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Influential Accounts Reviews 2023

We all know how hard it is to grow our engagement on Instagram. Either you don’t do it, and your account slowly becomes unused, or you plug away at it every day until you want to pull your hair out from the tediousness of it.

Luckily, because there are many people cashing in on this engagement, you don’t have to anymore. There are many ways of outsourcing your engagement, and plenty of companies that will gladly jump at the chance to do it. Let’s give one of them a review.

What is Influential Accounts?

Influential Accounts is a third party Instagram marketing company that claims they can grow your Instagram engagement organically through their system.

What they most likely are is a bot. This means that they will do your engagement on your behalf, however, they will use automated software to do so. This won’t cost them nearly as much as they will charge for it, and it could end up making your account look suspicious to Instagram, resulting in a suspension or even ban. Let’s give them a thorough review and decide whether they’re worth it or not.

A Review of Influential Accounts

We’ll start with the positives:

  • Secure Site: this is a great tick on the right side of the list for us, so we’re glad they’re off to a good start. All websites that are running a business out of their URL need to make sure its https secure. This means that if customers share information on their site, they can guarantee that it’s confidential and safe.
  • Visible Pricing: this feature doesn’t surprise us, because most of these companies have their prices clear for you to see – they want you to see how much they will be and to know what you’re getting into before you commit. We consider their prices to be rather high, especially if they do turn out to be nothing more than a common bot.
  • Real Reviews: strangely enough, we do believe that the reviews we found on Influential Accounts website are genuine. While they could very well be paid for, they do appear to be real – they have the name of a real Instagram account associated with them, as long as how much this account has grown since affiliating with Influential Accounts.
  • Email and Phone Form: we believe that Influential Accounts has a phone and email form that they require you to fill out when you commit to one of their services. This is an important step – it shows the potential customer that they care about accountability and will be available if you need help with anything.
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Now, for the negatives:

  • FAQ and Help Page: while this company does have a blog on their website, we couldn’t find an FAQ and help page anywhere which we found quite strange. If a company like this wants to put effort into the other features they have, they usually go all the way and have an FAQ and help page as well. Not this company, though.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: the lack of this feature is less surprising to us now. If they can’t even have an FAQ and help page, they’re not going to bother setting up a customer support team who can help you any time of the day or night.

Is Influential Accounts a Scam? Is Influential Accounts Safe?

We don’t believe that you should affiliate yourself with Influential Accounts. While on paper they seem to be doing quite a few things right, they fall short in a few small, but vital areas. You can’t connect with a company that can’t even invest any money into the customer service side of things. Therefore we don’t believe that it’s safe for you to use them with your Instagram account.

Influential Accounts Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Influential Accounts.

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