One of the many Instagram bot websites, Instagress, has shut down for violating Instagram’s terms of use.

It was mentioned briefly on its website that it was asked to shut down by Instagram.


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For those of you who weren’t familiar, Instagress was an automated bot website that worked exclusively with Instagram, automatically liking and commenting on people’s photos for you so that you didn’t have to do this step manually.

It did so artificially so while it wasn’t entirely “fake,” it didn’t organically and slowly grow your Instagram account through these methods, revealing the darker, more difficult side of automating your Instagram.

Instagress is now in the awkward phase of issuing refunds to those of you who had paid in advance for their services and hadn’t received the full package. It brings to light a contentious issue between Instagram and the many automated bot websites out there, and just exactly where the boundaries lie. While it’s beneficial and practical to make use of a computerized system that can do those repetitive tasks for you as you build your Instagram account, it’s easy to cross the line and begin to grow it artificially.

Instagram doesn’t want any fake accounts using its facilities, and the majority out there like the idea of paying for authentic likes and comments that aren’t going to tarnish their page’s reputation.

If you’re someone who is currently panicking right now and in need of a refund from Instagress, don’t worry.

While it might be a while before Instagress can issue full refunds to their clients, there are some Instagress alternatives out there that you can choose from if an Instagram bot was an inherent part of growing your Instagram account. Instagram even has its own sponsored post system, so there are multiple alternatives out there.

Remember, there are plenty of other options to grow your Instagram account gradually and organically. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient and sit back while a paid system takes its time finding you genuine followers. But this alternative can be worth it if you want that community to stick around.