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Influencer HQ Reviews 2023

In the world of Instagram engagement, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

For one, it’s too unrealistic to think that you can handle it all yourself these days – you just don’t have enough time. What’s more, you’ve got plenty of companies out there who are experts on it, so you can just hand it off to them – for a reasonable price, as well.

However, like with all industries, you’re going to come across companies you don’t want to be affiliated with. Let’s give one company in the industry a review and decide whether you should avoid them or not.

What is Influencer HQ?

InfluencerHQ starts out with some pretty wild claims, which we’re struggling to believe.

The biggest one that stuck out to us is that they promise you up to 2000 new followers a month, for $55. The reason why this is so hard to fathom is that if you’re running an organic service, there’s no way you can predict how many people are going to follow you.

Therefore, we have our suspicions that they’re just selling you fake followers and engagement. Let’s give them a review and determine if they are.

A Review of InfluencerHQ

First, we’ll begin with the positives:

  • Secure Site: Influencer HQ has thought of some basic security measures they need to run a business properly, which is why they’ve secured their website with https. This is important for any business that’s wanting to bring in more customers and rank on search engines like Google. It also means you can guarantee the safety of your customers’ information on your database.
  • FAQ and Help Page: Influencer HQ have remembered an important level of accountability that they can have not only with existing clients but potential ones as well. Having FAQs that people can look at before they buy is obviously going to increase your credibility – the more someone knows about you before they commit, the more confident they’re going to feel about your services.

Now, let’s cover the negatives:

  • Visible Pricing: interestingly, InfluencerHQ has decided to skip one of the most basic features that companies like this could have. Having their prices visible to potential customers is numero uno when it comes to building up trust and loyalty – otherwise, you could be stung with unknown costs further down the track. Instead, they just have click-through buttons that say ‘get started,’ which doesn’t make us feel very confident.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: as is typical with these types of businesses, they can stretch their accountability as far as FAQs, but they can’t bring themselves to pay for a customer service team. We do acknowledge that this is probably the most expensive feature to have, but it’s important because it means you can help your clients when they need it.
  • Email and Phone Form: we are still under the impression that this is the type of company that wants to just be around for the short-term, not the long-term. This means that they’re not going to bother with things like a phone and email form – they don’t need your information on file because they’re just interested in getting you committed so that they can make a quick profit.
  • Real Reviews: we couldn’t find any genuine reviews anywhere on their website. While this feature isn’t going to make or break it, it definitely paints them in a certain light, before you’ve even signed up to anything. If they can’t find real people to give positive reviews, perhaps they aren’t doing so good.
  • Verified Payment System: this is probably the most important security measure to have in place when selling a service from a website. Without this, your customers can’t safely enter their credit card information without the risk of it being stolen by hackers.
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Is InfluencerHQ a Scam? Is Influencer HQ Safe?

Ultimately, we don’t think that Influencer HQ is safe to use.

While they look aesthetically appealing at first glance, once you dig a little deeper you begin to understand just how average of a company they are.

In fact, they are a rebranded version of Authentically, an Instagram marketing company that got shut down by Instagram. So, with this in mind, the writing seems to be on the wall – it won’t be long until Instagram realizes who they really are and shuts them down again.

As we said, there’s no way that any company out there can predict how many followers you’re going to get with their services – unless they’re selling you fake engagement. Best to avoid these guys if you can.

Influencer HQ Alternatives & How it Compares

We don’t recommend Influencer HQ.

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