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InstaRanger Reviews 2023

There’s nothing like outsourcing activity like engagement on your Instagram to lighten the burden a bit. Running an Instagram business account is a time-consuming business, so the more you can get done with online help, the better.

One way to do this is to use an Instagram growth service. There are a few of these out there, and some are better than others. Knowing the difference could save you wasting your money and setting your account back a bit.

Let’s have a look at one and see how it ranks in comparison to others.

What is InstaRanger?

InstaRanger is an Instagram growth service. They boast being the ultimate Instagram growth service and claim that their traffic is organic even though they are almost completely automated (they use people to set your account up, though).

They say that they have a personalized growth strategy for each user and that their automation service emulates human behavior. On their website, they state that you will get your account manager that will be assigned to you when you sign up who will be in charge of your account while you’re using their service.

They will then allegedly send you messages and videos updating you on their progress. Let’s take a look at how InstaRanger rates and see if it’s worth trying out.

A Review of InstaRanger

Let’s begin with the positives first

  • Secure Site: Instaranger’s site appears to be protected, which is a good start – you don’t want to be using any website that isn’t secure. This could potentially compromise the security of your computer and personal information.
  • Visible Pricing: their website does display their different price points honestly and transparently, which usually means you won’t get stung with hidden and unexpected costs once you’ve signed up.
  • FAQ and Help Page: they have a page where you can email them if you have a query or issue with their service, but there isn’t any FAQ’s present on this page. This doesn’t tell you too much about them and leaves you in the dark when it comes to how they work, for the most part.
  • 24/7 Assistance: InstaRanger provides you with 24/7 support via chat box.
  • Real Reviews: they do have reviews on their website, which they insist are real.
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Is InstaRanger a Scam? is InstaRanger Safe?

Overall, we would not consider InstaRanger to be safe. While they appear to be legitimate to a point, they are an automated bot service with little credibility.

Rumor also has it that they’ve been spamming blog posts with fake testimonials to boost their credibility, which is a dirty way of doing business marketing.

Probably best not to associate your brand or Instagram account with a botting service like InstaRanger.

InstaRanger Alternatives & How it Compares

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2Kicksta Visit
3Nitreo Visit

Other Information

On top of the different ways that InstaRanger is conducting business, they’re violating some stringent laws by using their name alone. Instagram has some strong copyright laws around the terms “Insta” and “Gram” which means that anybody who wants to use either will be risking legal action.

InstaRanger is even using part of Instagram’s official logo!
JUNE 2018 UPDATE: InstaRanger have removed Instagram’s logo and have created their own one (but it still looks a lot like Instagram’s logo).

It seems InstaRanger will be inevitably heading down the road to facing legal action at some point.

InstaRanger Discount Coupon / Code

We couldn’t find any legitimate codes, vouchers or discount coupons for InstaRanger on the internet at the time of publishing.