates to going for internet providers who are giving out satellite connections.

You can search for people within your locality who are providing you with satellite internet services and get yourself connected to them. 

These connections are a lot more reliable and have excellent connectivity. Over time people are only going towards these connections since they’re easily found and are a lot more reliable than under-the-sea internet provisions.

These connections also support multiple forms of gaming, this way you’ll be able to enjoy any game that you find appealing. 

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet

Fibre optics is one solution that can simply be relied on. These are available almost all over the world and can be seen as a great solution.

They’re some of the best internet connections and are known to be optimal for gamers. Fibre optics are great for both gaming and HD streaming and will be sure to give you the best. 

To avail of such services, you should search for local fiber optics providers and they will present you with multiple deals and data plans. You can choose from packages which serve your needs best. 

Use Cable Modem

A cable modem will help you concentrate your internet connection to your computer. It will allow your PC to be connected to your connection with the highest speed possible.

It does not let other connections involve themselves in the system until or unless the cable is Wi-Fi enabled.

All you need to do is plug in the Internet cable to the modem and plug it into your computer. This will ensure you have a fast and stable connection without my interruptions. 

For the safe side, make sure you check everything that is required to connect the modem to your device, for example making sure the modem has the specification required to allow high-speed internet connectivity.

Limit Your Data Connection 

As selfish as this may sound it works just as good. If you want an uninterrupted gaming experience you should limit your connections to yourself.

Either you limit the data plan to yourself or buy a simple plan and install a modem that is limited to your gaming equipment. You should also gate keep your Wi-Fi password and keep it to yourself. 

To make sure none of your family or friends are able to access the specified connection, simply do not inform them about it.

If you live alone, it can become easier for you. Also, make sure you change the Wi-Fi password from what it initially was.

Since the password will likely be written on the back of the device, it can be very easy for people to get to it. 

Move Your Router


You can consider moving your router closer to your devices. This way your device will catch higher signals and will respond much more quickly than it did before.

It is one of the most practical and cheap solutions you can find on the internet. Also, consider placing the router closer to places with high traffic. 

Do not leave your modem in the corner of your house to collect dust, place it somewhere with fewer walls and fewer physical boundaries to enable a smoother connection. 

Consider Blocking Ads 

You can always consider blocking pop-ups and irritating ads which take up more of your data plan than the content itself.

Ads will always be annoying and blocking ads will be a great solution to making sure you don’t get disturbed by constant lagging.

Ads will not only play in front of your screens but also take up data in the back when they play irrelevant GIFs, videos, and suggestions. Make it easy for yourself and use ad-block.    

The Bottom Line 

Is 200 mbps fast? By now, it is quite clear how 200mbps is great for a smooth gaming experience.

For someone who lives with a small family or does not have a lot of devices connected to the same router, they might be able to enjoy a really good connection that is both stable and quick.

If not there are always different ways you can get a quicker connection and enhance your gaming experience.