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Ins Grow Reviews 2024

If you’re not using Instagram for business, you should be.

A lot of people are catching on to the idea that Instagram is now an excellent source for doing business with potential and existing clients. It’s no longer home to teenagers who want to share what they ate for breakfast. It’s the real deal, and if you’re not already you should be investing in it for the success of your company.

However, things like engagement are harder than they seem. Let’s review a company that helps you with this side of things.

What is Ins Grow?

Ins Grow explains on their website that they are a customized marketing service for Instagram.

They help anyone from musicians and bloggers to sports athletes increase their exposure on the social media giant. They claim that through them you can grow your fan base organically without spending a lot of time doing it yourself.

Our concern at this point is that they’re either selling fake followers or using a bot to do their handiwork, both of which aren’t that great for your account. Instagram isn’t in love with the idea of using either. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Ins Grow

We’ll start off with the positives:

  • FAQ and Help Page: this is almost laughable, to be honest – but we’ve got to put it in the yes pile because it does exist. Their FAQ and help page comprises three basic questions where they spend the time kind of answering them but not really. That’s not what we would consider being an FAQ page, but they have made some sort of effort.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives:

  • Secure Site: this is a big red flag for us – we don’t condone websites that don’t have a secure https URL. This aspect is essential if you’re going to be gathering data and information from your client base and storing it on your site – you can’t do this without securing it.
  • Visible Pricing: we weren’t too impressed to see that Ins Grow makes you answer a number of questions about what it is you want before you get to look at any price points. This means that you practically have to tell them you want to sign up before they tell you how much it’s going to set you back.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: having a large team of customer service representatives does take quite a bit of initial investment, but it’s an essential level of accountability to have with the customer. Small companies like this one that don’t plan on being around for too long don’t tend to invest their capital in a team like this.
  • Email and Phone Form: while they do get you to answer questions about your situation, they don’t take this further and ask you to fill out a phone and email form before you sign up. This is another significant level of accountability that they’re missing – the more information they have on file about their customers, the more they care about them and will be there when issues arise.
  • Real Reviews: we couldn’t seem to find any genuine reviews on their website. That tells us that they don’t plan on being around for too long – they just want to get money from a few clients and then disappear off the map.

Ins Grow Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Ins Grow.

1Nitreo Visit
2Kicksta Visit

Is Ins Grow a Scam? Is Ins Grow Safe?

At the end of the day, we don’t believe that Ins Grow is safe to use. They are selling fake engagement for your account – which is a big no-no if Instagram finds out.

It’s always worth doing your research and finding the most reputable company that’s not going to get you in trouble with Instagram – and Ins Grow certainly isn’t this. Much better to look elsewhere for your engagement and not waste your time with this company.

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