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Instagrowth Ninja Reviews 2023

There are many different facets to social media these days.

Social media first began as a way to talk to your friends online. Nowadays, it’s one of the best ways for marketing companies to get your attention and find their products.

This is great news if you have an online business and want to get your name out there. Instagram is a great place to do this – you could potentially reach thousands of people.

Let’s look at a third-party Instagram marketing company and see whether you should affiliate with them.

What is Instagrowth Ninja?

Instagrowth Ninja claims to be an organic Instagram growth marketing service, which performs on a monthly basis on behalf of your account.

However, it didn’t take too much investigation for us to realize that this is one of your stereotypical Instagram bots. We can’t completely condone the use of a bot, but we can’t speak out too much against it either.

It’s more of a personal risk assessment – you have to decide whether you’re happy to put your account at risk of being suspended or banned. Let’s give Instagrowth Ninja a review and see how they check out.

A Review of Instagrowth Ninja

We’re going to start by looking at the positives:

  • Secure Site: Instagrowth Ninja have started out by looking like they know what they’re doing. That is, they at least know how important a secure https site is. This will help them get ranked better on Google, helping you to find them as a business as well. It is also going to protect your personal information from being stolen.
  • Visible Pricing: while Instagrowth Ninja doesn’t have a separate page for their prices, they are clearly laid out on their home page if you scroll down far enough. However, we were less than impressed with how much they’re prepared to charge you. Their monthly packages begin at $59 a month and go up to a whopping $259 a month. This is a lot to spend on Instagram marketing, especially when it comes to a generic bot.
  • FAQ and Help Page: one page that they did decide to keep separate was their FAQ and help page. Technically, this is just an FAQ page – and their list of ways to get in touch with them at the bottom. It helps to answer any questions you may have initially, though.
  • Email and Phone Form: it seems that Instagrowth Ninja has their levels of accountability at a good level. Having an email and phone form present on the site means that they care about having the correct information for you on file, allowing an easy back and forth should you need to connect with them.
  • Verified Payment System: accountability and security are two of the top requirements for this type of company, so it’s good to see that Instagrowth Ninja has covered the majority of their tracks. We highly recommend that you never share payment information on a site that doesn’t have a verified payment system.
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We’ll run through the negatives, now:

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Instagrowth Ninja’s attempt to have good customer service stops at their FAQ and help page. They don’t seem to be as customer orientated as we first thought. Not having a customer help team that you can contact whenever you need is a big strike against them.
  • Real Reviews: unfortunately we couldn’t find any genuine reviews on Instagrowth Ninja’s website. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it does mean you have to do more work to Google whether they’ve been any good.

Is Instagrowth Ninja a Scam? Is Instagrowth Ninja Safe?

To conclude, we believe that Instagrowth Ninja isn’t safe to use. They’ve worked hard to make their website look attractive and presentable. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t doing a great job at disguising themselves as something other than an Instagram bot. Because at the end of the day, this is all they are. Best to avoid this one.

Instagrowth Ninja Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Instagrowth Ninja.

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