Every serious graphic designer is on Instagram. Think of it – the platform draws more than one billion users every month, making it the perfect place to showcase your skills and prowess. There’s a catch though – you have to know the in and outs to not only grow your brand but also bag clients who can pay you for what you’re worth.

One of the best strategies to stand out on Instagram is to learn how to use hashtags. See, many influencers, brands, and businesses use hashtags to interact with their audiences. As a graphic designer, you must know how to make an impression with your work and communicate with other designers to make your mark on Instagram.  The idea is to make people love your art, share it and possibly convert them into your clients.


…So, Why Use Hashtags as a Graphic Designer?

Other than helping you get noticed, hashtags also allow you to;

  • Highlight your portfolio and share resources
  • Carve your niche and post your tutorials
  • Track updates and join work-related chats
  • Follow influencers and expand your network
  • Keep up with your peers in the industry
  • Establish your authority

The long and short of it is – there’s every reason to use hashtags as part marketing your brand Instagram. Still, that’s half the job done. You must know to use hashtags for your graphic design profile to generate attention and by extension build your brand. Here’s what you need to do.


Use Appropriate Hashtags

You cannot use hashtags such #cleanbeauty or #beautifulwedding and hope to resonate with your audience if you’re a graphic designer. So, make sure that you’re using related hashtags only. You can go with something like #graphicdesignservices, #ghaphicdesign, #yourgraphicdesigner and so on.


Target Specific Locations with Your Hashtags

Location-specific hashtags such as #California or #Texas will make you more discoverable by clients within your area. On top of that, consider targeting particular locations with your videos. Remember, you’re likely to draw the interest of your audience with videos and text.

Location-specific tags expand not only your reach but also your conversion. Besides, they help put you ahead of your competition in the area. More than that, they reduce the time it takes to land new clients.


Customize Your Hashtags

Custom hashtags are excellent if you want to create more awareness about your graphic design services. Of course, you will stand out when you customize your hashtags with your brand or your name. Also, you’re more likely to create interest with potential clients. Think of it as a way of enticing your target audience to click on your Instagram to find out more about what you have to offer.

Additionally, include a call-to-action on every video or post that you create. Convince your followers to use your customized hashtags when referring to your graphic design services. One more thing – be creative with your tags.


Be Tactful with Your Hashtags

You must have a solid hashtag strategy. In other words, take time to think through your tags. Indeed, you want your posts to reach as many people as possible and most importantly, connect with the right audience. That way, you can grow your following and expose your brand at the same time.

Develop a content strategy too. Make sure that it is relevant to your audience. When your target followers can relate to your posts, there’s likely to follow you and come back regularly to see what’s new. Don’t be pushy with your content. Seek to be different and unique to make your graphic design brand one to reckon with on Instagram.


The Bottom Line

Graphic design is a competitive career, and you must get the basics right to flourish. We are now living in the digital era driven by the internet and social media platforms such as Instagram. So, if you’re yet to hop on to the bandwagon, now is the time. Get as many followers as you can and hone your skills regarding the use of hashtags.

Other than the suggestions above, don’t forget to find hashtags using a service such as TaskAnt. integrate them into your Instagram stories. This is a brilliant strategy to let your target customers discover your content. Be sure to add clickable tags to your bio. It makes it easy to promote and accentuate your posts.