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Instadub Reviews 2024

The easiest way to grow your Instagram account in 2018 is by outsourcing your engagement>. Since the shutting down of Instagress, there have been a lot of copycats pop up.

But are they all good? Let’s take a look at one and find out.

What is Instadub?

Instadub is your typical Instagram bot.

It looks pretty basic in what it offers – it doesn’t outline anything that any other Instagram bot would have to offer. From liking, commenting, uploading images and direct messaging, this bot can perform all the typical actions of a bot.

The website is quite basic, so there’s not a lot to go on, but it seems like a quick fix more than anything.

Let’s review Instadub and see if it’s worth using with your Instagram account.

A Review of Instadub

First, let’s take a look at the positives

  • Secure Site: despite it lacking aesthetically, the website appears to be in good working order and safe – meaning it won’t compromise any of your personal information that you share.
  • Prices Visible: although there is information about the prices on the website, there only seems to be one package available that is currently heavily discounted. They strongly encourage payment by bitcoin as well – which is questionable in itself.
  • FAQ: while there is an FAQ page present – or at least a link to one – the setup, again, is extremely basic and not easy to navigate.

Now the negatives

  • 24/7 Support: if they don’t even really have a proper support page, they certainly don’t have 24/7 support. In fact, they make it pretty hard to contact them about anything related to their services.
  • Real Reviews: you will not find any genuine reviews of their only service on their page.
  • Verified Payments: there doesn’t seem to be a verified payment system. In fact, they recommend emailing your payment through as one of their options. If this isn’t dodgy, I don’t know what is.

Instadub alternatives & how it compares

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Is Instadub a Scam? Is Instadub Safe?

Overall, Instadub isn’t safe and shouldn’t be trusted.

There is a multitude of red flags that come up when you visit their website, which should make you feel like you should be looking elsewhere for your third-party engagement. They just aren’t able to provide enough information about their services to justify you investing your hard-earned money. Look somewhere else for outsourcing.

Other Information

It’s also worth noting with Instadub that they’re violating Instagrams copyrighting laws. Instagram has “Insta” and “Gramprotected so that other companies can’t use either in their name.

Instadub is blatantly in violation of this.

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