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Instazood Reviews 2023

The world of bots seems to have taken over automatic engagement on Instagram.

It’s hard to imagine that there’s even one authentic Instagram account out there anymore, and yet you have to be careful when it comes to using a bot.

They can easily violate Instagram’s terms and conditions, and not be completely transparent about how they find you followers.

Doing your research and knowing what’s behind the scenes of each bot will help you to decide whether you need one for your Instagram or not.

Let’s review one of these bots and see if they’re worth it.

What is Instazood?

Instazood is your reasonably typical automated bot.

They boast being able to automate all your basic engagement activity, including commenting, liking, following and messaging.

They have a free three-day trial that you can use to see if you like their services, which is good.

They use the targets that you set for the service to find followers that will be interested in your page and engaging with their pages respectively.

They claim to have multiple settings and features that can help narrow your target audience down to a useful size.

Let’s take a look at this bot and whether it’s worth giving a go.

How Does Instazood Work?

The main concept behind a company like Instazood is that they try to attract other people to come and check out your Instagram page.

They are going to do this by promoting your content and interacting with other people on Instagram.

They say that their clients also have access to their settings, so that you can apply your target niche, preferred locations and goals.

However, we don’t think that their features work as they’re supposed to, which is definite cause for concern if you are trying to keep everything above board.

Instazood Features

Instazood Social-Bridge-Instagram-Bot-App

Let’s break down Instazood’s features, so that you can see where the trouble lies.

Customizing Their Settings

As we talked about above, Instazood claims that they offer their clients the option of choosing their target audience.

You can tell them information about your target audience that is going to include things like gender, minimum posts, maximum number of followers, and media age.

There is also the option to skip accounts from a certain website. However, we found that when we set our features and saved them, they were gone completely, back to default.

This means that even if their features work, we can’t imagine how annoying it’s going to be to have to change your settings over and over again each time you access their bot again.


They also claim to offer their clients proxies, which aren’t going to help your Instagram profile grow, but they are supposed to be useful.

They are helpful if you live somewhere where Instagram is limited or restricted, and you still want to be able to grow it without hassle.

However, we are sad to say that their proxy wasn’t working either, which means that you remain exposed to getting in trouble for trying to access Instagram based on where you’re located, and you could also be compromising your personal information if it is exposed to hackers and other companies that might be trying to mine it.

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Instagram Account Management

Instazood Full Automation

A long time ago when we tried to use Instazood, we found that it was really easy to connect our Instagram profile to their service.

However, this isn’t the case anymore, and we have even tried it with more than one Instagram account without success.

This means that they aren’t as effective as they were, and we don’t think that you’re going to get as much help these days as you might have back in the day. We have heard of other people experiencing these same issues.

Follow and Unfollow

Another way that Instazood tries to help its clients is by offering a follow/unfollow feature, that you can use to automatically unfollow people who aren’t following you in return.

They say that it’s a simple feature that’s going to be super effective when it comes to boosting your Instagram account.

However, once you have restarted the tool, you are no longer able to access this feature, which is strange and confusing. Obviously, this is just another feature that isn’t working as well as it used to.

Scheduled Posts

One of the best features of companies like this is the ability that they have to help you schedule posts ahead of time.

This is going to free up your schedule, so that you don’t have to worry about whether you are being seen at the right times or not.

We found that when we tried out this feature with Instazood, it wasn’t working, and when it did it was glitching a lot. Therefore, we weren’t able to publish anything through them.

Instazood Pricing

Instazood Pricing

Instazood offers its clients a basic package which is going to cost you $11.99, but this is only if you sign up for them for a year.

If you want to pay for a monthly subscription, it’s going to cost you $14.99 a month. The same applies for their TikTok bot.

They say that you will have to pay separately for their features that are specialised, and they also offer a free trial for every package – but we’re not sure that they aren’t going to ask for your credit card details.

The other issue is that you can’t get a refund.

A Review of Instazood

Let’s take a look at the positives first:

Secure Site

Instazood’s website is both stable and very easy to use, which makes it appealing. This also means that you know you won’t have to compromise any personal information, like credit card details or your phone number.


Its prices are both transparent on the website and affordable. It’s a lot more affordable than other bots on the market and as mentioned is very upfront about its prices without any hidden costs.

Now for the negative aspects:

Poor Support: Instazood does not come with 24/7 support, so if you have a problem with your account and it’s not within their business hours, you won’t be able to reach them.

Some users have also complained that their support staff aren’t native English, which makes for a lot of issues.

Web-based: Unfortunately, Instazood is a web-based application. This means that it isn’t particularly safe. They claim that you can use proxies to hide the location of their service, but

Banning: People have talked about being shadow banned and even outright banned because their service is too aggressive.

Not providing service: There have been reports of people not getting what they paid for.

Features not functioning: Either not at all or very slowly.

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No Real Reviews: Instazood doesn’t have any real reviews of its services on its website.

Not only does this mean you have to go looking elsewhere on the internet for authentic reviews of their services, but it makes you question how valid they are as a bot.

Copyright Infringement: Uses “Insta” in it’s name, which is a copyright infringement on Instagram!

Is Instazood a Scam? Is Instazood Safe?

While Instazood is a lot cheaper than other competing bots out there, it’s not necessarily a safer option. In fact, it has recently been reported that Instazood has come back with a bad safety record and poor customer service.

In the end, it’s probably not worth trying out this bot at all – there are plenty of better bots out there that perform the same tasks.

While they might be more expensive, they aren’t going to compromise you and your account’s security.

Top Instazood Alternatives

Obviously, we don’t think that Instazood is worth your time at this point. Let’s take a look at the alternatives we think you should check out instead.



Growthoid has been in the industry for a while now, and they have a really good grasp on what their clients need in terms of safe effective growth.

They talk about how they can help you just with Instagram, and they go out there and scout for your target audience by looking at who is following your rivals.

This way, you can beat out your competition, and get the right people on your feed at the same time.


Growthsilo Review & User Ratings - Is It a Scam?

Growthsilo is another solid Instazood alternative that has spent enough time in the industry to understand what its customers want out of a growth service, and they promise that they don’t spend any time with fake followers or bots.

They believe in helping their clients grow an audience that cares about them, their brand, and that can eventually become their client.

They also say that they can help you target your audience, and they have two packages that you can pick from.


UseViral Review & User Ratings - Is It a Scam?

UseViral is one of those companies that keeps things pretty simple, and as an Instazood alternative they offer a lot of options to help you get ahead.

One of the things that they offer is the chance to connect to their network of professionals who can help you get ahead by promoting your images and videos to other people around the internet.

These guys are seasoned in not only helping you grow your Instagram profile, but they are also seasoned in networking, so that you can piggy-back onto this and make sure that you are putting your content in front of the best people for it.

1UseViral Visit
2Seek Visit
3Growthoid Visit

Review Conclusion

A major thing to take note of when looking at Instazood is its name.

While a name may seem harmless, there are strict laws in place that keep people from copying intellectual property and namesakes.

Instagram has strict copyright laws around both “Insta” and “Gram” which means that Instazood is in violation of these. It’s surprising they haven’t been shut down already – but it’s just a matter of when not if.

This is a giant red flag in itself and is enough of a reason to stay away altogether.

Review Summary

Instazood 1

A major thing to take note of when looking at Instazood is its name.While a name may seem harmless, there are strict laws in place that keep people from copying intellectual property and namesakes.Avoid this one.

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