Cannabis has been popular but has become even more popular because of its legalization in many countries. The decision to make it legal has a major impact on a country’s overall economy, as cannabis alone counts as a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Canada is the second country among many that legalized cannabis in 2018 but only for recreational purposes, and that too on a federal level. 

Do you know that cannabis contributed billions of the national GDP? 

According to a Deloitte Canada report, after Canada legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in 2018, the cannabis industry alone contributed $43.5 Billion to Canada’s National GDP.

Not only this but there are also many other impacts on the country’s various zones post legalization of cannabis. 

Do you want to know what other effects and changes result from cannabis legalization? Keep reading!  

Today in this post, we’ll tell you about the major impacts of marijuana legalization in Canada. From public health sectors to the nation’s economy, we’ve included some of the top benefits of the legalization of cannabis in 2018.     

Experts have noticed numerous changes in different sectors and areas of the country. Now there are many ways you can buy weed, such as Canadian online dispensaries from which anyone can easily get this drug. This will positively affect the justice system; however, public health data is still lacking.  

Let’s find out!

Easily Available

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes in Canada since 2001, but its recreational value was immediately realized when it got legalized. In October 208, the Canadian government passed the Cannabis Act, which allows legally regulated distribution and possession of cannabis.   

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Thus, the demand for marijuana increased on a federal level from both consumers and suppliers. The overall consumption rate increases exceptionally as the drug is available through many sources and platforms, including Canadian online dispensaries.   

According to an NCS (National Cannabis Survey) report, after the post-legalization of cannabis, there was a drastic 65% increase in cannabis consumption. It also stated that 16.3% of people aged between 18 to 24 start to consume marijuana daily. 

The Cannabis Act also allows consumers to legally grow weed plants at home using cannabis seeds like auto flower seeds.  

Contribution To Canada’s Economy

A news report says that after the weed got legalized in October 2018, it contributed $43.5 billion and $13.3 billion to the GDP of Canada and Ontario. Another research shows that the weed industry also generated around $15.1 billion in tax revenue for Canada and $3 billion for Ontario. 

So, all these data show that cannabis legalization has impacted the nation’s economy directly or indirectly.  

Deleotile Canada and the Ontario Cannabis Store, a provincial pot distributor, also reported that around $25.2 billion from the total amount the cannabis industry contributes to the GDP has come from the labor income and 151,000 jobs. 

So this also indicates that this industry not only contributes massive money to the economy but also creates more than 100,000 job openings in the nation in multiple sectors and areas. 

However, another survey by NCS reported that the number of people who are purchasing weed legally for recreational use had increased. And one of the reasons behind this is that they are buying marijuana in the guise of medicinal use. 

Impact On Public Health

Cannabis is a drug that is always directly linked to people’s health. As weed has many side effects, including disorders, addictions, impaired driving, and other high-risk behaviors. 

This is one of the major reasons why many people aren’t in favor of the legalization of cannabis. They believe that post legalization, it is easier to buy cannabis from many places, such as Canadian online dispensaries, which can further increase the negative consequences. 

These direct sales of weed can impact teenagers as they misuse the drug. But on the other side, it will provide easy and safe access to adults who consume weed daily.  

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Reduction In Criminal Convictions 

Post-legalization, it has been noticed that the number of criminal convictions related to weed consumption and selling has significantly decreased. As the drug is widely available across the country but in a limited quantity of 30gm, people will not come in contact with illegal weed dealers and suppliers. This will ultimately reduce any drug-related violence. 

Final Words

Canada has legalized weed mainly for medical and recreational uses on a federal level. Due to the rapid increase in the demand for this drug, the cannabis industry has contributed much to Canada’s economy.

The side effects of marijuana also vary for each individual, so it’s difficult to predict the impact of this drug on health. So, overall the legalization of cannabis in cannabis is a thoughtful decision made by the officials.