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Insta Money Bot Reviews 2024

It’s 2018, and there are too many Instagram bots to count.

You could get lost trying to keep track of all of them, yet they’re certainly not all on the same level when it comes to quality and safety. There’s always a risk you take when using an Instagram bot, so you need to do your research before diving into the first one that comes along.

Let’s take a look at one and see how it fares in the Instagram bot world.

What is Insta Money Bot?

Insta Money Bot seems to be your regular old Instagram bot – which you can also use with Twitter. It does all the automation you would expect to get with a bot, from liking other people’s content to unfollowing people that haven’t followed you in return.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer with Instamoney and see if it’s worth using on your Instagram page.

A Review of InstaMoneyBot

First, let’s check out the positives

  • Visible Prices: InstaMoney bot is transparent about its pricing plans, which is an excellent place to start – you don’t want to have to pay more you didn’t know about down the line.
  • FAQ and Help Page: there is an FAQ and help page available, which is good to have when the software doesn’t go according to plan, and you need assistance.
  • Real Reviews: they do appear to have genuine reviews you can read on their website. This means you’ve got one less thing to Google when it comes to finding out as much as you can about them.

Now, for the negatives

  • Secure Site: despite everything that Instamoney bot claims to be, unfortunately, they seem to be lacking in a critical department. Their website hasn’t passed the safety test, and they don’t appear to be HTTP secure. This means you shouldn’t share any personal information while visiting their page.
  • 24/7 Help: Instamoney bot doesn’t seem to provide 24/7 assistance, which means any questions or issues you might have with their software will need to be solved within business hours.

Is Insta Money Bot a Scam? Is Insta Money Bot Safe?

Generally speaking, It’s probably best if you avoid InstaMoney Bot. Even the name sounds scammy.

While it does seem to have advantages to it, there are still some red flags present that could put your Instagram account at risk of being shut down or hacked into. When using an Instagram bot you want to be sure beyond anything that it’s going to engage with your page and content safely, so if it can’t do this, then it’s best to give it a miss.

Insta Money Bot Alternatives & How it Compares

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Other Information

Another way that Insta Money bot is an Instagram bot to avoid is in the name. Instagram has strict copyright regulations on the use of “Insta” and “Gram” so InstaMoney Bot could very quickly get into trouble with the social media giant.

It’s best to remain neutral and not associate yourself with a company who could end up having legal problems.

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