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Instelite Reviews 2022

It’s a big world out there, which means that there are now over one billion active users on Instagram. While this means that you’ve got a potentially huge audience, you’ve also got no end to the competition that’s out there as well.

There are many people that are wanting to do what you are doing which is build their brand on Instagram, and they’re working hard to achieve it.

This is why it’s good to outsource your engagement – that way you can focus on other aspects of the business.

However, not every business out there produces high-quality engagement. Let’s give one company a review and decide whether you should trust them or not.

What is Instelite?

Instelite markets themselves as being an ‘elite’ Instagram engagement marketing service, as you can see by their brand name.

They claim that if you ‘join’ them then you will have significant success online with your Instagram. They claim that they have ‘agents’ who can help you with anything you need, and they even offer a free seven-day trial so that you can try their service before you buy.

We have our suspicions and think that they’re just another Instagram bot service. Let’s give them a review and decide whether they are or not.

A Review of Instelite

First, we’ll start out with the positives:

  • Secure Site: while we’re not too sure about the rest of their website, the fact that they’ve secured it with https does give us a bit of hope. This is a basic level of security and is pretty important, especially if you plan on keeping your customers’ information on the website and in your database. What’s more, it also helps you rank a lot better on Google, which is vital considering the competition out there these days.
  • Visible Pricing: not only have they made their prices visible to potential customers, but they’ve also put them on a separate webpage, something that we’re pretty impressed with. We’re a little disappointed to see that they’re still quite expensive, especially considering they’re most likely just a bot.
  • FAQ and Help Page: this is another feature that we were quite surprised to see. In fact, they have quite an extensive FAQ and help page that talks about how their services work through a comprehensive video. It appears that they’ve managed to cover quite a bit here, which means you can definitely sign up to their services confident that you know a lot about them.

Now, let’s look at the negatives:

  • 24/7 Customer Help: this is somewhat confusing to us. While they appear to have 24/7 help, there’s a good chance that this is too good to be true. A lot of these companies have a chatbox that gives you the impression you can talk to them whenever you need it, but a lot of the time this chatbox will turn off at a certain point, and you’ll have a wait a few hours to hear back from them. We don’t think they’ve paid for a customer service team around the clock.
  • Email and Phone Form: having a phone and email form that your clients fill out is perhaps one of the more important parts of having a company like this. It means that you’re accountable and you’re willing to keep your customers updated if any changes are made to the system.
  • Real Reviews: this one was also a bit confusing for us. This is because there’s no shortage of reviews on their website – in fact, they’ve even got video reviews, which adds a bit of validation. However, it’s hard for us to believe that these reviews are real – they aren’t in a very believable format, and the photos look like they’ve been pulled from the internet. There’s also a good chance that Instelite paid for people to say good things, too.
  • Verified Payment System: a lot of the time these days companies that just want to make a quick buck will ask you to send payment through PayPal – it saves them setting up a verified payment system that you can put your credit card through.

Is Instelite a Scam? Is Instelite Safe?

Generally speaking, we don’t believe that Instelite is safe to use. While they’ve made quite an effort with their website, the actual aesthetic formatting is sub-par.

What’s more, there’s a pretty good chance that they have paid for their reviews, which doesn’t sit well with us. At the end of the day, a company like this is just another bot, which means at some point or another they’re going to get shut down by Instagram – if Instagram doesn’t shut down your page first. Best to avoid these guys if you can.

Instelite Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Instelite.

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