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Instarazzo Reviews 2023

If you look back at what Instagram was like a few years ago, it wasn’t that hard to engage with your community. The competition wasn’t what it is now, and you had much more time to interact with your target audience.

These days, though, there are hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts trying to grab people’s attention.

This means that the amount of engagement you need to be doing is through the roof – you don’t have enough time for it.

Outsourcing it to a company that can do it for you is the answer, but how do you find a company that has a good reputation? Let’s review one and decide if they’re worth using.

What’s the Big Deal with Instagram Followers?

You might not think that much of Instagram followers, these days, especially considering you have to contend with thinking about many other parts of your Instagram growth, like your comments, views and likes.

However, just because Instagram followers might not be your priority right now doesn’t mean that they deserve a bit of your time.

After all, your followers are going to be the first thing that people see when they come and check out your profile for the first time, so they are going to make a big difference between whether someone chooses to follow you or not.

If you want to make a difference with your followers, you’ve got to nurture them and get them from the right place. This is where companies that can help you with them come in. The issue is, not all companies out there are worth your time – or worth your money.

You’ve got to put a little bit of work into the research side of things, making sure that you can verify the legitimacy of a company before you commit.

Instarazzo Features

Instarazzo Features

Instarazzo say that they are pretty standard when it comes to the features that they offer their clients for Instagram.

This means that you are going to be able to find the features that they offer with most other Instagram growth companies out there, so if you are looking for basic services, then you’ve come to the right place.

They have following, commenting, liking and direct messaging features, and they also have post scheduling, comment manager, audience targeting, and the claim that they are completely automated.

They say that all of their services are based in the cloud, so you don’t have to download anything to your computer to make the most of their features.

They also say that their features come with maximum security, and are capable of helping you manage more than one account at the same time.

If you need to get to know them a bit in the beginning before you say yes to their features, they have a trial for free, and we think that when compared to other companies out there, their pricing is affordable, albeit reflective of low-quality features.

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Not many companies out there offer high-quality features at prices like these.

Instarazzo’s Team

One of the things that you need to consider when thinking about using a company like Instarazzo is how much information they have about their team behind the scenes.

The thing is, the more honest and upfront a company is about what they are offering, the more you are going to be able to trust them in the beginning, and further down the track.

If the company is being elusive and not forthcoming when talking about the people that are developing the features, then you can consider that they might be creating fake engagement that isn’t going to help you profile in any way.

Instarazzo is more than willing to share things about their features, but when it comes to the team that is supposed to be making the features, they are pretty quiet.

We think that this is because they are more than likely creating low-quality features, and there aren’t that many people in their team. There could just be one person producing their features, because not a lot of work is going into them.

This is cause for a red flag, because if a company isn’t willing to get to know you in the beginning, and share information about themselves, then you need to question their validity.

Why Their Reviews are Bad

So, why are Instarazzo’s reviews bad? Because we don’t think that they are real. The thing about this industry is that you need to have good reviews about your services in order to be taken seriously, and some people go to great lengths to achieve this.

In this case, we believe that they have made up their reviews so that they can appear to be legit in the eyes of new and existing clients.

However, we don’t think that the reviews that they have on their website are real, and we think that they comprise fake names and fake details.

It is easy to tell if a review is fake or not – it will have a generic name associated with it with no link to a real person, and the review itself will be generic, and not go into any details.

This means that they are making up good things about their features, and they are more than likely not what they claim to be at all.

What is Instarazzo?


Instarazzo is interesting for a number of reasons.

The first is the name, which is not only unusual but also not necessarily legal – but we’ll get to that later.

The other reason is that they aren’t hiding behind a vague description of what they are – they have just come right out and said it.

They are happy to claim, even, that they’re a bot – maybe because they think it’ll save them some time with their customers.

However, just because they’re honest about this doesn’t mean that you should trust them. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of InstaRazzo

We’ll Begin with The Positives:

Secure Site:

We’re pleased to see that Insta Razzo has managed to secure their website with https. It wasn’t that long ago that we struggled to come across a company like this that was prepared to secure their website in this way, but now that Google is tightening up its ranking system more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

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Visible Pricing

Instarazzo Pricing

We are actually impressed with Insta Razzo’s pricing for two reasons. One, they’ve bothered to feature them on a new webpage, instead of just slapping them halfway down their homepage.

Two, they’re nice and cheap. At this point in time, you shouldn’t be spending too much on a bot, if using it at all, so we’re pleased to see that they’re not charging people too much for it.

Verified Payment System

Insta Razzo does look like they’re secured their payment system, which we’re impressed with. This is an important part of running a company where you accept payments online – it means that your customers’ details will be safe from hackers.

Now, Let’s Talk About the Negatives:

FAQ and Help Page

They do have varying degrees of support available, although this isn’t instant support by any means. What’s more, we couldn’t find an FAQ page anywhere to speak of, which is disappointing.

It’s no dealbreaker, but it does mean that you’re going to struggle to find out anything about them before you have to commit to a service.

24/7 Customer Help

As we said, Insta Razzo does have various channels of support, but 24/7 help isn’t one of them. Again, this isn’t a feature that is going to make or break them, but it is important if you’re selling a service that your customers can feel like they can get in touch with you if they need to.

Real Reviews

We were actually impressed with how detailed their website was, but we couldn’t find any genuine reviews to speak of. It’s important to know as much about a company as you can before you sign up for their services, so without this, we can’t say that they’re worth using.

Email and Phone Form

Lastly, they’ve also missed out on an important degree of accountability that would make you feel confident as their customer.

They need to be able to keep your information in their database in case there are any updates or changes to their system.

Instarazzo User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Instarazzo on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

Instarazzo Trustpilot

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Is Instarazzo a Scam? Is Instarazzo Safe?

All in all, we don’t think that Insta Razzo is safe to use. While they have put a reasonable effort into their website and have been honest about being a bot, we just don’t think that you should be affiliated with a company like this.

Bots are known for getting people’s accounts banned on Instagram, and while they have affordable services, at the end of the day it’s just not going to be worth your money getting locked out of Instagram. Best to look elsewhere for your engagement.

Other Info

We mentioned earlier that we find their name ‘interesting’ – and not really legal. This is because Instagram has copyrighted the term ‘insta’ which means they are in violation of this.

Review Summary

Instarazzo 1

We mentioned earlier that we find their name ‘interesting’ – and not really legal. This is because Instagram has copyrighted the term ‘insta’ which means they are in violation of this.

Price: Various

Price Currency: Euro

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media

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