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The way of the world is online marketing. While you used to be able to get away with marketing elsewhere, everything really has moved to be online.

This means that the majority of your customers are out there on social media sites looking at thousands of different types of branding each day.

If you want some of that branding to be yours, you’ve got to work on your engagement. There are third-party companies who can help you with this. Let’s give one a review.

What is iGram Likes?


iGram Likes is a third-party Instagram company who help your engagement on Instagram by selling you likes and follows.

There’s quite a high chance that this engagement is either fake, or they are using a bot to do it. Neither of these ways is recommended, but fake engagement is definitely worse than a bot.

In fact, we can’t really say no completely to a bot – but we can advise caution if you’re going to use one. They have been known to get accounts suspended or banned, so you need to be aware of this.

Let’s give iGram Likes a review.

A Review of iGram Likes

We’re Going to Begin Our Review with The Positives:

Visible Pricing

iGram Likes jumps right into their pricing on the website. A lot of these companies has this as the first thing you see – and sometimes it’s the only thing you see.

Their pricing is located a little further down their homepage, and it’s somewhat confusing. The actual price points are quite small and hard to read, and the descriptions of each package aren’t too detailed. They’re there, however.

FAQ and Help Page

iGram Likes has made an effort to have an FAQ and help page so that you can learn a little bit more about them.

While it isn’t as extensive as we would have liked, it’s definitely there and can give you a better idea of their company and what it is they do.

Now, Let’s Take a Look at The Negatives:

Secure Site: this should be the first thing on our list of positives, but unfortunately it’s found its way to the top of our negatives.

Whether a company has an https site or not is the first thing you see when you visit their homepage, and it’s clear to use that they don’t have this. It’s an essential level of security that makes us question their credibility.

24/7 Customer Support

If you thought their FAQ and help page was sparse, consider their total lack of customer support.

They don’t have any way of you getting in touch should you need assistance at any point – they only have an email address which we guess is going to be a slow reply.

Email and Phone form

They haven’t provided the customer with a phone and email form to fill out when they sign up for a package.

They need to have your information on file in order to be able to communicate with you about any updates to their services and other relevant information. Definitely raises a red flag for us.

Real Reviews

Some of these companies try to falsify reviews on their website, and it’s really obvious to us when they’re done so.

iGram Likes haven’t even bothered to do this – they know that it’s pointless trying to pose, so they’ve decided to leave them out entirely.

It’s not great that they can’t even produce some good reviews about their services from past customers.

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Is iGram Likes a Scam? Is iGram Likes Safe?

We don’t believe that iGram Likes is safe to use.

While they have made a somewhat half-hearted attempt on their website, they definitely haven’t even come close to ticking off enough boxes for us to be satisfied.

There’s definitely something dodgy going on here, whether it’s a bot or fake engagement.

Either way, we highly recommend choosing another route when it comes to your Instagram engagement.

Review Summary

iGram Likes
iGram Likes Review

While they have made a somewhat half-hearted attempt on their website, they definitely haven’t even come close to ticking off enough boxes for us to be satisfied.

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