Description: An ICP is a description of a hypothetical company that shares the same traits/map communication as your company. This is useful for B2B Lead Generation and…

What Is An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

The picture of an ideal client is a collective image based on an examination of data on consumers who generate the most profit for the firm. The following features (provided to you by ​​B2B Lead Generation by Belkins) are important when creating a portrait:

  • age;
  • sex;
  • location;
  • position;
  • team size;
  • annual income;
  • resources where it regularly happens (websites, social networks);
  • factors influencing the buying process;
  • doubts and objections, etc.

Important! If you work in several market segments, you need to create a portrait of the ideal client for each of them.

Why do we require such a research and good map communications:

  1. To Improve marketing materials, including advertisements, commercial offers, landing pages, and so on, by tailoring them to the demands of target consumers and the elements that motivate them to buy.
  1. Instead of guessing, it helps highlight client acquisition methods based on evidence.
  1. To select marketing qualifying criteria and assess the quality of leads generated by each marketing campaign, especially when buying business leads.
  1. To determine your position and set yourself out from the competitors.

The more thorough your ideal client portrayal is, the easier it will be to create high-quality leads. You don’t have to sell to everyone; instead, concentrate on solving the concerns of those who are prepared to pay.


How Can an Ideal Customer Profile Be Used in B2B Lead Generation?

When developing marketing campaigns and commercial deals, an ICP is one of the most crucial elements to consider.

It’s hard to reach individuals of various generations with the same message since their beliefs, processes, and decision-making criteria, as well as their concerns and objections, are all distinct. Young people are more willing to try new things because they are more adventurous, but the elderly choose old and true (for them) answers because they are more conservative.

You may adjust your marketing narrative  to your new businesses leads’ requirements and traits by understanding their average age. It’s crucial to know their preferred communication style, as well as the sources of information they trust and who they listen to.

​​With it b2b lead generation, you do not need those leads that will not buy anything from you. Such “non-customers”, even if they agree to click on the banner and go to the site, there will be no point in this. It can even do the opposite, harm. They will visit the site, give you false information about the visit, and if they do not like the product or that your ad does not suit them, they may even leave a negative review.

How To Create an Ideal Customer Profile

1. Choose One or More Market Segments.

The ideal client profile is a description of a market segment’s most important customers.

Many c-level executives make the mistake of attempting to construct a universal image by selecting clients from various groups and not improving map communications. This technique not only makes the procedure more complicated, but it also diminishes the efficacy of your marketing.

2. For Each Group, Choose Ten Essential Clients.

Open CRM and sort your customers by segments.

Rank them according to the amount of money they bring in to your firm.

Leave only the top ten most profitable segments.

3. Begin Filling up the Table of the Ideal Client’s Image.

Picture of a customer

Some of the information (name, gender, location, position, etc.) is already in CRM; the rest will be gleaned via social media profiles and in-depth interviews.


4. Use Social Media for B2B Online Lead Generation

If you can’t discover consumers by first name, last name, or company name, try using a combination of the three.

We recommend paying attention to the sites and experts whose material individuals post on their profiles, as well as the communities they are part of, in addition to basic information about the position, age, gender, and location.

This will aid in the identification of specific resources that should be employed to promote content, public relations, and potential customers.

Tip When Creating an ICP

Conduct in-depth client interviews.

This is the most crucial phase, which many people overlook for various reasons. Use relevant tools like an email spam checker, that will ease your strategy creation a lot. 

The previous steps were targeted at gathering basic information that would help you figure out who your target consumer is and where you can find them. The purpose at this point is to speak with important customers and find out:

  • What motivates people to purchase items that are comparable to yours?
  • What elements have an impact on a buyer’s decision?
  • What are the current challenges that your company is facing in relation to your business?
  • Does your lead generator fully understand the leads you’re looking for?
  • For them, what problem does your product solve?
  • What will happen if these issues go unaddressed?

and similar questions.

A tool like a spam checker aids in improvement of the product, the rise of referrals, and the refinement and personalization of marketing materials.

Map Communications Among C-level Executives and ICP

Without knowing the needs of the target audience, it is difficult to build a successful marketing strategy. Understanding the audience allows you to identify segments, position the product correctly, work out value propositions, and select suitable advertising channels.


For the proper operation of the entire call center, you need an understanding of absolutely all the processes of the company. To do this, organize training (first and foremost for c-level executives) where you explain and show who does what and how, who your ideal client is and why you do this process in that order.

This will help employees develop in the directions that suit them, therefore, it will optimize the lead generation of your company and product. Additionally, it will help in unforeseen situations. If one person is missing from the chain, then knowing all the specifics of the work, the team will be able to prevent or reduce losses.

Map communication between departments and specific positions should be sharp and fast. After all, your client will not wait until you agree in your company who will talk to him and how best to help him. As a result of pauses in communication, you will lose a lot of your leads.


We described how we create an ideal client’s portrait. You’ve found the most crucial steps to make your own strategy made by b2b lead generation company and have a step-by-step plan to make your strategy perfect.

If a new market or sector emerges, it’s a good idea to suspect the ideal client photo at least once a quarter. It is sufficient to perform this once a year for individuals who have worked for a long period.